Going Bananas

I’m not a shy person.

Really??? I hear those who know me ask, Anne-Marie isn’t shy?  Tell us something we don’t know. (This hasn’t always been the case but life and experience has added up to me becoming more confident than I was as a child and young adult).

Pauly and I stayed at the designated hotel for the Cadbury Marathon.  The early morning buses left from there and returned there so it was convenient.

Bananas became a bit of a running joke between Pauly and I during our stay at the hotel.  Every time we saw someone prerace walking through the hotel with a banana or a bag of bananas we would make an assumption that they were running in a Cadbury event.  Of course if we were close enough I would outright ask them (hehe) – we had some lovely chats with runners as a result.  AND everyone with a banana(s) WAS in a race!  Bananas were the fruit of choice to be scoffing back pre-event.

The Lazy Runner (I mention her a lot, I am a fan) even has a how to carb-load with bananas section in her book.  It’s not ideal but she says if a runner is short on time to organise a carb-rich pre-race diet then bananas as the easy go-to.  She goes into way more detail than this brief summary.


I read an article during the week about bananas.  According to this article bananas are no longer fed to monkeys at a particular zoo because they are too high in sugar.  The varieties developed for human consumption are just too high in energy (calories) and sugar to be good for monkeys.  Oh my goodness.  AND the monkeys are slowly being weaned off these high-in-sugar fruits to a diet based more on leafy green vegetables.  They have become hooked on the sugary sweetness; they are addicted.

I find this alarming.  Who went and changed bananas so much that they aren’t even good for monkeys anymore???

Here is a link to the article:  Taking diet tips from monkeys


Bananas and running?

I love bananas.  I eat one almost every day.  I have them on my porridge for breakfast and I eat extra ones when carb-loading for a big run.  I find them easy to digest, yummy and convenient (they come fully prepared and have their own compostable wrapping – simple).  I wholeheartedly embrace bananas as a great way to carb-load pre-race.

And obviously I’m not alone.  Judging from all the people eating bananas prior to the Cadbury Marathon many runners must feel the same way about bananas as I do.  Perhaps for runners the higher calories are not such a big deal because we carb-load on them and then burn it off when we run.  Calories in and calories out.  We use bananas as running fuel.

However the above mentioned article has got me thinking.

Big bad sugar

A few years ago I read James Duigan’s book Clean and Lean Diet.  The author challenges the reader to see processed sugary foods as toxins.  There seems to be more and more information available to us that suggests that sugar is just so wrong for our bodies.  It makes us fat, it makes us lethargic and it feeds disease.  At least that’s my summary.

Going Bananas?

At this point in time I feel like I’m going bananas.  So much diet information.  So many people struggling with weight issues.  Now I read that bananas aren’t good for monkeys.

To be honest I like knowing what I’m eating.  I like hearing the facts and being able to make informed decisions about my diet and what is best to eat for me and my family.  I don’t always believe what I read but throw it in as opinion to be considered.  Since reading James Duigan’s book I’m very careful with processed foods and try to stick with foods that are as close to their original form as possible.  But sometimes I just want to raise my hands in despair.  I thought that bananas were in the clean eating category…what can we actually eat that’s clean?

Yes, I’m definitely going bananas.


Happy running 🙂

PS I’m still going to eat bananas…I enjoy reading articles and hearing opinion, but that’s what it is really, opinion.  It is up to all of us to read and research and find out what’s best for us and our families.

20 thoughts on “Going Bananas

    • There is just so much information out there…I’m no dietician so I read and then try to work out what’s best for my family. “Meal in a peel” – that’s a cute way to think of bananas 🙂

  1. In the big picture of things that we can put in our bodies, I’m thinking a banana is a pretty good choice. I agree there is a lot of info out there but I’m all over going bananas.:)

  2. I wish I liked bananas, but I don’t 😦 There aren’t many foods I don’t like, but bananas are one of them: I don’t like the texture, smell or taste. Ah well!

  3. Since being put onto a low FODMAP diet there are lots of fruits I’m no longer allowed to eat. Fortunately bananas are on the ok to eat list, BUT I’m only allowed to have them if they’re not too ripe. Apparently as bananas ripen their sugar content (specifically fructose) increases. So I guess if you’re worried about it you could have less ripe bananas 🙂

  4. I’m with you, I love bananas! They may not be the best choice for a diabetic but I think for the average person a banana is a great choice for an afternoon or pre-run snack.

  5. I think there is a big difference between bananas and other “sugars”. I don’t eat enough of them for some reason, but I will start trying to get more in after reading your post!

  6. I love bananas! They make a great addition to my smoothies! They make them so much creamier since I only put water in my smoothies and no milk. Yea I know bananas are higher in sugar than some fruits but I would rather get my sugar from a banana than a chocolate bar so I will stick my banana. In the end I believe everything in moderation.

  7. I couldn’t live without bananas, from smoothies to banana bread (made with wholemeal flour so an allowable treat in my house!) they fit the bill, great for after a run, fantastic at 4am on a long night shift, easy for lunch boxes, I could go on!
    Long live the banana 🙂

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