bikes, bikes and more bikes – Nile 10 Mile

Today was all about bikes.  And running.  Lots of running.  10 miles of it at the Nile 10 Mile.

I made it!  Despite Husband running 15 minutes late (and he always pushes time to the limit so 15 minutes could mean getting somewhere horribly late) and me getting anxious as a result – we made it and we ran well.

I received a lovely message from Janette wishing Paul, Louise and I all the best – she has dubbed us Huey, Dewey and Louie, cute 🙂   She is always so good at remembering and encouraging!  I on the other hand get my days and weekends all muddled up.  She is a wonderful friend!  And one from Mum as well – very nice, encouragement is always appreciated.

Louie, Dewey and Huey post race

Louie, Dewey and Huey post race

The day started off cool, autumn is definitely on the way.  When we finally arrived at Clarendon House, the start of the race, it was 14°C but by the time we all crossed the finish line it was 26°C.  Gosh it was warm.

Today I was feeling anxious.  I had so appreciated all the encouragement from the blogging community over the last few days and as I ran I remembered the comments.  Thankyou!  Louise ran with Pauly today, which was good because I slow her down.  She was able to go at a pace she is more comfortable with and gosh she did well.

My goal was to try and keep under 6:00 minute/km.  I did this for the first 11kms averaging about 5:46.  But then it started to get warm.  Very warm.  A clear, cloudless sky, a very straight flat road with no shade and I started to slow down.  My last 5kms averaged 6:30.

Pauly bringing it home

Pauly looking strong

It was fun though.  On the way out at one brief point, we ran between two bull paddocks.  A lady had been keeping nicely in front of me.  All of a sudden she slowed right down.  One bull, complete with harem of cows was braying and calling across the road to a bull in the opposite paddock.  He was kicking up the dirt and making a real show of it.  This lady was obviously a bit rattled.  Being a farm girl I just kept running.  I frequently run between two bull paddocks at home on the farm.  According to my farmer Husband in this situation the bull with the cows was talking to the other bull saying I’ve got the girls, I’ve got the girls.  The other one was protesting saying I want the girls, I want the girls.  Hehe.  They aren’t interested in us human girls – not enough legs and we don’t have umm… an udder!

That's me - the finish line is in sight!

That’s me – the finish line is in sight!

The Nile 10 Mile is part of the Evandale Village Fair.  This fair is world renown for the penny farthing races.  During the run today countless old bikes went by.  It certainly makes the distance go by quickly at times with so many cool old bikes to watch.  Best of all the riders all wave, cheer and chat with the runners.  It’s a lovely atmosphere.  We run from Clarendon House to the town of Evandale and along the way we run on Tasmania’s straightest stretch of road in the whole state.

This is literally what we see as we run along the road, groups of penny farthing riders, some in costume and some in cycling gear – it’s really cool!

It’s an out and back run.  The first man ran by on the opposite side at my 6.4km mark and the first lady at my 6.7km mark and Pauly and Louise at my 7.2km mark – the turn around according to my watch was 8.8kms – we do a little loop around the Clarendon House gardens before heading out to the road.  Louise’s time was about 1:25:00 and Pauly’s was abouy 1:21:00.  AWESOME!  Official results aren’t out yet.  I have some very speedy running buddies!

Results – 2013 and 2014

In 2013, according to my watch I completed the event in 1:47:25 and ran 15.9kms (not sure how that happened, I know I didn’t cut any corners…)  My average pace was 6:44 minutes/km.

In 2014, according to my watch I completed the event in 1:37:13 and ran 16:07 kms.  My average pace was 6:03 minutes/km.

I took 10 minutes off my time.  I cried.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was rather overwhelmed (and exhausted!)  I was just so pleased to have been able to run the whole way and to get a PB? I’m just amazed.



Nile4What a great morning.  Everyone did so well.  We met up with quite a few running friends afterwards and everyone agreed that despite the warmth the event was just awesome.  Louise’s family all came to cheer her on.  There were The Running Group friends there and some parkrunners.  It was just lovely.

This is a small event – just over 100 people taking part – no medals or show bags, just the joy of getting out there and running.  With the penny farthings, beautiful old Clarendon House and friendly atmosphere – I’d recommend it to anyone!

Happy running 🙂

PS today really was about bikes!  On getting home to the farm Husband had to race off to work and I was left to get the second herd in for milking.  There were no farm vehicles at the house so I road my push bike up to the dairy.  Then I hopped on a quad bike to round up the cows, then hopped back on my push bike to ride the half km home.  Yes, lots of bikes!

33 thoughts on “bikes, bikes and more bikes – Nile 10 Mile

  1. Rock on girl! You’re knocking down all those running challenges like skittles.

    The penny farthing ride looks scary! I couldn’t imagine ever being able to balance on one of those things. And, strangely enough, I’m not even tempted to try!

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 You always cheer me on and I SO appreciate it!!! I’m with you on those old bikes. And they look so uncomfortable, the seats are not exactly very ergonomic. No brakes or gears either so thank goodness their course today was flat.

  2. That’s a fabulous run, well done especially after being unwell earlier in the week, awesome! I love reading your blog, even though running seems like a distant memory at the moment, I can still share your joy and achievements, thank you 🙂

    • Thanks Samantha 🙂 I so appreciate your support 🙂 I do hope the distance between you and running closes soon!!! Please do share my joy and my little wins, I don’t think I could do it without the encouragement of friends x thank you x

  3. Woohoo to you !!! Fantastic running. You really do need to re-think the title of your blog …. you are anything but UNSPORTY. Very proud of you all. xxx

    • Thanks Janette xxx mmmmm nope still Unsporty! If I run then my sort of running can’t be sporty hehe. It was a great day, can’t wait to try again next year…the gos is that they might be considering a half in the suite of events! That would be awesome!

  4. Great run for you! Love those bikes, what a neat thing to get to watch as you ran. I would be unsure of the bulls too, but I probably wouldn’t slow down, I’d run really fast LOL.

    • Thanks Cynthia 🙂 I really felt for this lady slowing down because of the bulls, I bet she has a real spike in her heart rate stats too hehe. She will know for next time to just keep running 🙂

  5. Wowee! Well done, what a fantastic time! And what an amazing site- all of those penny farthings! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 it really is a special event, not sure why more people don’t do it. Running events in Tasmania are growing enormously so I was surprised to see the small numbers again. It didn’t matter though, it was just a great morning all around.

  6. Congratulations! 😀 Sounds and looks amazing! 🙂 I wouldn’t like to ride a penny farthing, I think I’m too small! haha.

    • Thank you 🙂 There were so many different sized penny farthings, from really big ones to little children sized ones. But I don’t want to have a go – it looked like really hard work, think I’ll stick with running.

  7. Congratulations on smashing your previous time. You’re an inspiration for me and I’m sure many others. The penny farthing race looks amazing – what a cool idea.

  8. Awesome job. Congrats on the PR. I cried today too when my sister completed her first ever half marathon. I love tears of joy!!!
    Great photos too. I can’t imagine watching those bikes go by. So cool.

    • Thank you 🙂 nothing wrong with tears of joy, they make you feel good! Must’ve been great seeing your sister finish her first half marathon, that would be so awesome! It was really cool watching the bikes, just a little bit different, it was fun and just made people smile 🙂

  9. Congrats on the PR…that’s great and those bikes look awesome 🙂 What a fun time! Keep it up…next year you’ll shave off another 10 🙂

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