Looking back I’m very grateful to the non-running version of me.  She was one brave lady.  It took several stars to line up, but she sucked in a huge amount of humble pie and tried to run after living years of being someone who thought that running was impossible… she decided to have a go.

On Sunday Husband and I had a 10km run on the farm.  The weather in Tasmania despite it being the middle of summer has turned wintry and cold.  We ran down our familiar farm roads but not very fast at all.  I’ve had a head cold since Christmas and well, while I’m functioning ok I’m just a little bit miserable.  We chatted as we ran watching the storm clouds gathering and bracing ourselves against the wind.

We talked about parkrun on Saturday.  J was running a little late and missed the start but caught me up at the 1.5km and then we ran together.  She is a much faster runner than me but ran alongside me. Nice!  We chatted all the way.  (I am still amazed that I can run and talk.)  Thinking back to the non-running version of me she would be simply dumbstruck if she could’ve looked into a crystal ball and seen J and I running and talking.  Thanks J for a LOVELY parkrunparkrun is so much more than just running, it’s friendship, time out and just plain old fun with likeminded people!

During our run on Sunday Husband dashed off to look at something on the farm, when he finally caught up with me again I asked him what he thought of my running style.  I still worry that I might look a bit silly while I run.  This is a throwback from years of thinking of me as the unsporty one, the hopelessly uncoordinated one who couldn’t hit hockey balls straight, couldn’t get the netball through the hoop or hit the softball when bowled AND could never CATCH a ball of any description EVER!!!  Always the last to be chosen for a  team.  Always the one on the outer at any sporty thing involving running, hitting, throwing or catching.  Can’t run, can’t hit, can’t catch.

Do I look silly when I run?  I asked Husband.  No, he said, you look good, in fact you look like you could run all day. 

Run all day?  A while ago the Point to Pinnacle was just a dream.  Today an Ultra Marathon is just a dream.  But running dreams can come true you know… I am proof!

This little bridge (pictured below) is at the 2.5km mark of our usual farm run.  It is so much more than a bridge!  In my early running days I would get to this bridge and walk over and try and get my breath back.  I’d turn around at the end and walk back across and then start running again on the return trip of a 5km run.

This Bridge is a symbol of victory, of accomplishment, of success – I can run a whole lot more than 5km now, but I don’t forget the hard work and the struggle it took to get me here where I am now.

The biggest thing that this bridge symbolises for me is that I didn’t give up.


An ultra marathon in a couple of years time is one of my current dreams.  The Bruny Island 64km Ultra Marathon is on my horizon.  Scary, thrilling, hard work… but there is enough of a tiny voice in me that says give it a shot, you can do it!

NEVER give up on your dreams.  Little running step after little running step… keep chipping away.  If I can get this far with running ANYONE can.  Just don’t give up.

Happy running 🙂

PS I’m so excited to be lining up with L for her first half marathon on Sunday!

PPS stars I had three stars that lined up that got me running:  participating in the Global Corporate Challenge, buying a Wii Fit and a Husband who is a runner and wanted me to run with him.  My early posts back in September and October 2012 tell the start of my story.  A story that I hope will have no end!

6 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. That’s such an excellent response… You look like you could run all day! I love it! I definitely look silly, but I’ve accepted it.

    Also, I too thought running was impossible. I’m still in amazement of what the body is capable of when it’s put to work. Go us! Happy Monday 🙂

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Go us, looking silly we are still out there doing it. I still think I might look a bit odd doing this running thing but oh well, it doesn’t matter really. We are our own worse critics but with running we should really concentrate in our awesomeness at what we are achieving. Thanks again x I really appreciate your lovely comment xxx

  2. Can you hear me cheering on the other side of the world?! Awesome, amazing, inspiring! Never say never. One step at a time my friend and look how far you have come. Looking forward to hearing about the half marathon.

  3. It is so awesome to see someone else who got their start into running in part because of the Global Corporate Challenge – congratulations on sticking with it!

    1. Thanks Crystal 🙂 The GCC was such an eye opener to me showing how little I managed to move on a workday. And to get a start with running… I am forever grateful. Thanks so much for the lovely comment and it’s great to hear that the GCC has been positive for you too 🙂

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