Fun run season

YES!  It’s fun run season in Tasmania.  There are so many different events to choose from.  Here’s what’s coming up for Pauly and I…

Hobart Run the Bridge, 16 February, Hobart

This was my first ever 10km event last year.  With it’s lovely views of the Derwent River and Mt Wellington it’s a very pretty run.  It goes up and over the Tasman Bridge and gives runners a lovely downhill course with the finish inside a pavilion on Hobart’s waterfront.  Should be fun.  Husband’s eldest son is going to run with us too.  Last year I ran this in 58:59.

Nile 10 Mile, 23 February, Evandale

Another second attempt with this run also.  It’s so much fun with all the penny farthing bikes out for the Evandale Village Fair.  Last year this was my longest run ever by far; it was tough!  With all the distance that I have behind me I’m hoping for a much happier run and a much better time (maybe).  Last year I ran this in 1:45:00.

Women’s 5k Run and Walk, 2 Mach, Launceston

This will be the third time that I’ve run this event.  Last year it was so hot!  The time has been brought forward from 1pm in the afternoon to 10am in the morning (the organisers thankfully took note of how difficult most participants found the heat).  AND Michelle Bridges will be at the event!  There will also be a special Paint the Park Pink festival afterwards and the Prostate 8 for the men, an 800m sprint – should be pretty awesome to watch.

Oh and my Mum is coming along to walk the event in memory of her Mum and my Nanny, Helen, who died of breast cancer in 1977.  My Nanny won’t be the only one who has this run/walk dedication, so many of us have our lives touched by this terrible disease.  We will be running/walking in triumph because each dollar that is raised helps to find a better treatment and to get closer to a cure and hopefully prevention for future generations.


Run Devonport, 16 March, Devonport

A new run for us.  L, Pauly and I along with quite a few members of The Running Group will be tackling this run around the pretty beach and coastal areas of Devonport.

And a little bit later in the year is the…

Run Melbourne Half Marathon

Hot of today’s press… we have signed up for the Run Melbourne half marathon in July.  This will be the first time that we have gone interstate to run.  We’ve participated in parkrun in both Melbourne and Auckland New Zealand, but haven’t ever entered a race anywhere other than our island home of Tasmania.  AND it looks like we will have friends from The Running Group there as well (SWEET!).  AND I’m hoping to meet up with fellow blogger Simone of From Meltdown to Ironman.  But best of all my lovely running buddy L is coming too – she is so keen for the Melbourne Marathon in 2015 so I had better work out if I can handle the crowds.  Yikes!

I’m not sure how I feel about running with thousands of people, this will be a new thing for me.  I enjoy the relaxed laid back atmosphere of Tasmanian events.  Perhaps I just think the mainland ones will be more high powered…perhaps I will find out that these big events are just as fun and laid back as the ones that I love here in Tasmania.

This will either be half marathon number 2 or 3 for the year.  The calendar for the Launceston Athletic Club isn’t out yet.  Their Scottsdale to Bridport Half Marathon was mid-July last year so we could be looking at two half marathons very close together.

As always with running there is lots to look forward to.  When life gets a bit crazy, sad, difficult, stressful… there is always a running event to focus on that provides a much needed boost.


The year of the Friendly Half Marathon is coming along nicely.  I’ve had a beautiful start with our run for chocolate just two weeks ago and lovely plans to look forward to with all the fun runs coming up in the next two months.  So far my 2014 goals are coming along nicely (just don’t ask me about pushups hehe).

Where ever you are running, whatever you are planning, from me to you I wish you happy running.

Happy running 🙂

14 thoughts on “Fun run season

  1. What a great year you have planned! I applaud your efforts in the support of finding a cure for Breast Cancer. Our 5km called Run for the Cure is always the first weekend of October. Happy running to you!

    1. Nile 10 Mile will be a tougher one. I hope to take at least five minutes off my time… but time will tell 🙂 It’s having a go that counts (at least this is what I tell myself). Thanks Red Hen 🙂

  2. I’m looking for a charity 5k to participate in. Our breast cancer ones are usually in the fall. I’d like to do it. We a family member you breast cancer a couple months ago. Cancer is something that had affected my life on a personal level and I’d love to be part of a run for it.

    1. Most of the running events here in Tasmania raise funds for something, it’s really good to know that some of the race entry fees goes to a good cause. I hope you find an event that fits the bill. It’s a terrible disease – run by run we can do our bit to raise a little bit more $ to solve this terrible problem 🙂

  3. Love the planning! I’ve got a list up on the wall with all the runs I wanted to do this year, building up to the half marathon at Ross, it’s all on hold at the moment but just knowing there are lots of opportunities still ahead keeps my motivation going.

    1. Thank you 🙂 There are just so many great runs in Tasmania and we don’t have to travel too far to get to them. They are so good for motivation. I hope the injury keeps getting better 🙂 And I hope to see you at Ross if not before!

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