A Taste at THE Taste


Hobart hosts a food festival that showcases the fine produce of Tasmania called The Taste of Tasmania.  It’s held down on the waterfront and each year it gets a little bit better, a little bit more stylish but always just as delicious.  Running from 28 December until 03 January there is lots of time to take it all in.  It corresponds with the iconic Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.  The atmosphere allows anyone who attends to breath in the essence of what summer means in Tasmania – warmth, the ocean, food and friendship.

Pauly and I had a lovely time!  We met up with some of our lovely running friends and bumped into a few other people we know.  We even had a morning with some of Pauly’s family which was lots of fun.  We visited three times all up.  The wonderful thing about this festival is that it’s free!  It’s very well organised with lots of event staff, volunteers keeping it all clean and neat and even a few bouncers just in case anyone gets too rowdy!  It’s a wonderful event and honestly, if you are coming to Tasmania, this is a great time to come.


Tempura mushrooms are number one of the list always!
Tempura mushrooms are number one on the list always!
We usually go for oysters but this year sampled some sea food sausages and they were yummy!
We usually go for oysters but this year sampled some sea food sausages and they were yummy!  Washed down with some Willie Smith Cider – heaven.

Tasmania is blessed with some amazing cool climate wines and some clever people who make them.  The wine selection at The Taste this year was truly overwhelming.

Inside the old wharf building that's now a festival space.
Inside the old wharf building that’s now a festival space.
The entrance
The entrance.
one of the outside spaces
One of the outside spaces.

There is lots of entertainment in the form of buskers, bands and performers that appeal to children but are wonderful for anyone to watch.  Just outside The Taste is a huge activity area for children that’s right on the lawns of beautiful government house.  There is something for everyone.

We went for a wander around the yachts one evening.


A huge cruise ship was in for the New Year Celebrations, it looked like it was watching over all the racing yachts.


For the Garmin loves :)
For the Garmin loves 🙂

We had our last run for 2013 on a special course.  We ran the first third of the Point to Pinnacle.  It was such an amazing feeling of celebration as we ran up up up, wending and winding around the houses and roads until we were up in the bush.


20131231_081840Pauly kept looking up and saying that’s a long way up!  He said it repeatedly.  I think he is amazed that we both managed to run this wonderful event.  Pauly is a much faster runner than me. He’s been running for a lot longer too.  But this year he ran his first half marathons – we have come along way together.  I asked him what his goals for 2014 are.  He very simply said to run faster!  He and I are so different in our goals but we both love running.

The final diary entry to complete the logging of my kms for 2013:

Dec kms

New Years Eve celebrations were spent quietly with Husband’s sons and their families.  We all met at A and D’s place which just happens to be across the Derwent River from The Taste.  We watched the fireworks in comfort and calm, it was lovely.  Looming up behind was Mt Wellington – we ran up that mountain you know! hehe

Of course while we didn’t overindulge at The Taste we still feel a bit sluggish from the late nights and the rushing around.  We have a hill session planned for tonight and will start to focus on getting mentally prepared for the Cadbury Half Marathon that’s less than a week and half away.

Happy running 🙂

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