A mile is a mile


I’ve seen variations of this motivational image quite a bit lately.  It’s oh so true.  For me running is all about the distance and having a go.  It’s about putting our best foot forward and attempting to run a little bit further, a little bit more than we ever have before.

It’s been my joy and privilege lately to see several running friends become more confident with running 5km.  I’m so inspired by their dogged determination to succeed.  It’s been a truly inspiring and humbling experience.  Watching these friends keep going when they feel like giving up… what can I say but I think they are AWESOME!  And what’s more as they have succeeded they start to wonder what their true potential is, how far can they actually go?  Their self-concept is smashed and they start to realise how strong and mighty they really are.

Pauly was telling me about a conversation he had on Monday at the local petrol station.  Being a farmer he does a fuel run fairly often, there are always quad bikes, tractors, chainsaws and the like needing fuel.  He takes the old jeep into Deloraine and fills around six fuel containers at a time.  While he does this he chats.  My husband LOVES to chat – will talk to anyone about pretty much anything.

The conversation he had on Monday was with a younger lady who has recently started working at the petrol station.  She asked him what he’d done on the weekend.  This in itself is a funny thing to ask a farmer because every day is a work day for a farmer; week day blends into weekend blends into week day and on it goes.  But last weekend we ran Run Devonport so Paul told her about it.

Paul said she was totally amazed that he had run 10kms.  She said that she couldn’t even run one.  Then he told her about our 21.4km run up that mountain in the Point to Pinnacle and according to my Pauly she was amazed, speechless.

She didn’t ask what time he had run those 10kms on Sunday.  She didn’t ask what time he had run up that mountain.  She was awestruck by the distance that he had run.

It’s true.
A mile is still a mile.
A kilometre is still a kilometre.
No matter what time it was run, it’s still the same distance.

If we are out there doing the distance no matter if it was a good run that resulted in a PB or a slower run that got us to the finish line.  If we come in at the start of the pack or if we are back of packers, we are all winners just for getting out there and running.


Happy running 🙂

24 thoughts on “A mile is a mile

  1. Thanks for this post as it really resonates with this slow runner. I am finding it hard to drag myself back into regular running since the marathon, although I am signed up for a half in June. The last quote is awesome. 🙂

  2. Needed that this morning, as I sit in front of the computer debating on whether it will be a morning run or an evening run today. I just need to do it. It is gorgeous outside this morning. 🙂

    1. That is lovely to hear 🙂 It’s great how the blogging community is so encouraging. My running is so much richer because of the encouragement from others. So glad I could be your encourager today. And glad to hear the weather is gorgeous in your neck of the woods today.

  3. Since lately my running motivation has been zilch due to injury, I really don’t want to get out there and run at all.

    My motivation keeps harking me back to position I was a year and a half ago. It would take ALLLLL my strength to get out the door and run 1km around the block in the morning. And it usually did take me 14 minutes, and several versions of my life flashing before my eyes.

    But back then, completing that 1km was the sweetest success! Today, I am struggling to get out the door at all, and my inner voice is saying “you need to run 8km at pace or its not a run”. Phooey.

    Thanks, Unsporty, your motivation comes again at the right time.

    1. Running if fun, running is fun – that’s a suggested mantra for you dear Miss Melee. You have come so far and had some pretty major health hiccups over the last year. You are still running and that’s all that matters. Let increased pace take care of itself, because you will get faster when it’s the right time. You have come such a long way with running and fitness, celebrate the successes and say phooey to the negative stuff. Thanks for the lovely comment. Hang in there. In the words of the song ‘things can only get better’ xxx 🙂 (from one of your biggest fans!)

      1. I wrote that comment and headed straight out for a slow celebration jog, being mindful of my form. Thanks for the new mantra 😉

  4. Thanks for that. I ran my first continuous 4km without stopping on Sunday at the Mona GASP. I didnt care that some of the walkers overtook me, I ran all the way and was proud. Im aiming for five next time.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Pip 🙂 That is awesome to hear about your Mona Gasp run. It sounds like it was a great run to be part of. It’s all about personal best and extending ourselves. Go you on your first continuous 4km, that is really wonderful! Soon you’ll look back and 4kms will just be a short warm up, trust me, that’s what’s happened to me and if I can get comfortable with distances anyone can!!!

  5. Only just out of bed after Electric run my bleary eyes read the post headline as A mile is a smile… guess that sums up how I feel about running right now 🙂

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