Running for chocolate

We did it!  We ran for chocolate.  Pauly, L and I – we had a wonderful day.  The Cadbury Marathon event was amazing!

We purchased a VIP pass which gave us access to a special designated area.  The best thing about this VIP pass was the extra portaloos – there were six.  98 people purchased a pass but not everyone was there all the time so the queue for the loo was SHORT!!!  The longest I had to wait was around three minutes.

The atmosphere was fun.  Event organisers did a great job to ensure that everything ran like a well-oiled machine.   The marathoners set off at 6am and the half-marathoners at 6:30am.  Later in the morning were the 10km and 5km events.  There was even a Mini-Marathoner event of 1km – oh my goodness!  Such cuteness was to be seen.  Each Mini-Marathoner had a race bib on and some of the little tots were only just big enough to fit the bib!  Most of the really small ones were pushed in their prams but their parents got them out with about 50m to go and they ran.  And they sure ran!  They ran little tiny chubby steps all the way to the finish with such huge cheers from the crowds.  What an awesome thing to do… to get the little ones into running and fitness at an early age.  There was no pressure here just lots of smiles and happiness.


Who brings their own chocolate stash to a chocolate factory?  Could they possibly have been worried that the factory would run out?  L brought her own supply with her just in case and ate it pre-start.  Yes, pre-start.   Choc-a-holic?  Most definitely.

Pre-race chocolate munching

Pre-race chocolate munching

The Race

Now the Unsporty Woman does not race, she runs.  But this was a race.  My goodness there were some talented and fast runners in the field.  It was a pleasure to cheer and clap them on as we ran.  I know they put many many kms into their training but they sure make it look easy.

Husband chose to run with the gorgeous J and left L and I at the back of the field.  Pauly likes to run with J, she chats and keeps a cracking pace.

At the start

At the start

The course for the Marathon was pretty much double the Half; they ran two out and backs to our one.  It was a scenic, undulating course that went from the Cadbury Factory out and over the Bowen Bridge and return, there were beautiful scenes of the Derwent River and the hills surrounding Hobart.  We saw Wonder Woman running (according to J Husband thought she had a very nice pair of legs… she is wonder woman so of course her legs would be wonderful, that’s a no-brainer! Men!) We saw two Where’s Wally-ettes (it must have been so hot in their long brunette wigs).  Several people were in tutus AND one guy really got in the Cadbury theme and had beautiful Cadburys-purple hair.  It was fun.

We waved to all the amazing volunteers.  We got lots of cheers and encouragement back.  No facebook updates or photo taken during this race though – L was keeping me to such a good pace that I couldn’t quite manage it.

One of our Running Group members wasn’t running due to his triathlon commitments.  He rode his bike up and down the course instead.  Oh my goodness, the encouragement we received from him was so good!  One time he told L and I that he had a special message from the race organisers (hehe) according to B the organisers had asked him to tell us that we were talking too much and that we needed to stop talking and run harder (hehe).  We also got cheers from D and L, and the always present, always smiling, always encouraging F was there too.  Thanks everyone!!!!

How did my run go?  I was trying really hard to keep up with L.  Our 18km training run indicated that I could really pull finger and go for a time of 2:00:00.  I tried hard.  At the start I was encouraging L and keeping to my plan to eat my chews at certain times and L was following along with me.  At the second drink stop I was bossy and told her she had to go and have a drink.  I was the run director for most of the way.  L was the pacer though!  But at km 16 while I didn’t crash and burn the wheel nuts got a bit loose and the exhaust was getting a bit spluttery.  Literally.  I had left my manners at the starting line and L discovered many things about me.  I’d had an upset stomach thanks to a few niggly gut complaints I have.  Just let me say that L now calls me Shrek!  All those chews – ugh, it got rather windy.  This is where L took over as run director.  She kept chatting while I couldn’t.  She was the bright and sunny one and helped me through.  I urged her to keep going at our 5:40 pace but she insisted on staying with me.

And it was windy in other ways too.  From around km 16 through to 19 the light breeze became a stronger wind.  Lots of runners took off their hats due to the gusts.  It wasn’t quite so pleasant as before.

Just as we got to the hill that would take us up to finish a lady wearing a Bruny Island Ultra tank top overtook us.  Something magical happed in me.  I so want to do that run.  I picked up the pace and we ran a little faster.  We got to the top of the hill, I glanced at my watch 2:05:00.  If I pick the pace up we could at least beat my Half-Marathon PB of 2:16:00.  We ran.  We went over the line holding hands.  We did it together.  It was the most amazing feeling.  I’ve never run a whole race with a friend.  I had tears in my eyes.  I will always be grateful to my beautiful friend for helping me on the day.  She could have done that event in under 2:00:00 but she stuck with me.  Thank you L xxx


I will never be a fast runner and I’m ok with that.  I want to run Far Happy and Always.  I tried to go a faster than usual and didn’t quite make it on Sunday.   From this event I learnt that I need to be careful with my pace but above all it’s a mind thing that I need to conquer.  I also need to fine tune my race nutrition and will be doing some more research into this.  I really tried hard to do all the right things on Sunday but still hit a little hurdle at km 16.  I’m keen to prevent this from now on.  My marathon dreams are still intact – I ran up a mountain last November, of course I can do a marathon…slowly!


Post-race photo with Freddo the Cadbury Chocolate Frog

Post-race photo with Freddo the Cadbury Chocolate Frog

Did we have fun?  Oh yes we had fun! Overall we had a great run.  It was fun being out on the course, it was interesting, pretty and well… the time seemed to fly by because of the lovely company.  AND we had so much fun back in the VIP area.  We ate lots of chocolate and put lots in our goodie bags to take home.  There were delicious egg and bacon rolls (mmm nothing has ever tasted so good – I was starving).  The coffee was wonderful!  AND I had one of the best hammy and calf massages I’ve ever had!!!  AND this dude explained a lot to me and suggested that I need to work on a few problem areas in my calves and that will help me run a little easier.  I’m going to take his advice!  We just had the best day! All up there were almost 20 of us from The Running Group – as always it is just so much fun to cheer each other on and to celebrate with our running buddies.


ahhhh the massage tent

Did we manage to get in view of every single camera out on course?  Oh yes, we did!  Quick L, there’s a camera!  Smile, silly face, wave.  I LOVE running photos of me.  I LOVE to see me out on a course.  Even now that I can call myself a runner I still love the thrill of seeing photos of the running version of me.




There were 2500 people running across the four events on Sunday with 728 in the Half-Marathon.

  • Pauly:  279 overall and 10th in him age group
  • Annie and L:  521 and 522 overall (my chipped foot must’ve gone over the line before L’s)
  • Annie:  27th in her age group
  • L:  36th in her age group (watch this space though… this running friend of mine is only warming up)

So we didn’t do too badly at all.  We ran all the way, we ran for chocolate.  We had fun.

A little something else

On Sunday our running friend F entered the 5km along with her three awesome children.  For the first time ever she ran all the way – the whole 5km.  This is what running is all about for me.  It’s a platform on which we can achieve really awesome things.  A chance to watch others totally blow their goals out of the water.  The effort is put in during the months of training and then on race day we get to put it all on show and give it our best shot.  Then we get to celebrate with each other.  LOVE IT!

A great day was had by all pretty much sums it up!

What’s next?  Lots of fun runs!  It’s fun run season here in Tasmania!

Happy running 🙂

39 thoughts on “Running for chocolate

  1. Awwww! What a cutie pie! Can’t wait to put a running bib on my future child. Oh, I’m so gonna do it!!!! PS. I’d run for chocolate too! It sounds like you had a fun race.


    • Yes so terribly cute. I was so enthralled with the little ones running that I forgot to take some photos. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Olena. Your future child is in for some running treats I’m sure 🙂 xxx

  2. Congrats on your fabulous run! Way to push through when things got tough at 16km and to have fun doing it! Having supporters makes so much of a difference doesn’t it?
    Of course you can do a marathon! I’ll be cheering you all the way.

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 L made all the difference and I was supposedly the more experienced one. She is amazing and her kindness needs to be bottled. I really appreciated your encouragement too – my blogging friends have made the hugest difference to my running x thank you x

      • You are most welcome. I too found the encouragement from the blogging community to be so powerful. Hubby an i talked a lot about it when things got grim near the end. So happy for you and I hope you put back lots of Cadbury chocolate.:)

  3. Woo-hoo – what a fabulous day!!!!! You have described the day brilliantly. (I must admit I’ve been checking online all morning for your race recap. hehe, I knew it would be a ripper) Congrats. So proud of everyone.

    • Thanks Janette (my lovely friend J). You are such an amazing encourager – well done to you on a great run too, thanks for keeping Pauly in check. It was just the perfect start to the year. Can’t wait to have a try again next year 🙂

  4. Love your race and run reports. Bring a smile to my face, and a laugh too, the way you describe things. Glad to catch up!

  5. Congratulations on your race. Awesome recap – makes me want to do it even more now 🙂 . It’s great that you had people to run with – makes things much more fun and helps you keep each other motivated.

  6. I love your recaps on races. You ran really well – looked strong when I saw you 🙂 Well done.

    I got teary reading that – and then saw the part about me. Thank you. It was a shuffle by the end of the 5km, but hey, the longest I have ever run is 1.1km (3 days beforehand!)

    It was a day that needed to be celebrated, and I couldn’t think of a better way.

    • Thanks Fiona (my lovely friend F) 🙂 I know it’s not my place to be proud of you but I am just so amazingly proud of all you have achieved. You inspire me with your amazing attitude and determination to succeed. AND a slow shuffle is still running… I know because that’s me often! I was so pleased to see everyone with medals – such an awesome thing! Thanks again 🙂

      • The more the proud the better 🙂 Coming from someone who couldn’t walk 5km without trying to die to someone who ran 5km (albeit really slow) is something to be proud of 🙂 I’m stoked other people can see it, because it is a ride where it feels others can’t. I really appreciate it – thank you!

      • So many people are cheering you on Fiona, you are just a wonderful inspiration to keep going 🙂 Love watching all your amazing family members doing great things with running 🙂

  7. Congratulations! It sounds like it was brilliant fun, and I’m glad the Choc went down so well!

  8. What fun you had and great determination when it got tough, well done! I looked for you but sadly didn’t see you, obviously tucking into chocolate in the VIP area 🙂
    My son did well in the 5km although he was a bit off his own PB, I was very proud of him. I was very disappointed not to be running but loved watching everyone’s faces as they came up that last stretch. Off to see the physio tomorrow as still having a lot of pain, just walking is uncomfortable, hoping no bad news.
    Thank you again for taking the time to share, keep it coming 🙂

    • Thanks Samantha 🙂 A very well done to your son. It was quite hot when the 5km was on. It was a very special day, the atmosphere was just so awesome. So glad you were there to soak it up. I do hope that the physio has some good news for you. Thanks so much for your LOVELY comment – I’m humbled that you are finding my rambling encouraging xxx

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 Wonder Woman was in her early 20s and she was pretty awesome… wonderful really hehe. I think the pink socks are going to become my signature running gear. Glad you enjoyed the report. I wish I’d taken more photos now but honestly I got so enthralled in the day and just forgot. It really was a wonderful day, no wonder Wonder Woman came to run.

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  10. Great run Anne-Marie and great wrap up. Well done on a PB and also on your marathon plan!
    P.s. The photo of you and Freddo – it looks like you couldn’t wait for the chocolate tent and have bitten his arm off…

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