Just over it

Monday night, just as I was going to bed I started to feel a bit seedy and not quite right.  I went to work on Tuesday and had a mad day where I didn’t stop.  I phoned Husband on my way home and was surprised to find that he had finished up on the farm, I could tell from his voice he wasn’t feeling well.  I got home and put him to bed at 5:30pm!  But with a promise that I would wake him at 8:30pm because he had to go out and check an irrigator – farmers never stop.

I was feeling ok.  I thought my little touch of gastro was over.  Wrong!  I was just getting into my workout gear and was about to head out to try a new bootcamp in a neighbouring town when all of a sudden! In the words of Miss Clavel – something was not quite right!


Needless to say the next 12 hours were not pretty.  I managed to heave my poor sorry self out of bed at 5pm on Wednesday.  Husband, as always, managed to sleep it off and was ok the next day without any dramas AND got up and checked that irrigator.

I’ve lost 2kgs and have the Nile 10 Mile on Sunday.  And I thought I had an opportunity to smash my time of 1:47:00 from last year.  Louise and I had a 16km training run a few weeks ago and thanks to her encouragement we ran the distance in 1:41:00.

The job for the next few days is to renew the glycogen stores and somehow to renew my running confidence which currently is pretty low.

my watch takes forever to pick up the GPS satellite on the farm so it sits in a rose bush while I get ready :)

my watch takes forever to pick up the GPS satellite on the farm so it sits in a rose bush while I get ready 🙂

I haven’t even missed running.  But today I decided that a 5km farm run was what the doctor ordered to get me ready mentally and physically for Sunday.  What is it about this farm run?  It works every time!  I didn’t feel like running but as soon as I slipped on my running gear, clipped on my heart rate monitor, got out my running sunglasses… the joy of running anticipation returned.

trying out new explorer running socks - they were ok for a short run

trying out new explorer running socks – they were ok for a short run

I made myself have a gel.  I don’t like anything about gels.  I don’t like the taste, I don’t like the texture, I don’t like having to rip the top off and get my fingers sticky and then squeezing it into my mouth.  Ewww!  But I know they work.  And it did.  With a good bowl of porridge and a banana for breakfast and the gel I was set.


On the way I saw my hardworking Husband setting an irrigator.


On the way back I had sprint training courtesy of the fact that the irrigator was now on.  It’s all about timing with irrigators.  But the lovely misty spray that the wind blows is so refreshing!  I’ve never been hit full on by an irrigator – I don’t think that would be nice. Wet.  Very wet!




How Sunday will go I don’t know.  But I think I will make the distance.  Pasta and rice are on the menu for the next two days and paying extra special attention to hydration and magnesium will be a must – banana intake will increase too.

the misty spray

the misty spray

Being unwell for a day reminded me of how good it feels to be well.  I am grateful for a healthy body and the ability to fight off bugs and get better.  Running has taught me about inner strength and about being patient.  It was so good to get out and run today.  I am so grateful that I can.  Unsporty Women can run!

Happy running 🙂

PS Saturday I’m volunteering at parkrun so even though I’m not running (a rest day before Sunday) I get to support something that is close to my heart and see my running friends.  Win!

~ content calves ~

~ content calves ~

36 thoughts on “Just over it

  1. I am going to sound motherly, forgive me. Listen to your body. You don’t have to smash records on every single race. Being healthy is more important than the numbers on the watch. Have fun, keep on with the gels and nutrition. I’m cheering as always. Be well.

  2. I’m in a similar situation – i have my first ever half marathon on sunday, I was supposed to go for a ‘dress-rehearsal run’ last sunday but was too ill & have had a mad week at work so hardly fitted any training in this week. I’m gonna do a 5km tonight, keep it easy & then pasta, pasta & go for it sunday i think.. eeek i’m nervous. good luck with yours!!

  3. Hope the next few days go well and maybe you’ll surprise yourself Sunday. I think you’ll have a great run no matter what the time 🙂

    • Thanks Cynthia 🙂 it’s really about getting out there, isn’t it? It would be lovely to be fast but reality for me is it’s all about participation. Thanks so much for the encouragement x

  4. Hope you are feeling fully recovered by now, have a great run Sunday but take it steady and hydrate extra well x

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