Running in pink for a reason

Sunday in Launceston will see a few thousand women all in pink line up to walk or run the Women’s 5k Run Walk.  This is a landmark event for many who participate.

Some line up in celebration of beating breast cancer.  My Mum will be one of those ladies.

Some line up in the midst of undergoing treatment for cancer.

Some line up in memory of a precious loved one who lost the breast cancer battle.

Some line up somewhere on their pathway to health, weight loss and fitness.

Some line up to throw their support behind the cause of raising money to beat a terrible disease that has an impact on everyone in our community.

Whatever the reason it provides an opportunity to consider our own health and wellbeing while raising much needed funds to fight breast cancer.


For me it is a chance to remember my Nanny.  Helen Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 50th year back in the early 70’s.  I was still in primary school at the time.  I remember my Nanny as someone who always had time for me.  She always allowed me to put my finger in the bowl and scoop out a bit of the mixture.  Even now when I cream butter and brown sugar, this simple act brings back memories of a very cherished and loved grandmother.  And using honey?  Whenever my Nanny got out the honey she would sing a little tune Honey bee, my honey be (I have no idea where this song comes from but I can hear my Nanny sing it as if it was yesterday).

This cruel disease robbed me of my precious grandmother.  Then a couple of decades later my Mum was diagnosed with it, but fought and won.

This is my 50th year.  While as a child I thought my grandmother old I don’t feel old at all.  I feel young with lots of living and lots of dreams and plans yet to unfold.  Breast cancer took away the plans and dreams of my Nanny in the worst possible way.  For seven long years her life became cancer treatment will little lull or remission anywhere with my Mum and my Pop caring for her and trying to make sense of it all.  Nanny died in 1977.

On Sunday we will line up to run or walk 5k.  But for all of us it is so much more than a running/walking event.  It is a chance to get together and say Breast Cancer WE WILL BEAT YOU!

I hope that one day, not too far away, breast cancer death will be relegated to history.  All of us running or walking pink will have played just a little part to make this happen.

After the event is something new - 'Paint the Park Pink' AND Michelle Bridges will there!
After the event is something new – ‘Paint the Park Pink’ AND Michelle Bridges will there!

Run plan for Sunday?  It is forecast to be 25ºC and the run is at 10am right through the city streets.  It could be quite warm running between the buildings like it has been in previous years.  I would like to run in the 26 minute range but I’ll have to allow the heat to tell me how hard to push.  My Mum will be walking so I’m planning running back out to find her and walking the last bit with her.  Good luck all pink runners and walkers – just getting there and having a go makes us all winners with this one.


Happy running 🙂

14 thoughts on “Running in pink for a reason

  1. What a wonderful post! I will be cheering for you, your Mom and the memory of your Nanny. I have been long involved in Run for the Cure which is a 5km walk/run for breast cancer throughout Canada. My heart will be with you .

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 I so appreciate all your encouragement. These fund raising events are all over the world… I know they are doing good for the cause. My Nanny would have survived her cancer if she’d been diagnosed today. Thanks to the early detection that’s in place Mum survived hers. And for me and my girls we have had genetic testing and got the all clear. All this wasn’t around in 1970 in Tasmania. We are so fortunate to live with all these medical advances. Run for a Cure sounds like the perfect name for an event to get closer to getting rid of breast cancer! Thanks again.

      1. The advances are so encouraging! Such good news about the genetic testing results. On another note I started a new job today as an intake nurse with a non profit foundation here called Breast Cancer Supportive Care. The foundation helps patient navigate treatment options, gives supportive counselling and assists in returning back to ‘normal’ living after. Speaks to my heart.

      2. All the best with the new job. And such an important job to help women and their families sort out what needs to be done and then to hopefully return back to normal. I am in awe of nurses, it’s a job I couldn’t do – really glad there are lovely, kind people like you out there doing this important work with such passion and care.

    1. Thank you 🙂 It does feel good to get out and run for a good cause and it’s so good that these events happen the world over. Yes, the heat is going to be interesting tomorrow.. thanks for the good luck wishes 🙂

  2. I’m reading your post just as you will be lining up to run. Wish I was home to run with you all: A special friend is about to undergo a double mastectomy in Launceston so even though I’m not physically there, I’m definitely there in spirit!

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