Run around the river

It’s been warm today and that wind has been pretty strong and gusty.  But let’s go for a run anyway, it’s just under two weeks until the Cadbury Half Marathon.  The snakes are getting a bit active down Brocks Road near the farm, so perhaps a run in town?  We’ll park at the pub  😉  then run around the Meander River.


We run past the train.  It was something that the children could play on, but now it’s got a bit old and well, it’s all fenced off.


There is a really nice newish playground.  Keep running, don’t mind that people think we are nuts for running in the heat.


The river sounds so nice rushing past, we’re about to run over the suspension bridge.


There’s the sign to Cradle Mountain.  You must visit the mountain, people come from all over the world to experience just how beautiful it is.  It’s just under an hour in the car from here.



Around the river are some different pieces of sculpture.  Deloraine is a rather eclectic community made up of locals who are born and bred, tree-changers from mainland Australia escaping to a cooler and quieter community and of course those who work the land.  There are a lot of local artists; we have them to thank for the interesting art along the river.



Hey Anne-Marie!  Oh look it’s B kayaking with her son.  What an amazing place we live in.  Pop the kayak on the top of the car or carry it down from your house like B did and off you can go for a kayak!  Beautiful, calm and safe.



The roses are looking lovely today.  There is exercise equipment dotted around the river too.  Husband does a few hip swings as he waits for us to catch up.



Here comes the next bridge to run over, it’s a bit steep this one.




Fancy a dip off the pontoon?



More sculpture, it makes a great spot to sunbake for some of the children in the riverside caravan park.  By the looks of the car number plates the park is full of mainlanders, this is what Tasmanians call people from mainland Australia.  They must be touring around our island over the Christmas-New Year-Summer period.  In the winter the caravan park is often closed due to the floods that creep up and over the road.





Here we are back again.  1.8kms.  Not quite far enough.  Let’s pop out to Calstock.  Calstock is a beautiful old homestead that’s been converted into a country hotel.  It’s for sale if you are interested!



Gosh it’s hot, let’s just run down through the avenue of trees and that should take us up to 10kms.


10kms done. 
Not a fantastically fast run but lovely.
Deloraine is such a pretty place to run. The river track makes the best warm up and cool down route ever.

I’m starving.  How many calories did we burn?  I burnt 604 and Husband just over 800.  Fancy a pizza and a glass of bubbles?  The pub’s just there, across the road from where we parked!  Convenient!  😉


This is a lovely way to finish our run.  AND I don’t have to go to work tomorrow… I’m on holidays.  YAY!

Happy running 🙂

19 thoughts on “Run around the river

  1. Thanks for taking on your run today 🙂 (virtually) Deloraine is a pretty town.
    I remember playing on that train as a kid. It was a highlight of a trip ‘down the coast’.

    • Thank you 🙂 Snakes are very active out in the country this time of year. I haven’t seen any but some of the chaps on our farm have. Tasmania has some of the most venomous snakes in the world but they are shy and not usually aggressive. I’m just a bit terrified of them! I will write a post about snakes just for you!

      • I very much look forward to the post! I’d say it is a good life preservation technique to be terrified of the slithering , venomous group.:)

      • I think so! I will see what I can do. Yesterday I kept my gum boots on in case I came across one in the garden while I was pruning. My big rubber boots might give a little protection, better than a bare leg anyway.

  2. What a beautiful part of the world. Tasmania seems like a great place to bring up kids. And to live, generally. Yep, apart from the snakes….

    • Thanks 🙂 I can’t believe it but today we have a frost! We live right under the mountains so this happens sometimes even at the height of summer. The warmth of the day will come soon though. Stay warm!

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