Dreaming of a marathon

Thanks to Emily from Emily’s Running Adventures I have discovered another New Zealand Marathon. This one is only new and Emily will be running it in November 2014.  I’m really looking forward to cheering her on! Emily also happens to be a fellow Tasmanian now living in the Land of the Long White Cloud.  This is pretty cool to have a new blogging friend with a Tasmanian-Kiwi connection like I do 🙂  She has a wonderful running story to tell – well worth a read!


This Queenstown Marathon looks so beautiful.  It is a point to point which is something that appeals to me.  Not loops around and around or out and back, just start at the start and run to the finish.  Easy! (hehe).

The start line is in the quaint little historic town of Arrowtown, the course then wends and winds down to Queenstown finishing right in the middle of this gorgeous city.  On the way it takes in stunning mountain views that have to be seen to be appreciated.


Last year Husband and I spent some time in Queenstown during the winter.  It was so beautiful and so cold!  I was able to indulge my love of winter coats, scarves and gloves; it does get cold on the farm but nothing as crisp or as vital as the cold felt in Queenstown.  I loved it.  The surrounding mountains and the forests are just spectacular.

I haven’t been to a place that simply takes my breath away more than Queenstown and the pristine scenery of the South Island.  

The more I’ve looked at the photos on the marathon’s web site and the more I’ve thought about how much I loved our trip to Queenstown the more I am falling in love with the idea of running this marathon.

A new running dream on Christmas Eve, perhaps for 2015 or beyond?  SWEET AS BRO as my New Zealand family would exclaim!  On this Christmas Eve, from me to you, happy Christmas, wishing all your running dreams come true.

Happy running 🙂

Here are a few happy snaps of our trip to Queenstown last year

Skiing lunch break (Husband and I are much better runners than skiers)
Skiing lunch break (Husband and I are much better runners than skiers)
LOVED  the luge!
LOVED the luge!


21 thoughts on “Dreaming of a marathon

  1. Looks beautiful 🙂
    Run a marathon in 2015 – don’t just dream do it! You have 2014 to prepare 🙂
    You dreamed of running up a mountain and succeeded 🙂
    Bring on the marathon in 2015 …. Who knows husband (hehe) and I might join you

      1. That’s what I’m thinking 🙂 I’m already thinking this May just be possible 🙂 I’ve booked leave for 2015, but should be able to secure more for November 🙂 I had better start saving and training 🙂

      2. Sounds awesome… imagine a whole lot of us from The Running Group there together! We shall talk some more! Have a wonderful day tomorrow and I hope to see you Saturday depending on what the kidlets are up to x

  2. I agree about taking next year to prepare and train mentally and physically. Staying injury free is key. If I can do one than surely you can. Go after your dreams 🙂 Happy holidays!

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