Foot update

I don’t go to the doctor very often.  I have three autoimmune conditions so I roll in for blood tests once a year and for the mandatory checks that we ladies need… oh and once a year for the flu shot.  Other than that I avoid visits to the doctor like the plague.

There was a cancellation at 4:15pm today so I grabbed it.  I went thinking I would be sent for an xray to rule out a stress-fracture 😦

What a total joy to explain to my doctor how much I love running and her nod in total agreement!  Without running, over the last years I would’ve been sent from our Dairy Farm to the Funny Farm.  Running is my therapy, my friend, my joy.  It has introduced me to the most wonderful people who I now call friends.

My doctor told me about her Dad.  He has depression.  He took up running at age 45 and it helped him to deal with his illness.  According to the doctor he went from short runs all the way up to ultras and triathlons.  This doctor of mine understands runners.  She knows that without it her Dad would not have coped as well as he has.

What’s the problem?  Highly unlikely to be a stress-fracture.  Most likely plantar fasciitis.  I’m going to the podiatrist but in the meantime I was advised to keep doing my exercises and foot stretches.  Oh and rest 😦  Try and stay off it.  How do I feel about this?  It’s most likely not a stress-fracture.  I’m overjoyed with this!!!  Taking some time off and getting into some other forms of exercise to tide me over until I can run?  I can do this knowing that my running days are not over yet.

Happy running 🙂

PS I just wish I could stop limping…it’s not a good look or a good feel.

36 thoughts on “Foot update

  1. Oh dear! Another one. I’m off to get a diagnosis for it tomorrow.

    I hope your foot heals quickly x Oh and rest. That bit is the hardest I think!

    • Thanks Fiona 🙂 I hope yours gets better quickly too. Mine has certainly come on with vengeance but hopefully all the exercise and rest will see it right. It’s going to be tough not running for a while – I’m sorry I have a few buddies to do it with 😦 I wish you weren’t one of them!

  2. Listen to the doctor, take it easy and listen to your body x
    By the way, x rays are not very good at picking up stress fractures, I should know as I had one which came back ok. It was only after 9 weeks of pain that the GP finally sent me for MRI which revealed a rather large stress fracture!
    Anyway, that’s hopefully not your problem, unlikely you would still be able to run on it, mine still hurts walking!
    Podiatrist is a good call, they have do much knowledge about the lower leg and feet.
    Take care of yourself xx

    • Thanks Samantha 🙂 I had heard that an MRI scan was better at picking up stress fractures. I don’t know how you stay so sunny and positive through your comments…you are very gracious to me. Hopefully it will all be ok 🙂

      • I was pretty grumpy at the beginning but finding something else to fill the gap definitely helped. Cycling with hubby at the weekend and actually learning to love the hills (ok, maybe not love but enjoy the challenge) combined with swimming with my teenage son and seeing our style and endurance improve loads in just a couple of months.
        Have been given the go ahead to very slowly reintroduce running, 30 seconds running to 2 mins walking, seems painfully slow but I’ve not run for over 3 months it’s like starting from new all over again with the addition of a healing fracture!
        Take care of yourself, and don’t be too impatient!

      • Thanks Samantha 🙂 it’s only been three days and so far I’ve managed to do some pretty extreme exercise while looking after my foot. The test will be Saturday when I was going to run an 8km handicapped event with the running club 😦 It will make me appreciate the gift that running is even more than I do now 🙂

        I really hope your return running is a huge success for you and that you never have to go through the trials of having to stop and wait for healing again!!!

  3. Goodness. I know the feeling of having to not run for a while. It isn’t fun, but that to will pass and you will be back better then ever!!! I’m glad you had an understanding doctor!

  4. As you know I have been struggling with PF since before P2P back in November. The best thing I did was NOT RUN for 6 weeks, yes it was hard, but I found other ways to remain physically active. I started deep water running and swimming, I still swim most mornings before work. I know you do not have that luxury, but you will find something which works for you (A Spin bike as you suggested is a great idea). I also had heaps of physio exercises and still tape my foot to run. I have learnt to live with it, as mine became chronic (due to me continuing to run with worsening symptoms). I am able to run again, but have to be wise and monitor my symptoms. In time you will too.

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s so good that you are running again. I really do admire your strength to do what you had to do to get it right xxx I’m going to do what I have to do to get it better, too. The plan is to be fit for Run Melbourne. I’m going for a bike ride tonight and will do some ab and arm work 🙂

      • It was hard not to run, especially when Leigh was going and then to watch his massive improvements from the sidelines. But so worth it, I had forgotten how nice it is to run without pain 🙂 If you maintain your cardiovascular fitness as you plan to, and rest your foot allowing it to heal you should be fine come Run Melbourne. It will be worth it in the long run as you want to be running in 5 years time. A few weeks off now is nothing in the big scheme of things 🙂
        Take care, hope to see you soon

      • I have decided to mix up my training since my injury – I now swim regularly and have increased my resistance training — I still run, but not 5 or 6 days a week.
        I think long term this will be better. You may find the same

  5. I can very much appreciate that it will be hard for you not to run. Can you cycle? This could be the key to getting that endorphin fix, keeping active and allowing the foot to heal. I agree with another comment that sometimes X-rays don’t pick up stress fractures. At any rate I am sending hugs across the globe. Do keep all of your cheerleaders posted.

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 I got your hugs and understanding. I am gong to cycle (hehe). Tonight I’m going to ride around the farm on the farm roads…quite looking forward to it really, it will be good to mix things up a bit. I so appreciate your positive thoughts and cheering me on. Thank you xxx

      • I thought of you today when I was running hills, which unlike you I detest. I thought how much you would be happy to be doing it if you could. It helped. 🙂 Enjoy the cycling and who knows maybe you will fall in love with it like running.

      • Thanks Sue 🙂 that means a lot! Change of plans, going to check out the aqua fit class that our new PT offers… but cycling will be for Friday now. Keep doing the hills…they are the best challenge ever 🙂 (PS foot is so much better today after doing some pressure points and icing, Yay!)

      • So glad to hear that! Amazing what some TLC and physio can do for a foot. That is great you have access to a pool. Gives some options and variety. Keep me posted and I will keep thinking of you when I’m on the hills. Oh yes…snowing again after plus 18 here yesterday 🙂

      • Snowing again? Gosh, hope the weather starts to realise it’s spring over there in Canada! Foot is even better today….not right yet though. Aqua fit was so good…will write about it in the next couple of days. Thanks Sue for your support and encouragement…means a lot!

      • It was a brief snow shower and things seem all right now. Glad to hear things are getting better by the minute with that foot!

  6. Oh dear…I have had PF for years and deal with it every day. I limp around the house for the rest of the day after my runs, but then am usually better by the morning. Make sure never to walk in bare feet, especially when first getting out of bed, and freeze a water bottle to ice your arch (sorry if this isn’t helpful…unwanted advice, right?) Best of luck healing…the stretches do really help, I’ve found!

    • Thanks 🙂 guilty, I walk around in bare feet a lot. I have to change this habit! Your advice is very very very welcome! Time to get some scruffs with arch support to wear at home I think. I’m sorry that I’m not alone with this issue but it’s nice to have runner friends like you to point me in the right direction from the vantage point of experience. I have the ice ready and the exercises, I just need to be a bit more diligent with them. Thank you for your advice…it just confirms what I need to do x

      • Gosh…that sounds like it was very tough for you! I’m hoping to avoid the boot but the doctor told me orthotics were most likely in the mix. It’s interesting because I’ve never been told I have sunken arches before.

  7. I’ve had PF for years and I’m not even a runner (yet!). One of my best aids has been my birkenstocks. When I’m in pain I can slip them on and feel instant relief. But I know they’re not for everyone, some people don’t like them at all.

    • Thanks Cynthia 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had it for years…not nice. I just had to google birkenstocks (hehe) and I can see why you wear them. Yesterday the doctor and our PT said to get some arch supports. You’re confirming this for me 🙂 thank you x And with all the workouts you do I think you can say you are a runner…doesn’t matter how far or how fast, running is running!

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