Get Over It! Over that Bridge

Get Over It was the theme for the 2014 Hobart Run the Bridge.  And Get Over It I did!

get over it

This was my second go at the event and I’d forgotten what a lovely course it is.  Nicely undulating. Scenes of river, bay, mountains, quaint old buildings and the city scape of Hobart.  Just lovely.

This run was in honour and memory of my Mum-in-Law, Della.  I feel I did her proud.  I planned and prepared and it all paid off nicely.  Last year my time was 58:59 and this year I hoped to finish in the 57 minute range.  With Nile 10 Mile next weekend I wasn’t out to go for broke, just to do a little better than the previous year.  And I did.

56:18 by my watch.  But more importantly I really enjoyed the run.  Up and over the hills, along the flats, it was all done smiling and enjoying the wonder of being able to lace up my shoes and run 10kms.  I thought about my Mum-in-law in the shadow of Mt Wellington.  Last year I looked up and wondered if one day I would run up that mountain in my Holy Grail of running events, the Point to Pinnacle.  This year I looked up knowing that I can run up that mountain; that I did run up that mountain.  What a boost to my running confidence it was.  To think that this time last year I was worried I wouldn’t make the 10km distance and now I have three half-marathons under my belt – if I can come this far with running, anyone can!!!


Believe it or not I ran with the 60 minute pacer for the first 1km. She then slowed down but I felt good so kept going and didn’t see her again

A highlight of the event was watching a Dad pushing his little girl in a pram suddenly come to a stop about 5m in front of me… he took her out… and in sheer joy and glee this tiny little girl with cute curls ran along holding her Dad’s hand smiling and giggling….

I was just about to take my phone out and snap a photo when I saw an official photographer just up ahead.  The photos aren’t available yet but if I can find one of her I will share it with you.  I kept turning around muttering oh how cute… so lots of runners near me did likewise, we all slowed down for a few brief moments but it was so worth it for the reminder of running joy that little girl and her Dad radiated.


Pauly insisted that I take a couple of chews with me, I didn’t feel I needed them but I did anyway to make him happy.  I was glad of them actually.  I had one at the 34 minute mark and then one at the 45 minute mark.  They did seem to help.


Pauly had a great run too and so did his eldest son who joined us.  He’d been up in excess of 10 times with the gorgeous R who has just turned three on Valentines Day.  Gastro!  Yet my Step-son still managed to run 10kms.  He past me at the 8km mark.  And he’d had two training runs leading up to the event.  These men in my Husband’s family can just get out and run no matter what!  I’m in awe of this.

We also had the lovely company of several The Running Group members who all did a great job.  Mr Speedy Cat was in top form and totally smashed his PB – the look of joy on his face was priceless!  Well done!


In the last km I had the joy of encouraging quite a few runners.  The finish is inside an old wharf shed that has been given new life as an exhibition building.  At the 800m to go mark it looks like the finish is right there! BUT then runners have to keep running past the shed, turn around and come back.  I could see the looks of despair in the faces of quite a few runners as they slowed down…. The look said Isn’t that the finish?  Why am I still running?  I was picking up the pace quite a bit at this stage so I cheered and encouraged and told a few that they could keep going because it wasn’t far.  One young lady came to a stop.  I said keep going 700m to go.  She looked up, smiled and ran on saying Thanks so much, that’s just what I needed.

I LOVE running. I love the freedom, the joy, the opportunity to prove to myself that I can do so much more than I think I can.  But I totally ADORE being a small part of another runner’s story, of helping to silence the voice in their mind that says I can’t do this.  To making that voice say OF COURSE I CAN!

A lovely run.  Not a 10km PB but a PB for Hobart Run The BridgeDella, I planned and prepared and Got Over It.


Happy Running 🙂

And next Sunday?  Nile 10 Mile, I can’t wait and Louise is joining Pauly and I! Yay!  Just one little problem… we seem to have brought back the gastro bug that the gorgeous R was battling with….mmm we need to Get Over this now 🙂  BUT!!!! Something that has made my heart sing just as much as a wonderful run is the news that Brown-eyed Daughter #1 has a beautiful diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand.  The Gorgeous H has proposed and she has said yes. I’m going to be a Mother-of-the-Bride!!!  MotB hehe

20 thoughts on “Get Over It! Over that Bridge

  1. Whoo! Hoo! I am leading the congrats all the way from Ireland! Yay! to you and Paulie! Looks like it must have been the most picturesque run. I`m judging from the map here and looking forward to seeing official photographs. And yay! to that Dad with his cute little kid!

    Oh! and mother of the bride! More proud moments to come!

    Great race report. great PB and here`s to many more successes to come!

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 Hobart is a very pretty city and the run is just nice – interesting, not too hilly, not too flat… it would have to be one of my favourites.

      I do hope I can find a photo of the Dad and his little girl – it was just too cute for words!!!

      MMMM I’m going to be a MotB – I didn’t sleep last night, I’m so excited for my Anna, it’s what she has wanted for a long time. She and Hamish have been dating since she was 16 so I think they must like each other hehe.

      Thank you for the lovely comment and the lovely encouragement – I so appreciate it xxx

  2. Read this and got teary. Again. Well done!

    Bless you for running for such a inspiration to you. Your mother in law sounds like an amazing soul. I’m sure based on your posts she would be as proud as punch of the three lots of results (you all did so well!)

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the Nile 10 mile.

    You’ve inspired me to try that bridge. Next year 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona 🙂 Your comment is so beautiful and humbling. Della was a remarkable lady, I hope she was able to enjoy her new aerial view. I’m so glad you are going to try the Run the Bridge – you will love it!!! You have come so far with running fitness, next year will totally smash that bridge! It was great seeing you at the Nile 10 Mile xxx
      (PS somehow this lovely comments didn’t go to the right place and I only found it today x)

  3. Oh my goodness the post is jammed with fabulous news! Congrats on the amazing time for your race but more so on the fabulous news about your daughter! Lovely photo of you and your husband. I think you may be needing to change the name of your blog because I don’t think there is anything ‘unsporty’ about you! Congrats!

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 I’m so excited about the engagement!!! I was pretty pleased with the time, thanks, so much can happen in just a year! I’m still the unsporty one, it’s just that I’ve fallen in love with running 🙂

  4. I love how you are able to enjoy and appreciate the truly important things in life even while running a race! And how you encouraged others at the end of the race. It truly does help those of us who frequently tell ourselves “I can’t” to hear a small bit of encouragement.

    • Thanks Bernie 🙂 I do have a pair of pink long socks with hearts. We are talking about a farmer who even wears his RM boots on the beach in the tropics and always with his jeans and a collar shirt with the sleeves rolled half-way up no matter where or what the weather hehe

  5. Congrats on all those wonderful events! Races always mean so much more when you have someone you are doing it for (well besides yourself). Good luck next weekend. It sounds like you are ready!

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