Arrr it’s HOT

It’s hot. It’s dry.  It’s dusty. There is a heatwave and we haven’t had any rain since early January.

Irrigators working overtime n the farm
Irrigators working overtime on the farm


It was a warm day.  Husband and I waited until just after 7pm to go for what was supposed to be a slow 5km run.  We were still stiff and sore from bootcamping during the week, but we needed a nice hit out to loosen up.  All was going well until, just rounding the corner back to the farm road we spied the cattle truck.  Pauly was taking delivery of some new heifers.  Mmmm do we go slow and allow the truck to go in front?  Or do we speed up?  It’s too hot, let’s slow down, I thought.  Nope, if we slow down we’ll have to eat truck dust.  If you haven’t run behind a big vehicle on a dry dusty road, please don’t, it’s not nice!  The dust gets in your eyes, up your nose, in your mouth and throat… and as for hair and clothing? EVERYTHING gets gritty and dusty.  Blah!  So we sped up.  700m from the top of the driveway to the dairy at 4:25 min/per kms pace… Not bad for a slow girl like me!


Our Friday run
Our Friday run

Yesterday morning, in an attempt to beat the heat I invited myself on Louise’s Friday morning run.  A 10km run was the plan.  When I left the farm at 5:45am it was a blissful morning of 13°C and stayed around that temperature during our run.  We ran and chatted our way down the hill, around the river, out towards Exton and then back again.  We ended up running 11.3kms – it would seem neither of us is very good at mental maths when running.   We both agreed that running with a friend makes the time fly.  Thanks Louise 🙂

Friday laps - this is pretty awesome for me!  Not so good for Louise.
Friday laps – this is pretty awesome for me! Not so good for Louise.


Today is parkrun day.  Pauly was up at 4:30am in order to shift irrigators and be home in time to zoom to parkrun.  As always he races the clock to within a millimetre of my sanity. But!  We made it on time (how he does this I do not know!).  21.5°C it said on the car thermometer when we parked the car.  I really do love parkrun.  I was zooming off to get to the starting area and Pauly asked me why I was going so fast… he said we had plenty of time (about five minutes).  I want to say hello to my friends, I said.  parkrun is all about meeting people.  It wasn’t when I first started.  It was about running and getting more comfortable running with others.  Now it’s about friendship, encouraging each other, running together, sharing goals and meeting them together.  Janette decided to have a run with me again today.  I was going to have a try to run within the 26 minute range, but when I felt the heat I decided against it – Janette was ok with this.  We ran together, I didn’t feel so good (I really don’t like running in the heat), but Janette chatting with me made all the difference.  What a wonderful bunch of people I’ve met through parkrun, I feel so humbled to be part of this group.

Launceston parkrun, beautiful heritage park right in the middle of the city.
Launceston parkrun; beautiful Heritage Park right at the edge of the city.

And talk about sweat!

There was a record crowd at Launceston parkrun today, 191!  But it seriously looked like sweat-city.  I’m not sure of the temperature when we finished but according to the online weather it would have been around 28ºC.  That is just too hot to run in! No one had dry clothes, everyone had that sheeny, slippery, sweaty, red-faced look about them.  It was great… well great when we were done!  Is autumn here yet???  Did I mention running in the 26s?  We just snuck in the 28s at 28:04.

This afternoon?

Our thermometer is in the shade of our front porch. It’s hot!

I’m remodelling our garden.  Getting rid of some older plants and basically putting a bit more of a me stamp on it.  The roses and I did battle for just under an hour.  I won most of the battles but judging from the scratches the roses won a few too.  And there was more sweat!  I was soooooooooooooo hot!!!

My pruning pile isn't going to fit in the tractor bucket and I'm no here near done!
My pruning pile isn’t going to fit in the tractor bucket and I’m no where near done!

I had to abandon the garden so of course I came inside to let off steam.


Everyone needs a fan from time to time.


Finally I got so hot I downed all tools and picked up my wine bottle and glass and headed to the front porch.  (Red Hen, no carrot or stick needed for this glass of wine, the heat said it was allowed).  I don’t know why I went outside, it’s hotter outside than in!  But sitting with a glass of wine on a stinking hot day was sooooooooooooo lovely!  I said cheers to my dear running-blogging friend Hysterical Runner who is celebrating her one year bloggerversary and soaked up the glorious warmth.  The heat is wonderful as long as no running or gardening is required.


Happy running 🙂

PS to all my dear northern hemisphere running bloggers I hope this post has warmed you all up a bit!

44 thoughts on “Arrr it’s HOT

    1. Brrrrr…. oh for a nice even temperature all the time, but then we wouldn’t have our beautiful seasons. I’d rather be too cold than too hot, we can always add a layer or two which it sounds like you are doing! Stay warm 🙂

  1. Yes, it’s hot here too. 37 degrees at 6pm when our twilight triathlon tonight! Glad I only had to run 1.5km! Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful few days.

    1. Wow, that’s hot too. Any running steps over 30 is tough!!! Actually running just under 30 was tough yesterday. I’m looking forward to some autumn. Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

    1. I guess I gauge myself from the friends I run with and compared to them I’m slower. I feel bad when they run with me and I try and go a bit faster – ugh, but it’s so hard to run faster, I love running in my zone (my happy pace is about 6:15 min/km).

      1. Good idea. I had a lecturer at uni who came from Canada, he told us that it was so cold that when he spat it would be frozen before it hit the ground! Summer works for me 🙂

      2. Haha! Well that may be a bit of an exaggeration but within seconds of hitting for sure. The West coast is more mild but for the most part the rest is a wee chilly 🙂

  2. You warmed me up for sure, I’m dreaming of that kind of heat now. It really sucks my energy level though. Now that I’m active and trying to run, I wonder what the heat will do to me :-/ Not sure I could do what you did this day, great run and pruning.

  3. Ah, thinking about heat has me happy. Then again, my hubby is trying to rig up heat for the garage because our shower pipe may have frozen last night. It’s been -20F with wind chills for days. Waking up to -13F degrees makes me sad.

      1. Ha. Our snow isn’t much, but it really messes us up. I do like cold over hot. In Dix months we will both be dining different songs. 🙂

  4. So interesting to read about all the extreme weather around the globe through all our blogging buddies. Looks like you are all roasting down there, meanwhile and everyone else on America`s east coast are truly snowed under. And we`re up to our ears in rain, wind and muck here in Ireland!
    It`s probably easier to run in our conditions, though!

    1. The weather is a bit worrying right now. Yesterday we had a wind storm that felt like it was going to lift the roof off. It’s been terrible for the bush fires on mainland Australia. I don’t know as I’d like to run in the snow, but yes, running in the heat is a killer.

  5. How, that’s some excellent running! I am incredibly jealous of all the warmth; I am sat here watching outside the window into the drizzle and 5C temperatures. My hands are just about working again after forgetting my gloves on my way to work this morning. Thanks for thinking of me and raising your glass to toast my anniversary! xxx

      1. It is cold but I quite enjoy running in weather like this. In fact I am more likely to have a good run in rain/sleet/hale than on a sunny day. Not sure why, must be the challenge. 🙂

      2. I can’t wait for the cooler weather – I would rather rug up than try and be cool in the heat. I haven’t ever run in snow though. I’ve just been deciding if I’m going to get up very early and run in the morning tomorrow or go for another potentially hot run. 🙂

      3. The challenges of running are very different when running in hot weather, for sure. Hard to even imagine at the moment. 🙂 I say – an early morning run for you!

      4. Early morning runs are a very good idea, but so is a cup of coffee, a cuddle with the cat and a catch up on blogs 🙂 With no children in the house it’s just too nice to enjoy the wonderful morning calm.

  6. Well done you, running in all this hot weather, at least I get a bit of a breeze on the bike! Hopefully it will be a pleasant temp for Run the Bridge this weekend, my son is doing the 5 km. Good luck with your run, think it’s going to be a great one for you!

    1. Thanks Samantha 🙂 The heat is lovely but I am so looking forward to autumn. All the best to your son for the 5km! It could be wet on Sunday – I don’t think I will mind that so much. I hope your injuries are behaving themselves and getting better. It’s always lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for the encouragement x

  7. What’s not to love about this post? Great chronicle of the conditions of your training, in photos, with some humor and topped off by a cool glass of wine. Motivating to hear of the friends found in running, sharing the sport and art. Always a double-take to hear of heat waves in January for those of us reading from the Northern hemi! Great to catch up with your blog again!

      1. To stay in touch near instantly over blogs over all of that distance with you guys, with totally different seasons among us, and as great a country as you live in…it’s mind boggling. Running routes in diverse parts of the world, the same globe spinning, oceans between. It’s really astounding. And at the same time, the galaxy itself hurtling at hundreds of thousands of miles per second…it’s just kind of wow to be alive and think of the wonder of a single day, hour, or even moment. Cool!

      2. It is Mike, very cool – love how you have expressed this! The world is wonderful place and I LOVE meeting new people through this wonderful running blogging community. It’s been totally unexpected how we share our stories and we all seem to have so many common themes. You said it so well as always 🙂

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