Four seasons in one race and a PB

Each time I’ve managed to get a PB in any distance I haven’t set out to get one.  Today has been no exception.  A surprise 10km PB.


Run Devonport is basically the last Fun Run for a little while in Tasmania.  It seems like we have had many back to back running events from weekend to weekend since the middle of January.  It has been fun, challenging and given lots of opportunities to spend time with running friends.

Huey, Dewey and Louy pre race
Huey, Dewey and Louy pre race

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this one.  The course was two 5km out and backs.  Would having to turn around and do it again do my head in?  It was on this course that I did my first ever 3km run.  AND the first time Paul ever seriously pushed me out of my comfort zone with running.  He got me to go a little bit faster and a little bit further than my head told me I could do.  I remember him encouraging, pushing, suggesting, urging… and me telling him between huffs and puffs at the time that I CAN’T!  and felt like crying!

But I did!

That was nearly four years ago.  And I have kept running.

Running, running, running.

Indeed I can run.  Unsporty Women CAN Run and sometimes get PBs.

Paul and Louise coming up to the 5km turn around
Paul and Louise coming up to the 5km turn around

Tasmania is sometimes known as the Australian state where it’s possible to experience four seasons in one day.  Run Devonport proved that it’s possible to have four seasons in one race!

  • A roaring, refreshing sea breeze (well gale really but let’s be kind) that caused the temperature to instantly drop and hats and visors to be torn off and blown away
  • Scorching sunshine that caused all energy to frizzle up
  • A very small patch of cold rain (which was actually quite nice)
  • And of course some lovely temperate autumn weather too (about 16ºC)
Louise flying in blue
Louise flying in blue

But each time the particularly difficult bit of weather was upon us, just when it felt like it was getting too much the seasonal conditions would turn… it was very varied and all over the place.  A typical autumn day in Tasmania.

Thanks Fiona for taking the photos :)
Thanks Fiona for taking the photos 🙂

Because the course was out and back and out and back again, the race was divided nicely up into quarters.  My run plan was simply to try and run in the 56 minute range – to try and keep to about a 5:40 km/minute pace.  A PB wasn’t in my sights at all.


There were a lot of nerves at the start of this event – both Louise and I were experiencing the pre-race jitters.  Louise was aiming for a sub-50 today and ran with Paul.  It was great being able to encourage each other each time we ran past going out and back out and back.  I saw lots of runners I know and we all cheered, clapped and did the odd high five to boost each other on.  I didn’t need to worry about this course doing my head in – it was actually quite good having it divided into the four logical quarters.

A view from the course
A view from the course

My Mum and Dad came along too to cheer us on which was lovely.

How did we all go?  There were PBs everywhere today.  The lovely Fiona and her gorgeous kidlets all PB’ed – well done you awesome running family!  AND Louise did a PB 48:29 – and she looked effortless as she glided along smashing those kms one by one.

AND a PB for me too, 55:03!  I’m 10kming in the 55s.  Unbelievable. I so didn’t set out to get a PB – I was just going to have a bit of fun and enjoy running with friends and doing something that I love.  But it just happened that way – I managed to go just a little bit faster than I have before in a 10km event.  Sweet serendipitous and VERY encouraging – I’m moving forwards in my running journey and fitness even though often I don’t feel like I am.  And my Pauly ran a very respectable 48:01!


The end of fun run season with wild changes in the weather and a PB.  Running certainly is full of possibilities.  Another good day for everyone.

Happy running 🙂

22 thoughts on “Four seasons in one race and a PB

  1. Fantastic! 57 minutes plus a whole lot of seconds-(58 of them, I think!) was my fastest 10km. You’re making great strides, quite literally.Congrats!

    1. Thanks Melee 🙂 I’ve been having a bit of help with form from our running group coach. It ofen does my head in trying to change some of my little quirky things but it’s not going too badly.

    1. Thank you 🙂 it was a great race. Pauly did do well too, thanks…very little training as usual, he just laces up and runs and does well every time. There is always someone waiting at the finish line for me hehe

      1. hehe yes 🙂 One day I’m going to try and keep up with him just for a little while. He sometimes says ‘I think I’ll do a slower run today’ and I say ‘good, you can keep me company’. But then he gives me the ‘I don’t want to run that slow’ look – but it’s all in good fun.

  2. Well done, you’re on a real roll at the moment! But even more important than the the PB is the fact you love your running and are gaining such enjoyment as well as physical fitness from it!

    1. Thanks Samantha 🙂 I really am enjoying it, PBs are good but I know I won’t see a whole lot of those… it’s getting back to my first goals for races: participate, run all the way and finish 🙂 All of that no matter what the time it takes equals winner to me hehe Did you see that big fat medal for Run Devonport? So cool!

  3. Such a fun race 🙂 Well done on your PB! Paul and Louise looked really strong – great times as well!

    The weather was slightly crazy, but it was a good course I must say. My apprentice photographer has lost his job however. LOL

  4. That’s and awesome time Anne-Marie. Congrats on a sneaky PB, surprise ones are always the best! Enjoy the break from the fun run season and hope you have a good autumn of running.

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