How to drown the Unsporty Woman: Aqua Fit

aqua 1

My concept of aqua fit was a low impact version of aerobics in the water. Good for those starting out with exercise. Gentle. Quiet. Just a lovely dip in the pool.


Aqua fit is offered by our new PT. I saw on the term 2 program starting in a few weeks that she is introducing Extreme Aqua Fit. Beauty, I thought. This might be a good thing to introduce to the cross-fit side of my training while looking after my foot. The Lazy Runner recommends water running so my thinking was that this might be something similar to try and it’s in our town so no big drive into the city (the pool is at the local primary school). I messaged our PT and asked if there were places for the class…yes, she said but why not come along to the usual session for the last couple of weeks of term 1? Ok, I thought, I’ll do that.

Beautiful Esther Williams made it look easy

Beautiful Esther Williams made it look easy

How wrong could I be about aqua fit?

Believe me it is possible to sweat while in a pool! A pool full of water!

It was intense. Manic. I thrashed and crashed around in the water with about 20 other ladies for a full 45 minutes. It was pure endurance and exhaustion all rolled into one. Working against the resistance of the water was an awesome workout (I’m quite stiff today and a bit of DOMS is happening).


Then the Unsporty Woman got cramp. I’m talking scrunch your face up and cry CRAMP! Did I mention I was in the deep end of the pool at the time and I required saving??? How embarrassing. Me, a fairly strong swimmer being rescued! Help! I screamed while going under the water holding onto my cramped calf. Gulp, gulp, splutter…HELP! Oh my, how terribly embarrassing (did I say that already…embarrassed to the extreme). That was my right calf. It calms down and I go back to working out. AND let me tell you I was working out and putting my all into those movements. Then, just because my legs obviously like to do things in pairs my left leg cramped. This time I was in the shallow end with a noodle so not quite as dramatic. Oh my.


So if you see a group of lovely ladies going to a swimming pool in an assortment of coloured bathing caps, carrying their pool noodles, some might even be in pastel coloured fluffy dressing gowns… don’t think they are going for a lovely little float and jump in the pool… they are energetic athletes about to smack the living daylights out of that water and beat it to a pulp…oh and probably save the Unsporty Woman while they are at it! That class was standard Aqua Fit…however am I going to cope with Extreme Aqua Fit???

The Foot

How’s my foot? Much improved! It’s stiff but not painful anymore and the limp has pretty much gone. I’m icing, stretching and rolling. Hopefully I will be back running soon. The power of positive thinking is a real and tangible thing. When I read the comments from the last two posts I felt so incredibly buoyed up. Those comments were like salve to my weary and troubled heart, like jewels to treasure. Thank you. However I’m being sensible, trying to see my sore foot as a little hiccup on the road. Running is a like an old friend; running will still be there and welcome me back when the time is right. I’m going to visit a gym tomorrow and see about spin biking…it’s a hiccup with some adventure along the way. I do miss running and I MISS so badly running with my beautiful running buddies (oh how I wish I had a Friday run planned with Louise tomorrow)… but I will be back soon….as long as I can survive Aqua Fit that is (hehe).

Happy running 🙂

10 thoughts on “How to drown the Unsporty Woman: Aqua Fit

    • Thanks Shaz 🙂 it was funny…everyone was concerned but then as we all got out of the pool there were comments of ‘are you ok?’ with a bit of a giggle attached. All in good fun and even I think it’s funny hehe

  1. Lol so sorry you had to go through the pool calf cramps. I get them all the time from pushing off the wall. The little toe is the worst!

  2. You are hilarious! Such a funny post. Glad you are finding alternatives that allow your foot to heal. As much as you miss running, injuries tend to be part of it. Learning how to manage those is part of the big picture. Now if you that Aqua was tough brace yourself for spin class girl. 🙂

    • Oh dear Sue 🙂 now I’m a bit worried if Spin is going to tougher! Glad you enjoyed the post…It was very funny even at the time. Once I’m back running I’ll keep up these other forms of exercise and cut back to three runs a week I’m thinking.

      • That exactly how much I run, no more than three times a week. It seems more than that I get injured. Spin class is a great workout and since you do Crossfit you will have no problem.

  3. LOL! I’m laughing at your being rescued part, sorry.
    I also thought aqua fit was like an easy workout, let’s move a step to the left, let’s move a step to the right… I must have been watching the older ladies version of it.

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