Women’s 5k

A sea of pink, nervous anticipation and a glorious autumn day in Tasmania, Australia – what do you get when you mix it all together? The Women’s 5k Run/Walk.

Mum and I before the event

Mum and I before the event

It’s an opportunity for women to come together and say Breast Cancer?  We will defeat you!  A chance to raise some much need funds for breast cancer research.

I was late collecting my tee shirt and had to have a larger size - I used my Nanny's measuring tape to help me run-in and take-up my running top

I was late collecting my tee shirt and had to have a larger size – I used my Nanny’s measuring tape to help me run-in and take-up my running top

This was my third attempt at this event in as many years.  But there were a few changes this year.  The time was brought forward from 1pm to 10am, the heavy huge cotton tee shirt as the only option was mixed up with running singlets and tech fabric tee shirts.  These two changes meant that the event has gone from being a truly hot slog through the city streets to a refreshing run with cool autumn morning air, quite a bit of shade and no huge cotton tee shirt dragging us down.  Last year it was just so hot, this year it was lovely about 18ºC while we were running – but it got up to 28ºC on the farm just after lunch time… so glad the event was brought forwards in the day!

Michelle Bridges and Commando were there!

Michelle Bridges and Commando were there!

This year was a bit special because my Mum joined me. She walked with friends and I ran but when I’d finished I ran back to walk with her for the last half a km.  We were running in memory of my Nanny and in celebration of her survival.


Today I decided to have a bit of a go.  No cruisey smiley run, but a run where I exerted myself and put some effort into it.

I enjoy running SO MUCH!  I love putting on my shoes and the freedom and feelings of happiness it brings.  But I don’t much like pushing myself.  I’m all into cruising and enjoying the race.  Not today.  I pushed a bit.  Not a 5km PB but a PB for this event.


Gosh… on the return when lots are still running out!


In fact every year has been a PB for me

  • 2012 – 29:18 (official time)
  • 2013 – 27:44 (official time)
  • 2014 – 26:37 (by my watch – official times aren’t quite available)

womens 5k  laps

As I ran I thought of my Nanny.  I thought of her at pretty much the age I am now being handed the death sentence of breast cancer, because back in the early 1970’s it was a death sentence.  I thought about my Mum and how through advances in early detection and treatment she has survived breast cancer.  I thought about me and my two daughters and how we have been able to have genetic testing.  Despite the fact that my Grandmother and my Mum have both had breast cancer, due to the differences in their ages at time of diagnosis it’s not genetic.  I found this out last May when I had to undergo extra tests because of some suspicious cells that showed up in a mammogram.  It came back all clear.  I feel lucky that I can have genetic testing and this sort of care given to me.  Had the breast cancer in my family been genetic, bang in hospital just like that and off with the boobs!  I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  But my girls?  (big sigh) Not genetic so I don’t have to think about it.

I also thought of a blogger who left a comment on my last post.  She has a friend in Launceston about to have a double mastectomy.  I thought about this lady.  I dug deep and tried to run hard for her.  Run 5k compared to what she is going through? I was humbled to be in pink running up the streets close to where the hospital is.

It’s amazing what I can do if I put my mind to it.  I was so happy with my laps.  I am counting my blessings that I have a healthy body and the ability to stay focused and motivated with running.

Womens 5k

I’m going to try a bit harder from now on.  I don’t mind about speed but it’s time to put a little bit more effort in.  I can do it!  I can do it for the sheer love of being healthy and fit.

Speaking of being healthy and fit my dear running friend Fiona took 10 minutes off her PB from last year.  10 whole minutes!  If ever there was an inspiring lady it’s her!  The smile on her face and the determination in her step is enough to shake me up and get me to try a bit harder.

All up a totally wonderful day.  There were lots of running friends from The Running Group and parkrun there to celebrate with and enjoy the run.

Women’s 5k in Launceston, Tasmania Australia?  Just one event out of many many events on our globe doing our little bit to get rid of Breast Cancer.

Happy running 🙂

PS Michelle Bridges was high fiving everyone as they finished but since I finished in a little group and was so pooped I missed out… oh well!  And then Husband had to zoom home to work on the farm so no photo opportunities with her (sigh).

Coming up next?  Run Devonport 10k.  Run Plan?  To be in the 56s again.

32 thoughts on “Women’s 5k

  1. Great stuff today!!!! Well done. You are selling yourself short …again… Devonport = flat course – you can aim for 25 something!!! You CAN do it!!!!! xx

  2. Ha ha – I should say 55 something! You would have won the thing by a country mile if you’d done it in 25.

  3. Well done, your times are great! Improving all the time, having fun and staying fit and strong, go you!

    • Thank you 🙂 It was. At the start of the event I saw a tee shirt that had someone’s name in memory of their battle with breast cancer… had to have a little tear I’m afraid. It was a special event.

  4. I found your blog 🙂 you had an amazing run today, made even more special because you were running for someone. I was running for my Auntie, who is battling hard at the moment. Good luck in Devonport, see you there 🙂

  5. Love this post, well done to you and your mum. Madam and I will do ‘race for life’ again this year, we don’t get a time for this though. I love to do it, it’s what got this running thing started for me.

    • Thanks Shaz 🙂 There are so many events around the world raising funds, it’s so good. And to have started running through an event like this is just awesome. All the best to you and Madam this year.

  6. Great Job!! Those types of events are always so much more meaningful and remind me of how lucky I am to still be here and to still be able to participate when so many others cannot.

      • Oops! Mate! Hey I have a surfer dude joke for you that I heard recently.

        A surfer dude’s illegal cigarette caused a fire upstairs and he called 911.

        Dispatch says, “What’s your emergency?”

        “A fire! Upstairs in my abode.”

        “Alright sir, how do we get to your house?”

        “Dude! Use the big red truck!”

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