Dear Magnesium

Please don’t be mad at me.  I know I’ve neglected you this year.  You were so good to me all through Point to Pinnacle training, no cramps.  You and I communed daily.  I so appreciate your help to get me up that mountain.

I know the neglect has come from me.  Yes, you have been there all along.  Sitting there patiently, expectantly.  Each time I’ve reached for the coffee you’ve been hopeful that I will resume our close relationship, but no, I’ve ignored you.

I’m so sorry.

And I’m now reaping the consequences of my neglect of you.  Cramps.  Cramps in bed at night, cramps putting on my shoes and finally a killer cramp during the run tonight.  This has been the shakeup that I need to bring me back to you.

Can we be friends again?  I need you.

Much love

The Unsporty Woman xxx


Yes, 14kms tonight in the warm.  It was a lovey run for the company, Pauly, Louise and I set off at 6pm to get our last longer run in before the Nile 10 Mile.  It was 22ºC.  I hadn’t hydrated well today and I don’t think Pauly had either.  Both of us had been working hard:  Pauly on the farm and me in a constant stream of work meetings.  Louise had worked today as well but she was sailing along, smiling, fit and running well.  Pauly and I were feeling it.  Louise was helping us along!

We’ve neglected taking our magnesium.  Pauly even had a cramp as he was putting his socks on pre-run!  Mine was a bit worse.  A hamstring cramp at the 11km mark.  I thought I was going to have to walk back from there.  Louise and Paul insisted on waiting for me as I stretched and massaged out the cramp.  I was able to keep going after a minute or two.  But the old hammy was tight after that.

But I learnt a valuable lesson:  Don’t forget the magnesium.  It sits in the kitchen cupboard above the kettle beside my dear, darling friend coffee.  I would NEVER neglect coffee but I seem to be ok neglecting magnesium.  Never again.  I was amazed that I was able to keep running tonight.  I had to actually talk to myself at the 13.5km mark, the hammy was tightening up (which incidentally coincided with going by the only gym in town – we have to look good going by there hehe it’s a must for Louise and I!)

Lesson learnt tonight.  Don’t forget the magnesium and don’t forget to keep the fluids up on a warm day.  If you don’t do all this, don’t expect legs to oblige with a 14km run, at least that’s been my experience tonight 🙂

This Sunday will see us in Hobart running Hobart Run the Bridge, the following Sunday we’ll be at Clarendon House ready to run the Nile 10 Mile.  Lots to look forward to and lots to keep us motivated with hydration, nutrition AND remembering to take our magnesium!

Happy running 🙂

PS my Great Auntie Jean (may she rest in peace) always had a cork between her bed base and her mattress – she said that it prevented cramp.  I think I’ll try and find a cork!  She was my very favourite Auntie of all time.  I miss her.

16 thoughts on “Cramp!

  1. Is try the cork an lots of fluids. I vaguely remember running in the heat. Maybe a lifetime ago 🙂 never have taken magnesium but do use an electrolyte mix in my water when doing long distance. Do you do that too?

  2. I got a major cramp in one leg the other night, about 4am in the morning.It was sooo painful, I am sure you know what I am talking about. I haven’t taken magnesium in months, and I have been lifting heavier than ever before. Needless to say, I will be picking up some more magnesium soon! goodluck

  3. I`ll second bananas. Not just because of the magnesium-in fact, I`ve no idea how much banana one should eat to get sufficient magnesium-but I love the taste and how they stave off hunger.

    • Oh yes I’m a banana fan – even if they have more calories and fructose than monkeys can handle. I eat at least one a day. We had a cyclone in northern Australia a few years ago and we were banana-less for a whole season as a result, it was TERRIBLE! There is just Paul and I at home but we go through over 20 bananas a week!

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