Going the distance

It felt good to run with The Running Group yesterday.  After the emotional rollercoaster ride of the last week, taking some time out to do something loved with people who I value was the best therapy ever.

But it was hot! On the farm yesterday it was 34ºC in the shade at 11am.

A 12km hilly run was on the agenda yesterday.  Coach gave us an encouraging pre-run talk. He suggested that, while we have a fair idea of how everyone runs, that due to the heat don’t compare ourselves to others.  To listen to our bodies and to back off when needed.  I heard: Don’t try and keep up with the people you normally try to keep up with – just do what’s right for you.

I did.

I ran in companionable silence with R for quite a while until he powered off.  Then I ran on my own.  I enjoyed the scenery (running in town is still a novelty to me).  Then J caught up with me.  Thank goodness she did!  I was in the zone and had she not caught up I would’ve missed a turn… I may still be running in the wrong direction (hehe).

Having J catch up with me was interesting.  She is normally way in front.  We got to a big downhill and she powered off.  I don’t like running downhill very much.

For the rest of the 12kms I was on my own.  The last km was up a hill.  Not a really big hill, but it was after 10am now and the heat was setting in.  There were a few groups of people taking up the whole footpath.  As I got closer they yelled out to their friends in front Runner coming through.  Now that made me laugh!  I was running at 8:00 minute per km at that point.  To me that was slower than slow, but to these people it was still running.  It reminded me of that little slogan No matter how slow you go you are lapping everyone on the couch.

A really awesome thing about yesterday was that one of the newer runners of the group managed to run the whole 12kms.  It wasn’t the first time she had done this distance but with the heat it was really tough for her.  I love how running challenges us to try a little harder, to push a little further.  To become that running version of ourselves that we dream about.  For this friend the dream became a little bit more of a reality yesterday.

A view from the farmhouse on the start of another hot morning – the irrigators are working overtime and so is Husband.

I had a wonderful run (12kms in 1:17:17).  I really enjoyed the whole thing, even that hard hot slog up the last hill.  On Saturday I’d run with my beautiful running buddy J at parkrun (another very hot day).  That had been really fun and just what I needed.  A good old run and a chat with a friend.  Yesterday completed my weekend running therapy.  I may not be a fast runner but I can go the distance.  Distance teaches me that I can do way more than I think I can.  Distance makes me feel mighty and powerful.  If I can be a runner and run 12kms on a stinking hot morning, it’s possible for anyone, just listen to your body and slow it down if needed.

Happy running 🙂

18 thoughts on “Going the distance

  1. Too right about the slowing down thing. I found that out recently-and not on a particularly long run either.
    Oh, but that heat must be challenging.

  2. So sorry to hear of your sad news but good that running is such a comfort for you now. No running for me still but have been hitting the hills on the bike, 30 kms in 30 degree heat is challenging, we must be mad! Hubby loves it as he hates running but loves cycling, so at least we are sharing his passion whilst I slowly wait.

  3. Like you I am slow but can keep going and indeed we are lapping those on the couch! I like that. I can’t imagine running in that heat! Just finished a run at minus 9 🙂

    1. Thanks Fiona 🙂 That little bit was about the lovely Lynnda – what a determined lady she is AND always with a smile on her face. And as for you young lady, you just inspire me all the time! xxx

      1. Maybe you should have thought of that before you had the Cadbury marathon there ;P

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