Outside Fitness – go go go

I feel like I’ve been put through a ringer
My legs are sore
My ribs are sore
My guts are sore
My arms are sore

This is Husband’s description of how he feels the morning after the night before of our first visit to the Outside Fitness session with the PT in the nearby town of Westbury.

Gosh it was good!


45 minutes of very intense, high energy, demanding workout.  This PT is fun and motivating and manages to keep a steady eye on each and every participant.  Just as the knee goes down for a sneaky rest in a plank it was Anne-Marie!  Keep going!  She managed to pick us up on form in a really kind way that edified and helped.  (Did I mention we were planking for ages?  It involved all participants in a plank-leap-frog over and over and over again).

We planked for an eternity!
We planked for an eternity!

Last night saw us do a lot of squats, squat jumps, push ups, pull ups, dips, planks, skipping and running.  With no little break for a drink anywhere in the program, it was all go go go!

Let’s talk about squats.  No slacking off on form here.  We did them from a low bench and had to just touch our bottom to the bench before springing up.  Then it was squat jumps, again our bottom had to touch the bench before springing up, hands on the side of our heads the whole time until the jump part; at the jump we had to raise our arms up high over our heads like we do in a burpee.  Very full on.  Burning.  Burning quads.  On fire!


We also had to use some highly resistant large rubber bands that we wrapped around our upper body while standing on them – we then had to squat.  Gosh!  The resistance was heavy going.  Next Pauly and I had to use them with him running with it around his waist and me trying to pull him back with the other end!  Now that would’ve been fun to watch.  I couldn’t hold him back very well but when it was my turn I was basically running on the spot!

All the way through the PT instructed, demonstrated, encouraged and made sure everyone was on track.

By the end of the session there were smiles all around, lots of sweat and exhaustion.  I asked a smiley young lady if the sessions were always this intense and she happily said Yes!  She also said don’t ever talk, if you talk the PT thinks the group isn’t working hard enough so she ramps it up.  Ramps it up??? I love to chat at bootcamp and when running… I’m planning on not saying a word from now on during Outside Fitness!


The PT had heart rate monitors for all of us.  At the end of the session she looked to see what each participant had done.  She had a little discussion with each suggesting more input or giving pats on the back for a job well done.  For Paul and me she took us back to the fitness studio and went through what the zones meant.  I’m still getting my head around all this but basically she said I wasn’t putting in enough and I have a goal heart rate to get to.  I use a heart rate monitor when running but I am pretty ignorant about all this stuff really – I know about the zones and that’s about all.  I’m looking forward to learning more from this PT, pushing harder and hopefully this might help to increase my running endurance.


We really miss our old bootcamp.  We wish it hadn’t stopped.  This Outside Fitness session is very different but we enjoyed it and feel it’s going to be an excellent addition to our running training program for now.

As always I feel grateful to have something so good nearby to the farm.  This is a 25 minute drive so is very doable for us and so much better than zooming all the way into the city.

It was a great workout.

I’m not that sore to today but we shall wait and see how the day progresses.

And as for an exercise high?  I’ve been on a runner’s high since Sunday and it’s just been fired up from a FANTASTIC workout last night.  With my 50th birthday getting closer month by month I’m so grateful for a fit and healthy body.  Growing old? Who me?  Not when there are so many wonderful runs and workouts to look forward to.

Happy running 🙂


Official results are out for the Nile 10 Mile.  Paul 1:21:32, Louise 1:24:33, Me 1:37:20.  Just watch my awesome running friend Louise, she is just flying AND this was only her fourth ever running event!!!  The next event for Huey, Dewey and Louie is the Run Devonport 10km event on Sunday 16 March.  I’m excited to see how my speedy friend and my speedy Husband will go – me?  Oooo wouldn’t it be nice to be in the 56s??? We shall see.

14 thoughts on “Outside Fitness – go go go

  1. I’m exhausted just reading about it! Sounds like a great instructor, a great skill to be able to keep an eye on everyone, definitely better keep quiet in her sessions though 😉
    GP referred me for an MRI scan yesterday as he is not happy with lack of improvement in my shin pain, waiting to hear results, hoping it’s not a stress fracture as will be even longer away from running. Send me some of your wonderful positive vibes!

    1. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. I guess knowing exactly what the problem is will mean you can get the right sort of treatment and hopefully know when you can return to running. I really hope it’s something that won’t take too long to come right!

      Outside Fitness was awesome! Did I say I wasn’t sore? My ribs are sore now. We have a public holiday for Launceston Cup and I’ve felt every muscle as I’ve zoomed around getting house work done!

  2. God that session sounds hard my legs are tired reading about those squats! Not doubt this will help your running and that sub 56 is YOURS,

    1. Thanks Shaz 🙂 I’m really hoping my endurance is going to get a bit of an injection, I always seem to flag 3/4 into a race no matter what the distance. This PT is really awesome, I’ve learnt so much and I’ve only been to one session. I feel so lucky to have this training so close to home 🙂

  3. Great job! That training sounds intense. Not sure I could handle it. I’m a talker and if she ramped it up during that I would be in sooooo much trouble. Way to go on the race good luck on the next one.

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