~*~Far Happy Always ~*~

Happy New Year!  New Year’s Eve is the most amazing night of the year.  Love it.  Love the atmosphere, the sense of reflection and the sense of hope.  The old is fading and the opportunity to begin again is HERE!


The Unsporty Woman’s 2013 Report Card

How did the Unsporty Woman do against the goals she set back on the 1st of January 2013?  Let’s see!!!  There were four goals for this past 12 months:

1.  Log the kms I run to see how far my runners, the road and determination take me

This has been done consistently throughout the year thanks to my trusty Polar RC3 GPS watch.  I am truly amazed at how far and how consistently I’ve run.  I’ve gradually upped my weekly distance to match the training needed for up and coming events.  Through this process I’ve learnt a lot about being prepared.  For the Nile 10 Mile back in February (looking from the safe view of hindsight) I was so underprepared it wasn’t funny!  How I managed to run that event I do not know.  Shear stubbornness and willpower got me over that finish line.  Put that experience beside the Point to Pinnacle training and I feel I’ve gone from not quite getting it right to pretty much spot on.  Through this process I have learnt that I can go further than I ever thought possible.  In December I ran 150.99kms, which gives the grand total for 2013 of 1,645.99kms (I will post my December diary soon).

2.  Complete a half marathon mostly likely in September

Done!  In fact this year Husband and I ran three:  The Scottsdale to Bridport with the Launceston Athletic Club, one with The Running Group and one in November which was the World’s Toughest Half Marathon, the Point to Pinnacle.

3.  Continue to foster my joy and enthusiasm for running and fitness by being part of parkrun, bootcamp and my weekly exercise routine.

Done, done and done.  In fact I was brave enough to join The Launceston Athletic Club on three of their runs and later in the year joined The Running Group.  Enthusiasm and joy?  Yes, that sums up my running very well.  Life has been full of stresses, sadness and struggles on every other front of my life this year.  We were on the edge of making some sad decisions about the farm, a dear friend took his own life, my work has been tough to say the least… but running?  Running brings joy and a platform on which I can succeed and have some fun.  AND I have simply amazed myself by running a Launceston parkrun PB of 25:20!  I had thought I would like to run a bit faster but wasn’t brave enough to include it as a goal… and I’m still not brave enough to think about speed.  I’m all into surprises when it comes to getting a bit faster hehe!

4.  Contemplate walking the Point to Pinnacle in November

At the start of the year the P2P was a dream for my 50th birthday in 2014, not a dream for my 49th in the November just gone.  As my running took off I became more and more confident.  I became a little bit brave (just a little bit).  I learnt through all the wall sits and planks, interval training… through pushing myself into a sweaty mess at bootcamp THAT I CAN ENDURE!  One day I whispered to Husband perhaps we could run up that mountain this year.  He agreed.  That was back in March, I wrote about it in a post called Change.  This goal was updated, brought forward 12 months.  Husband and I ran the Point to Pinnacle in November 2013.  We have finisher’s medals.  The Holy Running Grail has been conquered.  Sitting here now I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have completed this goal: grateful and humble that me, the Unsporty Woman was able to run up a mountain.  AND it shows that it’s ok to change goals: make them bigger, make them smaller, adjust as we go along to fit what’s happening in our lives.  Changing goals is A OK!

Were my 2013 goals too small?

At the time of writing them no, not at all.  They were huge.  I hadn’t even entered a 10km event.  I had just enough experience and confidence to believe they were achievable with the must have ingredients of time, persistence and dedication.  Achievable, yes!  Scary and daunting?  YES!!!

What have I learnt?

Through hard work and determination together with the encouragement of my Pauly and my running friends both running blogging friends and the lovely local runners, I’ve learnt that I can do more than I think I can.

I learnt a lot about pushing and reaching for the stars. 2014 will be new year where I can pursue running dreams and push the boundaries that limit my concept of me as a runner.

2014 Goals

The planned runs are organised but what are my running goals for 2014?

  • Run five half marathons
  • Continue with all the amazing fun runs and events that are offered in Tasmania and run a few in costume 😛
  • Conquer pushups! By the end of the year I want to be able to do 30 fast pushups with good form
  • Run with the Launceston Athletic Club at least five times
  • Reach the 50 mark with parkrun and run Albert Park parkrun for my 50th Birthday in November wearing a 50 tiara and hopefully a 50 Club parkrun Tee Shirt
  • Run a 30km training run
  • Commit to a marathon in 2015 through registering (most likely the Aaoraki Mt Cook Marathon in NZ)

Supporting others to create long term and short term goals is something I regularly do in my work.  These goals for 2014 give me a sense of challenge and anticipation but also a sense of contentment.  They are large enough, but not too large.  They will allow me to make running a priority but not something that completely takes over all of my life.  I’m not afraid to say that becoming a runner has indeed defined me.  Being a runner says that fitness, health and having the physical ability to endure is important to me.

As a beginner runner I just wanted to run from the farm house to the letter box – a whopping 1.2kms.  And it was whopping at the time, a mountain of a run.  I had blinkers on with my goals.  Husband would talk to me about different events and all I could think about was how do I run an event when running 1km is such a struggle??? Get real dear Pauly!!! Now, through gradual increments, I have proved I can do more than I think I can.  Running up that Mountain in November was such a huge eye opener.  If I can run up a mountain, the sky is the limit when it comes to running.  Conquering my Holy Running Grail has given me the courage to make some long term, indeed life goals for running.

far happy always

What are my long term running goals? What is the overarching reason for running?  What do I ultimately what to achieve with running?  What are my LIFE running goals?

To run far.

To run happy.

To run always.

To run for the rest of my life. It’s as simple as that.

~*~ Far ~*~ Happy ~*~ Always ~*~

This is what it’s all about for me.  If I can run and move forward with running like I have in 2013, you can too.  Whatever your goal for running, don’t give up.  Keep going!

Happy New Year to everyone!  Dream some dreams and then go make them happen.  If I can, you can!

Happy running 🙂

10 thoughts on “~*~Far Happy Always ~*~

  1. Thank you for sharing this, what a wonderful running year you have had. I realise too, that my goals were set a bit too fast, too ambitious, after only starting to run in Feb/March this year, I have learnt a few lessons along the way. Now struggling with shin splints (knees are going well though!) I have dropped the goal of half marathon and will hopefully be able to do the 5km at Cadbury. But inspired by your plans and goals I am going to commit mine to paper today and take it slow and steady but with hope that I can achieve over the year 🙂

    • Thanks Samantha 🙂 You have had an amazing year of running despite the hurdles, you are still out there doing it! Running 5kms at the Cadbury sounds like the best idea. I’m looking forward to hearing about your plans and perhaps sharing a few events together. 2014 should be amazing. Adjust goals to suit where we are is the best thing to do. Thanks for all the lovely comments this year, it’s been really wonderful to get to know you a little bit.

      • I only found your blog a few months ago but have found it really encouraging. I’m giving the legs a good rest before any more running, they got pretty sore on the Race to the Taste run, a 13km bike ride with some hills has given me a good workout today with no pain!
        I shall look out for you at Cadbury, our event does not start until much later so hopefully will be able to see you and come over to say hello 🙂

      • Thanks Samantha 🙂 I’m so glad that you have been encouraged by my ramblings, that makes me so happy and humble!!! I really hope your legs recover well and that you have a fabulous run at Cadbury. It would be wonderful to say hello!!!

  2. Congrats on a fabulous year! Wow from newbie to all of those half marathons! Fantastic. I really applaud you getting a strong base to tackle the marathon in 2015. I will be cheering!

  3. Oh well done you! You really are always bubbling over with enthusiasm and making fantastic progress along the way. Lovely that you and your dear husband share this running passion together too!

    Best of luck in 2014! I`m hoping to run two half marathons this year! And you`re doing five! Good on ya, girl!

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