Obsession – we have it!

Last night after work I had my hair done.  It just so happens that my lovely running buddy Louise is also the person in charge of keeping my curls under control and my hair the correct colour (be gone bad grey hair!).  As always we nattered 10 to the dozen about running plans and dreams.  We both agreed that in the next few years we would like to run the Gold Coast Marathon (Queensland) and the Great Ocean Road Marathon (Victoria).  We discussed heaps of other ones too, I can only imagine that the list is just going to grow and grow!

pink band

As we were talking one of the younger hair dressers mentioned something about us being obsessed to her client.  Louise has much better hearing than I do and heard the whispered comment.  We so aren’t obsessed with running.  The fact that we talk about it a lot and run a lot has nothing to do with being obsessed.  It’s our thing.  Our passion.  Something fun to do.  It’s healthy.  Keeps us fit.  According to Louise her Husband thinks we are a little obsessed but he thinks it’s a pretty good sort of obsession to have 🙂


our medals sit on our hat stand... when I dust the stand they make a lovely clinking sound.
Pauly’s and my medals sit on our hat stand… when I dust the stand they make a lovely clinking sound.


Louise and I love medals - they are not just about the event but remind us about all the running we do in training to get to the event.
Louise and I love medals – they are not just about the event but remind us about all the running we do in training to get to the event.
Point to Pinnacle and Cadbury Half medals - oh my goodness, if I can achieve these medals ANYONE can!
Point to Pinnacle and Cadbury Half medals – oh my goodness, if I can achieve these medals ANYONE can!

To non-runners we do sound obsessed.  It can sound like an addiction.  But the truth is we are addicted to this activity that in so many ways sets us free.  It provides precious time out from worries.  It gives us a huge burst of wellbeing just from getting the heart pumping.  The sweat renews and repairs not only our body but our mind.  It clears the mind.  It renews the soul.

Is there any other activity that can do all this?  I don’t believe that there is anything outside of physical exercise that gives all this to us.  And running would have to be physical exercise in its purest, simplest form.  Grab a pair of running shoes and get out the door.  Pretty straightforward really.  Uncomplicated.  Simple.shoeLouise and I had a chuckle at the thoughts and comments expressed by those in the salon last night.  It was all in good fun, all said with smiles and laughs.  Deep down I wonder if they would like to be brave enough to experience this wonderful thing called running.  At first it seems so difficult but then with time and dedication it becomes second nature to run, run run.  When I first met Paul I remember hearing about his dear friend Jo and her marathons.  I simply was in awe of anyone who could run 1km.  My mind couldn’t comprehend, couldn’t get a handle on the concept of running 42.2kms.  And last night there was Louise and I happily contemplating many different marathons that one day in the future we would like to have a go at together.  Running opens up so much potential.  It allows us to totally explode the narrow concept of what we think our minds and bodies are capable of.  Running is a release like no other that catapults us into the realms of our true potential.  If you aren’t quite there yet, just don’t give up, keep persisting and you will experience this too.

Addiction?  Obsession?  Yes, we have it!

Happy running 🙂

Ps just signed up for the Launceston 10 (this is Australia’s fastest 10km event) – we weren’t going to do this one because we are just back from a two week holiday late the night before… but we can’t let Louie run without Huey and Dewey just because of a little late night.

PPs we don’t have many events with medals in Tasmania – Louise and I both think that we should have more with medals hehe – each time I suggest an event the first question is Is there a medal with that one???

14 thoughts on “Obsession – we have it!

  1. Love! It’s not obsession if you’re right in the middle of it – it’s passion! A more objective test is whether it would lead you to do anything worthy of a telemovie. As in “little did she know, her deadly obsession with running would lead her down a dark path, ending in drugs, violence, and a lime flavoured Gatorade”.

    1. hehe Love it Melee 🙂 mmm it could do all that but definitely not the lime flavoured Gatorade (bleeehhhh!) more likely to be a blue powerade (yum). I don’t actually know why there hasn’t been at least a news story about my running – no idea why the cameras and reporters weren’t at my letter box the first time I ran the whole 1.2km from house to end the of the driveway??? That was just epic news of global proportions!

  2. I really like the medals. Small (cheap) trophies seem to be the new thing. I can’t hang my “trophy” on the wall with the rest of my medals. Sorry for the rant. Good luck with the racing!!!

  3. Sometimes people have difficulty understanding our passions or may even be intimidated by them. I’ve been told I must be crazy for running a marathon, cycling in the Alps, rafting the Grand Canyon….you get the idea:) I’ve learned to accept they just don’t understand. You go girl and I am cheering For you!

  4. Obsessed can be a good thing! Well not when it takes over your life, but when it’s something you like to do and talk about… I consider myself lucky that my “obsession” is something so good for me.

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