Before the Bridge

Tonight was my last run before the 10km fun run, Hobart Run the Bridge on Sunday.  After the cramp on Tuesday I was a bit nervous tonight.

Sunday’s run is in honour and memory of my Mum-in-law, Della.  It will be the first run since she passed away.  One of her favourite sayings was fail to plan, plan to fail.  I have heeded her words well since Tuesday!

Hydration?  Yes!

Magnesium and bananas?  Yes and yes!

Stretching?  Yes!

Foam rolling?  Oww…yes!

I’ve paid due attention to all of this like I should ALL THE TIME!  (Sometimes Unsporty Woman you really aren’t so smart!)  Because I’ve done all this, over the last two days I’ve been feeling pretty good.

But tonight was a test.  For my own mental preparation (prepare was another of Della’s favourite words) I had to try a run tonight.  It was warm again and humid but with a slight breeze, some smoke haze and just a little cloud cover – it was quite pleasant.



It was an awesome run!  Let me say that again, awesome.  5kms down my favourite farm road, average pace 6:15 min/per km with the last one 5:25.  I was a bit worried (a lot actually).  But it was fine; the crampy hammy performed really well. Yay!  I left home feeling a bit down and came home on a runner’s high.


this applied to me 100% tonight

I stopped to take a few photos.  It amazes me how I can run this wonderful farm road time and time again and still see new things.  Perhaps the best thing though was the sheer serenity and calm of it all.  Not a car or a person in sight.  After a day of travel, sitting and meetings it was just lovely to lace up my shoes and get out and run.

the smoke haze has travelled across from mainland Australia

the smoke haze has travelled across from the mainland Australian bushfires



I've never noticed this tree house before!

I’ve never noticed this tree house before!

a cute letter box just near the farm

a weathered letter box just near the farm

And the run plan for Sunday? 

I’m going to try and run with the 60 minute pace  maker until the top of the bridge (about half way) and then I hope to give it a little burst and maybe come in around the 57 minute mark.  I’m not a speedster by any means, but I would like to come in under the hour.  Della, I have planned and prepared, I hope you enjoy looking down at us getting over that bridge xxx

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Last year I wrote a post about my Pauly, My Running Valentine, I might not have managed to catch up with him and perhaps I never will on a running course, but he is still always waiting for me at the end.  From my Farmer Valentine and I, Happy Valentines Day everyone.


Happy running 🙂

17 thoughts on “Before the Bridge

  1. Good luck! I’ll be on the lookout for you again! Not doing so well re return to running but trying to keep fit with swimming, pool running (boy, I look silly!) and cycling, haven’t run since the 29th Dec so feels very strange.
    Have a great run x

      • Well done! Still didn’t spot you but didn’t get to finish line until about 8.10 after dropping off my son. Was great to see so many runners and so many smiles 🙂
        Hope I’m back there soon.

  2. What a great last photo! I love it. Good luck on Sunday and it sounds like you are set with Delia watching over you. She will be very proud I am sure.

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