Back into hills

Wednesday evening Husband and I headed into Launceston for a run and to catch up with a dear friend.  The fact that she had cooked Crayfish Mornay was nothing to do with our decision to jump into the car and head to the city.

It had been a busy day; we finally arrived at 7pm for our run.  It was still 24ºC and the humidity was sitting just under 100%.  We’d had the most enormous electrical storm in the early hours of Wednesday morning and the atmosphere was hot, humid and sticky.

We chose to run around Launceston’s beautiful Cataract Gorge.  The Gorge was initially formed through ancient seismic activity.  Time, water and weather then all joined together to carve out the most amazingly beautiful place AND it’s right in the middle of the city.  You can be shopping in the heart of the CBD and 15 minutes’ walk later be in the middle of the Gorge.  It’s a must see for visitors to Launceston.

gorge run

And hills?  It’s pretty much up or down with only a few flat parts.  You can run on hilly winding trails or large well sealed paths, but they all go up or down.  It’s the most amazing place for runners.

This was our first hilly run since Hobart Run the Bridge.   LOVED IT!  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy mastering a hill.  The slow slog up, one foot in front of the other, chip, chip, chip and before long (puff, pant, puff, pant), at the top feeling AWESOME.  The warmth and humidity made it a little bit more challenging, but as it was early evening the Gorge was getting shadier and cooler as the sun slowly sunk.

The suspension bridge

The suspension bridge

running one way...

running one way…

...and back the other way

…and back the other way








Hills?  Yes, give me more!  It wasn’t always the case.  I hated them, avoided them.  But something magical happened – I started to enjoy them.  The challenge and the thrill of conquering a great big hill started to become something FUN??!!  Yes fun.  Now hills are a challenge that remind me just how strong I am and how far I’ve travelled on my running journey.  I am a hill runner.  I CAN run up hills.  This is my favourite hill running mantra.  It works every time.

If I can become a runner and a runner who can run up hills ANYONE can – just give them a go.  Chip away at them, one foot in front of the other and before long you will be at the top feeling strong and mighty.  Just don’t give up!


And as for the Crayfish Mornay and the company of a good friend?  Magic.  Fortunately our friend is a runner and doesn’t mind the company of red-faced sweaty lycra-clad people at her dinner table.  I wish I’d taken a photo of the delicious dinner but I was too busy eating, talking and sipping on a cool glass of Semillon Sav Blanc.  The perfect way to wind up a hilly run.

Happy running 🙂

PS tomorrow I’m looking forward to a run with Louise – 6:15am running in the cool dark morning.  Running in the morning isn’t really my thing, but when there is a chance to run and chat and see the kms tick by quickly as a result, I’m in!  I’m really looking forward to it!  This photo below pretty much sums up the runs Louise and I do together – we go far 🙂


25 thoughts on “Back into hills

  1. So beautiful. Love the rock wall. As far as the elevation combined with heat and humidity…I’m afraid the Canadian contingent would be a puddle. Good for you to have fallen in love with hills. I think your mantra is excellent. Run on girl, run on.

  2. I`m beginning to think you work for the Tasmanian tourist board. Or, if you`re not, you should be! Great pics. Must be a wonderful feeling running over that bridge.

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 No not the Tasmanian Tourist Board… just love where I live. It is fun to run over the bridge, it sways just a little bit. If there are a heap of other people on it I usually walk because the more people the more it sways hehe fun really! And never run it with Paul – he deliberately makes it sway as much as possible…56 going on 6 he is.

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