Flat Point NZ – come for a run with me


I love running in a new place.  Today we are running at Flat Point on New Zealand’s North Island.  There’s hardly a soul around, just the beach, you and I.  We are staying in some lovely cottage accommodation, it’s quiet, serene AND no phone reception (we are a long way from cities, towns and people).  To use the internet we have to walk to the homestead and sit out on the deck – less than 50m away is the beach. The sound of the waves crashing is loud and strong.

20140402_100619 20140402_145705

We go through the gate and down the grassy path.  Almost at the beach.

20140402_104106 20140402_103726This sand is heavy going!

20140402_102026 20140402_101810 20140402_101631Here are the tractors used to take the large fishing boats down to launch.


Finally the turn around point – 4kms done and 4kms back to base.
Don’t you love the constant crash and roar of the waves?  The crash and pound, the steady roar…the shhhhhh as the spent wave retreats back into the ocean…it’s calming and peaceful, reviving the soul.

20140402_135501 20140402_135513

That last steep section was a killer but here is Pauly just back from hunting,
he can make us a coffee.


That was a tough beach run, the sloping camber of the beach, the soft shaly sand, a bit of rock hopping and finally a bit of a grunt back up the hill to the holiday house or batch as the Kiwis call them.   This run has tested our endurance, leg strength and stamina – thanks for coming with me.

Happy running 🙂

19 thoughts on “Flat Point NZ – come for a run with me

    1. My pleasure 🙂 the only other route I could find involved running by several Angus bulls and no fences. So soft sand it was hehe I wasn’t feeling brave. I was hoping those bulls aren’t into Beach walks!

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