parkrun 38


Yesterday was parkrun number 38 for me.  All ran in Launceston apart from two visits to Albert Melbourne and one to Cornwall parkruns.

Setting off on the very first Launceston parkrun in November 2012... I'm in pink, you can spot me?

Setting off on the very first Launceston parkrun in November 2012… I’m in pink, you can spot me?

What I thought was going to be a free weekly 5km run, that would help me increase in my running confidence has become so much more than this.  parkrun is my happy place.

I have learnt all about the running community… I thought I would be too slow for everyone, not a good enough runner… how wrong I was!  I’ve learnt that the running community is kind and inclusive, encouraging and inspiring, friendly and supportive.  parkrun is a bit like a family really.  We get each other; we understand.  There is no need to explain why we run, we all know.  No matter where on the slide of running and fitness we might put ourselves we are all welcome.  The cheering is just as loud for those coming in at the end of the field as it for the middle and front runners.

And I’m getting excited.  This year Pauly and I are planning to be parkrun tourists several times over!

Next week we are off to New Zealand where we are planning to run at Cornwall parkrun for the second time and to visit Lower Hutt parkrun for the first time.

In early May we’re heading over to Perth, Western Australia to see my newly engaged eldest daughter, Brown-eyed Daughter #1 and we are hoping to run Claisebrook Cove parkrun.  My first born is turning 23 in May!  Then in June we are having a holiday in North Queensland where we hope to run twice at Cairns parkrun.

Being a serious runner when visiting Cornwall parkrun...serious, very serious...

Being a serious runner when visiting Cornwall parkrun…serious, very serious…

So many parkruns, not enough Saturdays!

I love it how our times are recorded and sent to our personal spot on the parkrun website where we can see our progress.  Sometimes I like to run fast and really have a go.  Sometimes but not that often.  Mostly I run to enjoy myself, to participate and to remind myself why I run: I run for the pure celebration of being able to run. To run, run, RUN! And of course for the coffee and the chat afterwards.


If you haven’t heard of parkrun please check out the parkrun website.  There might be one near you or if there isn’t there might be one at your next holiday destination.  They are all over the world!  They are free 5km events, registration is a simple process online.

Running with my Launceston parkrun family the true me comes out to play!

Running with my Launceston parkrun family: the true me comes out to play!

You could say that I’m a huge fan of parkrun.  In fact a big part of my 50th birthday celebration will be later in the year at Albert Melbourne parkrun.  Brown-eyed daughter #1 and H, Blondie daughter #1 and Son #1 plus my Mum and Dad will all travel to Melbourne and walk/run the 5kms as a special birthday present for me.  Yay!

Yes, parkrun, so much more than a free 5km weekly timed running event.  It’s my happy place.  Time out to spend with friends doing something that we all love together.

And what happened on parkrun number 38 for the Unsporty Woman?

I was going for a nice slow run.  Janette and Paul lined up beside me and before I knew it we were off.  Come on they said, let’s have a go, you can run faster than you think you can.  In their slipstream I ran a lot faster than I usually do.  I managed a pretty good negative split and pushed myself from the start to the finish.  No oh let’s just have a little slow bit here to catch my breath was allowed yesterday.  Janette kept encouraging me to push and to keep going and not to listen to the voice in my head that said to SLOW DOWN YOU ARE GOING TOO FAST!  Or that other one that said If you go this fast you will conk out and have to walk.  While it wasn’t a PB for me I can say, that on the day, I did my very best.  I don’t want to run like this every week but sometimes it feels good to give it my all.  My goals for running are always to participate, run all the way and finish.  But yesterday (shhh) it was fun passing LOTS of people.  I’m usually the one watching others speed off, this time it was my turn.  But only thanks to Paul and Janette for literally pushing me along with their encouragement, they both had to run a lot slower to pace me.  And especially Janette who stuck with me the whole way.  Thank you x

Running events can get a bit expensive, but never fear parkrun is here!  It’s run totally by volunteers and each runner is asked to give their local parkrun three Saturdays per year to fill spots on the roster.  I love to be a marshal which would have to be the easiest volunteering job ever!  I get to watch, point the way and cheer all the runners, SWEET!

lapsNot too shabby.  No giving up a third of the way around like I often do.
Thanks to Janette constantly encouraging and being just in her slipstream
I managed to get a little bit faster as we went around.  There was lots of weaving in and around
other runners so all up I ran 5.05kms, but at the 5km for me was 26:03 and officially 26:21.

parkrun = friendship, running, challenge and fun all rolled up into Saturday mornings. 

There is no better way to start the weekend.

Happy running 🙂

Waving to Shaz, Red Hen and Bernie at their parkruns and all my other parkrun blogging friends x

27 thoughts on “parkrun 38

  1. Sadly no parkruns in Canada. 😦 What a wonderful way to celebrate your 50th with your family joining in for one with you. sounds like an exciting year ahead! Oh and those times you are posting are down right awesome!!

    • Gosh, no parkruns in Canada… watch this space I’m sure it will make it soon. They are getting so huge in Australia – they are popping up everywhere. But Sue, it totally settles it that you need to come to Australia for a trip! Agenda will be Cradle Mountain, The Great Barrier Reef and as many parkruns as Saturdays that are here 🙂

      Thanks Sue 🙂 I’m pretty happy with my times but what you didn’t see in those stats are all the times I run around the 30 to 28 minute range – that’s my favourite pace to run 5kms, I can still have a good old natter while I’m running 🙂

      • You could be a travel agent on the side! Australia is definitely on the bucket list just a question of when. 🙂
        I will just say that even your slow 5kms are faster than my PB. As you say one shouldn’t worry about being slow, the key is just to get out and do it. I’m off for a 10km, currently -14 Celsius. Yes Australia looks very good!

      • I hope you enjoyed your run 🙂 it sounds very chilly! It’s to just get out and run and not to worry about times. I think you’re awesome to be out running in those freezing conditions.

      • Thanks it was good! Toque, mitts, down jacket, glove, face warmer…I could go hold up a bank 🙂 thanks for your encouragement.We were running with our son and daughter in law who are going to so their first half marathon with us in June. How fun is that ?! 🙂

  2. Love hearing about the park runs, hadn’t heard of them before reading your blog. Sadly the Hobart one has not started yet, lots of problems with the council giving approval apparently. Hopefully by the time I’m running again and back up to 5kms, (which will take some time) it will be all sorted.
    Well done on your great times x

    • Hello Samantha 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about Hobart parkrun having issues. I did hear only today that there were lots of troubles and that it was most likely a long way off. I can think of several places that might fit the bill…east and west sides of the Derwent…I do hope the issues get sorted. Thanks for the compliment about my times…I’m content with them, might have a more of a go later in the year at getting the 5km time down a bit….maybe hehe. But then I do so love chatting and running and there is always a friendly soul ready for a chat at parkrun.

    • I was thinking of you as I wrote about Cornwall parkrun. I would love to say hello – that would be sweet!!! We are planning to be there Saturday the 29th. Just in case I haven’t got enough photos of me on my blog (hehe) I’m going to wear my white ‘The Running Group’ top (hehe). That would be awesome!

    • I just realised that I haven’t been reading your posts! I can see I’ve missed a heap. Not sure why they wouldn’t be appearing in my reader…shall have a lovely catch up now!!!

  3. I’m a parkrun convert too – my goal is to run all the Sottish parkruns in 2014 (there are 12 at the moment). Looking forward to running Launceston parkrun next time I’m home.

  4. Waving back from someone who loves Parkrun as much as you! So pleased to hear you are older than me (not much) a new running category awaits you! Great post unsporty, happy touring. Can’t wait to hear about your Parkrun adventures, am hoping one of them is hilly!

  5. I’ve only done one ParkRun and loved it! I’d do it again, I Just need to figure out where I’m going to leave my kitchen sink(my bag and gear!) I think its awesome that you have a Park run where you live. I’ve only heard other Brits talk about Parkrun previously! 🙂

  6. What a great run! You’re right, Parkrun is amazing and such a good place for runners. I’m really impressed by your 38 as well! I’m still a ways off getting my t-shirt for 10.

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