A Boxing Day Run

Ahhh Boxing Day.  Christmas is over for another year and here it is Boxing Day.

Christmas Day was a laid back affair here on the farm.  I helped Pauly with morning milking which involved a 5am start for me (4am for him), then hooning around the farm bringing in the different herds for milking.  Rather a fun thing to do really.  I did have to get a couple of bulls into their paddocks which was a bit out there for me, but from the safety of the quad bike I felt ok.  They might be big and loud but these bulls are no match for an Unpsorty Woman hooting the horn and telling them to MOVE ON in her best farmer voice.

We had an early morning visit from Husband’s baby girl as she drove from the ferry down to Hobart.  Breakfast was yummy raspberries and blueberries.  She had sailed the Christmas Eve crossing.

Then a leisurely preparation for the evening meal.  This year I was determined not to over-cater.  We were expecting eight for dinner and all apart from three of us had Christmas lunch dates and would have had a big feed.  I opted for cold meat and salad.  AND it was perfect for the day:  it was warm and sunny 24°C.

Most at our table last night were tired.  There were travellers from Western Australia (Brown Eyed Daughter #1 and H).  A traveller from Melbourne (Blondie Daughter #1) who had worked a graveyard shift, finishing at 8am on Christmas Eve morning, then flying to Tasmania, then dinner with the other side of the family before she finally arrived at the farm, exhausted at 9:30pm on Christmas Eve.  (Yesterday I started to wonder if she was still with us… she made an appearance at 1pm Christmas Day after an enormous sleep in).  Son #1 was also tired from working hard in the busy rush of the supermarket all Christmas Eve day.  Pauly and I were tired too from lots of running around and our early starts.  My parents were the most alert amongst us!

Pre-dinner nibbles

Pre-dinner nibbles of yummy Tasmanian cheeses

I’m pleased to say that due to Boxing Day plans I didn’t overindulge at all.  In fact this is the first Christmas ever that I didn’t eat dessert and only had a couple of glasses of wine.  I went to  bed feeling very tired and worn out – it’s just been so busy over the last few weeks.

Fresh Christmas Dinner all ready to go

Fresh Christmas Dinner all ready to go

Now it’s Boxing Day.  I have been sort of dreading today because today was our planned 18km run before the Cadbury Half Marathon in mid-January.  How would I cope with that after the festivities of Christmas time?

Boxing Day.  18km run.  Done and Dusted.  Despite all of the above Husband, L and I had the most amazing run.  It was 11°C at 6:30am when we set off.  Slightly overcast and nice and cool.  We had a bit of  a route planned in and around Deloraine but once we got on the Meander Valley Road we just kept running.  We ran from Deloraine to Exton and back.  The road was quiet; hardly any traffic at all with a good wide verge to run on as the few cars went by.  There were lot of MAMILs (hehe) who we waved to as they cycled by; they must’ve been doing an Exton to Deloraine ride because they cheered us as they road back the other way.  There was also one lady in with the MAMILs who was very smiley and friendly. (All Seasons Cyclist‘s Blog taught me the definition of a MAMIL:  Middle-Aged Man In Lycra).

Just as we were finishing our run we happened to spy our bootcamp PT.  Happy waves from all three of us to Miss M.  How to feel completely virtuous in one simple way?  Go for an 18km run on Boxing Day of all days AND just happen to bump into your PT – star bootcamp pupils we are!

Husband and L zooming down Meander Valley Road

Husband and L zooming down Meander Valley Road – running with a friend sure is the best way to stick with plans.  It would have been so easy to just sleep in but L and I had committed to this run and I wasn’t going to slack off!

It was a really good run.  An encouraging run.  A wonderful boost to running confidence.  All of us agreed at the end that we could keep up the pace for another 3.1kms and complete a half marathon distance.  We chatted ALL the way and the 1:50:03 seemed to take no time at all.

I definitely had my run happy on!

Now back to Christmas Day dessert.  I didn’t eat any, so virtuous of me! But I did save myself some and it will make a perfect Boxing Day lunch.  Mum’s merguine with strawberries! Yum.

Happy running 🙂

PS the weather has turned into a lovely summer storm: rain, thunder but not too cold…perfect Cluedo weather with my girls…


6 thoughts on “A Boxing Day Run

  1. Awesome! I’ve been working over Christmas (night shifts which do tend to suck the energy levels!) but enjoyed an afternoon at the beach yesterday kayaking and a very quick dip in the sea and hoping to do my little local hilly run of 4km before work again tonight. Doing the Race to the Taste on Sunday and will decide after that whether to drop to 5 or 10km for the Cadbury, your training is going so well, you’re going to have a fantastic half!

    • Thanks Samantha 🙂 sounds like your training is going really well too especially combining it with night shifts. A dip at the beach sounds lovely and a kayak, even nicer. All the best with the Race to the Taste!

  2. What perfect Christmas for you and your family! Love the pics and love the insight you give into farm life in Tasmania. Hard work, by the sounds of it!

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