A Kiwi Weekend

Here we are in the Land of the Long White Cloud – New Zealand, Pauly’s homeland. We are back for the first time after losing Della, Paul’s Mum. Summer hasn’t been easy on the farm. Irrigation is always a tough time but losing Della made it especially tough. He’s had no real time to grieve. Farming can’t be put on hold no matter what’s going on – there is the wellbeing of the animals to consider and must be considered over everything else. Now that summer is behind us and we’ve had some rain, over the next week we are taking some much needed time out to spend with Paul’s family, to kick back and do some things that revive the body, mind and soul.

First things first. Running

2014-03-29 08.32.04

On Saturday we visited Cornwall parkrun in Auckland. This would have to be one of the prettiest runs around. It’s in a lovely old park with lots of gnarly old trees. These trees stretch up to the sky and spread huge canopies of branches and leaves – so nice to run under the shade they provide. The leaves are just starting to turn the reds and golds of autumn, but the dryness of summer is still very evident. No PB for me but a lovely run. parkrun is a family and it was truly evident by the friendly atmosphere at this parkrun.

2014-03-29 08.36.42


We stayed the weekend with long-time friends of Paul’s. It was so nice! Even though we don’t see much of them due to the distances between us, it’s like we only saw each other yesterday. This is such a common theme with true friendships. And this is especially lovely for me because Paul, Peter and Anne have known each other before most of their children were born and yet I’ve been accepted by these lovely friends just like that. By virtue of being Paul’s wife I’m in! Friday was THE MOST relaxing day. Eating, talking, looking around Auckland. It was balm to the soul.

Family and a Special Occasion

The Wedding was at a beautiful private garden complete with bridges, ponds and rolling hills.

The Wedding was at a beautiful private garden complete with bridges, ponds and rolling hills.

After parkrun we headed north. The family was gathering for the long awaited wedding of Paul’s nephew. Oh my goodness… what a lovely day! The weather was perfect. The setting was perfect. The group of family and friends gathered melded together in joint happiness and celebration.

It was just so nice to see my lovely sisters-in-law and their families again. The last time we had come together was to say goodbye and to console each other in grief. This time it was to celebrate something joyous and happy. And let me tell you that my Husband’s extended family know how to dance and have a good time! Again more balm to weary souls.  Della might not have been there but she was certainly there through the legacy of family.  She was not far from our thoughts; several speeches perfectly summed up how proud she would have been of her Grandson, the Groom, and how much she would have enjoyed the celebration.

Shaby Chic was the style of the wedding... everything was just so lovely.

Shabby Chic was the style of the wedding… everything was just so lovely.

Hunting and fishing

Now we are further south on New Zealand’s North Island in Masterton, getting ready to go out to a sheep station where we will be going hunting and fishing. Let’s just say that Husband will be hunting and fishing. I’m planning on some long runs on the beach!  This will be a time to rest and relax for Husband, doing something he really loves with several members of the family.

2014-03-31 11.36.43

Inside the green fish is the word ‘BAD’


Next stop is to stock up on some food.  According to the local paper fishing for the next few days is going to be Bad. I’ll let you know how that goes. But sometimes it’s about the activity and the doing than actually getting some fish… at least that’s how I’m going to console my Husband. Della’s favourite word was prepare. As I type I’m at my parents-in-law’s sunny kitchen table, I can hear Della telling me to buy some extra food in case the fishing really is bad. I hear you Della…I’ve got a chicken stir fry planned for tonight and I think a bbq for tomorrow, oh and plenty of eggs and bacon for breakfasts!

Dressed up for the Wedding

Dressed up for the Wedding

Happy running 🙂

18 thoughts on “A Kiwi Weekend

  1. So glad to hear you are having some vacation time, some healing time, some family time. Thank heavens for the rain and the rest. Lovely photo of the two of you. I have no doubt Della is watching over it all with a big smile.

  2. My thoughts are with you and Paul during this difficult time. It’s wonderful that he has the consolation of a close family and that they have time to be together right now. And wonderful for him too to have you by his side.
    Love that wedding pic. You both are poster people for fitness and health.

  3. I am sorry to hear about Paul’s mom. No matter when it happens, noone is ever ready to lose their parents.
    I am glad there was an opportunity to balance the sadness with a good old hooley. The wedding sounds like it was a great party.
    And can I just say (and am trying not to sound creepy here) – you look amazing!! Both in your running gear and all dressed up. Both of you do in fact! A very happy and content looking couple. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment 🙂 It was a good way for the family to come back together again for the first time after Della’s death. Hehe thanks for the lovely comment about how we are looking – happy and content sums us up pretty well…running together certainly helps the happiness levels too.

  4. Sounds like you both had an amazing trip. Filled with family, fun and memories. Just the way reunions should be. Sounds like just w the doctor ordered for healing souls. Enjoy Fall.

  5. Hi there!!! Missing you guys. The wedding sounded amazing – and you 2 scrubbed up VERY well (more chic than shabby!!) Looking forward to catching up REAL soon. xxxxxxxx

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