Doing a Bessie (again)

Unlike Bessie from the story Belinda, I didn’t need to put on my hat and coat to visit Blondie Daughter #1.  This visit to Melbourne I packed my goggles, my bikini and my thongs instead! (Thongs in Australia = jandals or flip flops).


Melbourne and most other places in Australia are in the grip of a heat wave.  It’s so HOT!!!  43°C day time with overnight lows in the high 20s.  We are sweltering!

Even though I knew that the temperatures would be extreme I couldn’t bring myself to leave my running gear at home.  But it’s been so hot.  My magic running shoes have stayed in my bag 😦

I’m really missing my runs.  But there is always some sort of workout available…


What sort of workout would be best in this dry, scorching, invasive heat?


The Lazy Runner talks about water running.  Blondie Daughter #1 lives within a very short walk of a lovely indoor pool.  Each day we’ve had an hour of swimming and water running.  Wow, water running is such a great workout.  The Lazy Runner is so right!  It’s a great alternative to running or as a non-running-day workout.


Apparently I look very silly water running.  Blondie Daughter #1 giggled at me no end.  But who cares?  I had fun!  The pool had varying depths so I was able to run in shoulder-deep right down to knee-deep water over the 50m length of the pool. It felt like every muscle in my body was getting a good workout – core, legs, arms… the water resistance was tough to try and run fast in. I’m not sure how far I’ve run but I would say around half a km each time and then countless laps of the pool (I love swimming).

It was so hard walking out of the pool building into the Melbourne oven – someone must have a big enormous city-size industrial heater blowing all over us!

I’m back to the more temperate conditions of Tasmania tonight, but even Deloraine had a 37°C day this week!  I will leave my darling daughter in the slow cooker called Melbourne and head for the blissful Tasmanian mountains.  Here it may get hot in the day but at least the overnight temperatures are low and offer some relief.  AND unlike my baby girl’s house, we have a reverse cycle air conditioner – heaven!

It would be so nice to go water running on a regular basis, but alas the country is a beautiful place to live but there are very few conveniences like swimming pools and gyms close by.  Oh well, back to running on Friday.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Happy running 🙂

PS Blondie Daughter #1 and I went to see the movie Saving Mr Banks – it’s well worth the time to see it – I didn’t know the story behind PL Travers… we both recommend it.  The air-conditioning was sublime too!

12 thoughts on “Doing a Bessie (again)

  1. We are seeing on the news terrible fires raging in Australia. Hope you and your loved ones are safe.
    Oh and there is this thing about resting a little after a big race…just saying 🙂

    1. Resting? Been doing that too (a little) 🙂 The fires are terrible… it’s so hot and so dry and WINDY – I feel so sorry for anyone having to work outside but especially for our fire-fighters…most of whom are volunteers. Such amazing people. Thanks for your lovely wishes…we are all fine 🙂

  2. I`ve never experienced temperatures like that! Can`t even imagine how hot that might be! Glad you explained what thongs were. I`d an entirely different idea…

    1. The heat had to be felt to be believed. I’m sort of glad I experienced it because now I know what it’s like for Blondie and appreciate why she finds it difficult to function when it gets so hot. I saw on the news that even the true locals, our beautiful Australian wildlife are struggling with dehydration in this weather… some of the tree dwellers like koalas and possums are even dropping out of trees, they are so exhausted 😦

      mmm I know that thongs have a different meaning in other countries 🙂 But here they are the national footwear of choice in the heat.

  3. I feel your pain with the heat. I’m thankful we are in Winter over here. In about 4 months, we will be back to the heat again and I will dread it. Be safe and drink A LOT of water! 🙂

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