Running understands and comforts

Running has taken a back seat over the last week.  So has my work.  So has the farm.  So has all the normal routine things like washing, cleaning, cooking, opening the mail, supermarket shopping and everything.

On Sunday Pauly and I went to New Zealand.  Della, Paul’s Mum and my Mum-in-Law, passed away last Saturday.  She passed peacefully at home with her Husband of 58 years and other members of her family.  It was sad.  But through the sadness many happy memories were remembered.  We talked about all the good things, the things that were important to her and her values that were instilled into my generation (her children), the next generation (her grandchildren) and still the next generation (her growing number of great-grandchildren).


It was a time of extended family.  Talking.  Comforting each other.  Remembering. Being the receivers of delicious home cooking.  Organising a beautiful service where we, her family, paid our respects to Della along with so many others.

Running took a back seat but it was always there.  Pauly and I managed to do two shorter runs just to keep balanced (a 7km and a 5km).  I don’t think my fitness has suffered but I am tired.  My friend running is always there no matter what’s going on in life.  We only had energy and time for short runs but running didn’t mind.

Running was a comfort to me and to Pauly.  It helped to ease the grief just a little and to give the mind some much-needed time out to chill and relax.  I learnt that running understands when I need to ease off.  It will take me a little while to get back into my distances but that’s ok, I’ll get there.

Della was never one to wallow in sadness, she was all about get up and go and getting things done, about being prepared and organised.  My next run is Hobart Run the Bridge.  Dear Della, this one is for youI’m going to put on my running shoes and run that Bridge Run in your memory.  I’d better get those shoes on and put in a few more training kms in order to do her proud.


Happy running 🙂

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