‘I wish I could run like you’ – parkun with a difference

Yesterday’s Launceston parkrun wasn’t an official parkrun due to the change of course.  There was a music festival on near our usual starting place so it was either cancel or have an unofficial parkrun.  I’m so glad our Run Director chose to put on an unofficial run.  Loved the change of course.  It was an out-and-back in one direction, then an out-and-back in the opposite direction.  The usual course is great, really enjoy it, but it was nice to do something different for a change

27:24 - not bad for a hot humid day
27:24 – not bad for a hot humid day

As we ran we got to run past each other, cheer and high-five anyone who held out their hands.  The children really loved it and were smiling, laughing and high-fiving all the way.  It was fun.


At the start line I overheard a conversation where two first time ladies were asking about walking and if it was ok to walk.  They hoped to run all the way but they were looking a bit nervous.  AND it was hot again, AND humid.  At the end everyone was sweaty and red-faced.  Those nearby assured these ladies that walking is definitely ok at parkrun.

Slightly after I made the first turn around I ran by the two ladies.  I clapped and cheered them and one called out I wish I could run like you.

She wishes she could run like me?  Me?  The Unsporty Woman???  It brought a tear to my eye and almost immediately I was transported back to those days where I was so determined to run all the way to our letter box (1.2kms from our farm house, all the way up the drive to the road and our red letter box).  I remembered how hard it was and how, despite all the trying (months and months and months) I didn’t really believe I would EVER be able to run that far.  And here was a lady saying she wished she could run like me.

It’s good to look back and see how far we have come with our fitness and running journey.  There have been two major milestones in my running journey.  The first was getting to that red letter box.  The feeling of joy, achievement and relief.  How did I ever manage that?  The second was running up that mountain in November last year.  My Holy Running Grail, the Point to Pinnacle.  These two milestones have taught me that if I persevere anything is possible with running.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.


And here I am now with another runner wishing they could run like me.

I spoke to this lady afterwards and she was elated to report that she and her friend had run all the way.  She said it was different to the treadmill and that she found she gets very nervous lining up to run with others.  I so remember that feeling.  Wanting to apologise to other runners because I’m not very good and I shouldn’t be there at that starting line.  And here was this lovely lady echoing my feelings exactly.  I encouraged her to persevere and to keep coming to parkrun because those feelings will go away.  And all runners regardless of pace, experience or if we run/walk are extremely welcome at parkun and in fact any fun run event.

Not your usual parkrun but a wonderful run none-the-less.  It was such a joy to meet these ladies and to affirm them in their running journey.  And such a wonderful opportunity to reflect how far I’ve come in my running journey.  I’ll never be up with the first finishers but I’m so incredibly happy to be around the middle of the pack and just to be able to run all the way and finish.  I love running.


And isn’t parkrun just the best thing ever? Every single week there are stories like this where ordinary people striving to improve in their running confidence have little wins.  These ladies ran all the way.  The whole way! WINNERS!

Happy running 🙂

30 thoughts on “‘I wish I could run like you’ – parkun with a difference

  1. That’s so good how you are able to inspire others, must make you realise just how far you’ve come 🙂

    1. Thanks Samantha 🙂 I have a long way to go that’s for sure, but it was a lovely reminder of the ground that’s already been travelled. How are you going? I hope that injury is healing well.

      1. Not going so well, after physio started me on a program of skipping in preparation for running again, leg became very painful again, had MRI, which showed a rather large stress fracture in tibia 😦
        After building up to 22kms last year, it’s very frustrating that a short break off led to this but that’s life, I guess. Now wearing support brace, keeping up the non weight bearing exercise and more patience.
        Love reading your blog, makes me feel a bit closer to running!

      2. Oh Samantha, I’m sorry to hear this!!! At least you know what the problem is and it’s just that annoying frustrating wait for healing. I’m glad you are enjoying my ramblings – just wishing you lots of patience and healing xxx

      3. I’m not surprised as I thought it was too slow and too painful to be just shin splints, at least I know. Thanks for the good wishes, I will meet you at a run one day!

  2. I remember feeling those nerves at my first Parkrun too and still find it hard to believe how much progress we can make in such a relatively short period of time. I’m guessing those ladies will be back next week. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 After speaking with heaps of beginner runners I never cease to be amazed at the nerves we all feel when we first start to tackle events. parkrun certainly helps to give us lots of opportunities to beat these nerves. I think you are right, those ladies looked so happy at the end, I’m sure they’ll be back.

  3. You are an amazing runner. An inspiration to many!

    Can I just say – I loved yesterdays park run – even more than usual (ha, who would think I would have said that a year ago!).

    It was so good to cross paths with those ‘OMG so fast runners’ and see they really weren’t that far in front of you (granted it was the first km …) but also the support. They got to cheer us on and vice versa. It truly showed the park run spirit for what it is 🙂 Getting high 5’s from the other runners was a big plus, but also the words of people near the 3 km mark that were miles in front. So much cheering – so much ‘keep going’. It was awesome – so very glad I did it.

    Thank you x

    1. Thanks Fiona 🙂 I loved it more too because of that extra feeling of fun and encouragement. The young guy coming first told me ‘well done’ as he flew past me, how can people talk and run that fast?! I think the fact that all those elite people turned up for a non-official parkrun really demonstrates where their hearts are and encapsulates the ethos of parkrun.

      You sum everything about yesterday up so well in your comment Fiona, thank you xxx And as for the grins coming from your boys…priceless! They personify running happiness!!!

  4. I love that we can all be inspired by people just like us, and be inspiring to people just like us. All it takes is determination and hard work to get to where you want to be. Yes, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

  5. What an awesome post. Some day perhaps someone will say that to me 🙂 IN the meantime, I will just try to get healthy again so that I can run again!

  6. Love this. We all have to start somewhere. Great that Parkrun is there for those ladies to try out running and fabulous they ran all the way. I predict a pb next week for them and then they will be hooked

      1. BTW hillatude worked wonders yesterday 1 min off last weeks time’ not a PB but not far off, thanks for the inspiration

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