Autumn Break! What took you so long?

FinallyToday.  The autumn break is here.  We left for Outside Fitness (our new bootcamp) and came home to 9ml of rain in the rain gauge.  The first real rain for 2014.  This means, with the predicted rain in the next five days that irrigation will be turned off on the farm.  Yay!

rain gauge

Paul’s happy farmer face with his rain gauge showing 9ml in just an hour!

Thank goodness.  The earth is weary.   Pauly is weary.  Everyone on the farm needs the autumn break so badly.  As do so many areas of Australia.

My gosh the last few days have been hot. 

Friday I had the most amazing 12km hilly run with Louise before the sun came up  (thanks Louise, I would never be able to run in the early morning without the motivation of your company).  I don’t much like getting out of bed so early but I LOVED running in the cool dark morning air.  It was just so nice to have such lovely company and to enjoy the fresh air.  We decided to embrace hillatude (a new hill running phrase coiled by Shaz of Shazruns – just love it!).  Up and down we went, puffing and panting but enjoying the challenge of each incline.  Point to Pinnacle – it might be months away but our sights are firmly set on being hill-running-fit so we can really ace that run.  Hillatude!  Louise and I have it!

Saturday – parkrun… hot humid and red-faces!

Sunday – I was so pooped I had an extra rest day. And it was a long weekend so it was sort of nice to take it down a notch and have a little breather.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner out with friends and it was still 24ºC at 9:30pm!

Then came Monday.  30ºC.  Sticky.  Hot.  An 8km time trial was on the program for The Running Group.  It was a trial alright.  I laboured as I ran.  I slowed it right down and ran those 8kms in 48 minutes.  But I breathed in the positive and turned on my smile and did my best to encourage myself through those hot kms.  There were times that I honestly wanted to stop, but I pressed on to the finish.  At the end I felt awesome!

Paul and Janette looking way too happy after such a hot 8km run - happy to be finished!

Paul and Janette looking way too happy after such a hot 8km run – happy to be finished!

and here's me... hot, sweaty and looking like I'm going to pass out!

and here’s me… hot, sweaty and looking like I’m going to pass out!

had to have a glass of wine to cool down when we got home

had to have a glass of wine to cool down when we got home

Oh my, day after day of hot humid weather!

Tuesday (today).  I can’t say I was looking forward to Outside Fitness class tonight.  The last two Tuesdays honestly I’ve wanted to cry at several points of the class.  The muscle burn has been so intense like nothing I’ve experienced before.  This time though I coped quite well.  We ran a 1km warm up lap then had to pace ourselves through 100 pullups, 200 pushups and 300 squats.  Then a 500m run.  Finally four rounds of 200m of lunge walking, 20 dips and then bum kicks all along the fence back to the start.  Then another 500m run to finish off.  I am currently typing with my nose because my arms no longer work!

How good does it feel to work through that burn? To feel like quitting but persevering to the end?  I often visualise finishing a tough race when I’m at bootcamp.  I feel the burn and really try hard to work with it, to embrace it, to allow it to make me stronger.  The first two weeks of this new Outside Fitness class while I did persevere I felt like I couldn’t do it – couldn’t get to the end without failing.  But this week I seem to have turned a corner and have embraced this new way of building endurance.  I’m the slowest one at this class!  I used to be in the middle of the pack of our old bootcamp.  But you know what?  I quite like bringing up the rear, it makes me appreciate the journey a little more and to celebrate how far I’ve come… but most importantly to realise that the journey is far from over, it won’t ever be over, it’s a daily thing, a way of life for the rest of my life.

To come home to 9ml of rain is just such a relief.  The autumn break is here.  Long hot sticky days are coming to an end.  The earth is singing with happiness; is it my imagination or does everything smell fresh and alive?  Is the grass greener already?  I don’t think so, it’s the hopefulness that the beautiful season of autumn brings.

Happy dance after Outside Fitness to celebrate the rain - the irrigator is still going in the background but not for much longer!

Happy dance after Outside Fitness to celebrate the rain – an irrigator is still going in the background but not for much longer!

Autumn break, I don’t know what took you so long, but welcome, welcome, WELCOME!

Happy running 🙂

PS we got very wet at bootcamp and loved every minute of it!  The rain felt so good!

21 thoughts on “Autumn Break! What took you so long?

  1. Heat and humidity sound wonderful about now coming from chilly Chicago… As does rain vs the snow we are expecting tonight! Winter needs to end soon! Glad to hear you enjoyed your break!

  2. Sounds like a great week! I agree the heat sounds wonderful right about now, though I’m sure in a few months I’ll be complaining about that as well!

  3. I had a similar reaction years ago while working out of the back of a van in over 100 degree heat for 2 months. One day I came outside and it was 50 – I was elated and can still remember that feeling. I love autumn!

  4. Love that pic of you jumping in the rain. Got too much of it here I’m afraid but I couldn’t manage to keep up with you all in that heat either. And hey, you look fab, by the way!

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