I’m sore.  No, not sore.  I’m in pain.  DOMS has taken on new meaning this morning (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness).  I can’t even roll over in bed without groaning.  And as for getting out of bed?  I have to psych myself up.  Flex the feet, rub the calves.  Hold onto the bed.  Slowly ease myself up.  A few staggers close to the bed in case I need to hang on.  Slowly plod forward and gradually straighten up.


Yes, DOMS… in a very big way.  And mostly in the core.  Ouch!

This week Pauly and I have been back at bootcamp.  Due to the Christmas-New Year break, then tapering for the Cadbury Half Marathon and being away last week we’ve only managed to get to about four sessions this year.  I’ve continued with my tabata workouts but they are NOTHING compared to the hard core drilling of our sweet little PT Miss Megan.


Last night we did a full on session which involved 10 burpees between each set.  I hate to admit this but I started to feel very seedy and unwell.  I had sweat running into my eyes, dripping off my nose and my tank top was wet through!  As for Pauly, after a round of toe taps and leg hops off a chair, he looked down at the chair… it looked like someone had poured water all it.  He was sweating so much.  Ewww too much detail I know.

Everyone was so red faced, hot and sweaty.

But there was one thing about last night. One thing that makes us all sad.  It was the last one!  The franchise that runs bootcamp has decided to close the classes.  Miss Megan has a new job and is moving away from the town and they can’t find a replacement.

We are all so happy for her.  It sounds like there are new opportunities and great things in store for this lovely young woman.

But we are all so sad!  We have decided to meet together next week anyway and run around the park and jump around like crazy people and do our own bootcamp.  We are trying to find a PT to take over but it isn’t easy to find someone who will travel out to Deloraine.

Bootcamp has given me many things

  • It has been a safe platform on which I can push myself to the extreme.  It doesn’t matter if I conk out at bootcamp.  Unlike going for a run I don’t have to get myself home.  Pauly and my friends can scrape me off the hall floor and resuscitate me if necessary hehe
  • I have learnt to push through the muscle burn.  During planks and wall sits particularly I have embraced the burn and visualised finishing many running events.  Great mental training as well as physical.
  • Bootcamp exercises have given me excellent core strength and been the best compliment to running.
  • I’ve had a wonderful social outlet in a small country town where, as a relatively new person, it’s hard to make friends.  All the ladies who go are lovely – I appreciate them all very much! (Yes Pauly has been the only man for most of the time!)
  • Husband and I have had precious time out to do something together away from the farm.
  • I found out about bootcamp from going to the local hairdressing salon.  The lady who does my hair told me all about it.  Through bootcamp she and I have become friends and now she has caught the running bug.  I will always be grateful to her for telling me about bootcamp.  But mostly bootcamp has turned this relationship into friendship AND that is wonderful.  I have a beautiful running buddy right in Deloraine whose friendship I treasure greatly.  Thanks Louise x
Pauly planking
Pauly planking

But don’t worry Miss Megan, we won’t be forgetting you for a very long time.  These DOMS are with me constantly.  Every time I get up, sit down, go to the bathroom, bend down…I will be remembering all the fun of bootcamp.

Thanks Miss Megan.  All the very best for a wonderful future and dreams come true.  We will miss you.

Happy running 🙂

14 thoughts on “Bootcamp

  1. Oh, no! Hope the DOMS melts away soon, and that you find a PT quickly, so you don’t go through the re-start DOMS again!

  2. Ouch. I can almost here your cries as you sit down/stand up. Feeling a little sore myself after a few too many squats at run class last night.
    Sounds like you have a great gang that keep each other motivated

  3. Oh I can feel the pain. I always have to take a deep breath and grimace before moving. That should be good for the core right?
    Hope you find a new leader for boot camp but glad to hear your group is going to carry on….and scrape you off the floor as needed 🙂

    1. I hope it’s good for the core – my core has certainly reminded me of it’s existence all day today!

      Thanks – I hope we find someone too, but if not, we’ll carry on and keep burpeeing 🙂 Oh yes, it was a distinct possibility that I would need scraping last night. I was spent!

  4. I was just logging on to post about how my first boxing session of the year left me completely WRECKED. It’s been a while since I’ve been so sore! Cheers to DOMS – it means you’re working hard!

  5. Bootcamp is awesome. Sad about your PT leaving. i hope you guys find a new one soon. I couldn’t help but giggle a little at your I ❤ Burpees pic… is that true or a healthy sarcasm dose? Loved this post. Peace.

      1. Haha I think burpees is like green tea. Its so good for you and you eventually learn to love it… but after a while your stomach runs haha sorry I couldn’t resist!

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