Big Toes

I’m fortunate enough to have two big toes. They aren’t the prettiest of things but I make sure they are nicely moisturised and my current nail polish colour of choice is ruby-red.

My big toes don’t have joints in them.


They never have, I was born like this. In fact my thumbs are missing joints in the corresponding position. Why? Who knows? I don’t. I have always thought that both my big toes and thumbs look a bit odd and as a teenager was quite embarrassed by them. Not anymore. I can play guitar, I can touch type at 70wpm , my thumbs have never stopped me from doing anything. Same with my big toes. I can walk, swim, run, hop, jump, ride a bike – the fact that they are missing a joint doesn’t enter my head.

Yesterday I saw the Osteo – my usual Osteo was unavailable. I saw a new one. He did some muscle releases and advised that the podiatrist was the best person to help me in my current predicament.  It was still a worthwhile visit.

In short, due to my joint-less big toes I’ve developed a few funny foot issues – it’s the position of my feet and lack of flexibility that are the issue. I most probably have a Morton’s Neuroma (this can’t be accurately diagnosed without an MRI scan, but the Podiatrist is pretty sure I have this). I also have Abductor Hullucis. No, I’ve never heard of either of these things!

The outcome? I have been cleared to run BUT if there is any pain during and/or at the end of the run I have to stop and go and see the Podiatrist and take the next steps with diagnosis and treatment. This young Podiatrist was amazing. She saw right to the heart of my desire to run and assured me that whatever I had it was treatable and we would work it all out together.  She was also very knowledgeable and explained things to me – she gave me a real sense of confidence.

When am I going to run?

all taped up with 'Low Dye Strapping'

all tapped up with ‘Low Dye Strapping’

I’m so keen to do parkrun on Saturday so I’m going to leave it until then. Then IF everything is ok I’m going to adopt the Lazy Runner’s advice and only run every second day. Less sometimes can be more (I can see Louise nodding at me as she reads this along with a couple of gorgeous red heads from The Runing Group).

the thing in my's oddly comfortable!

I have a thing in my shoe…it’s oddly comfortable and makes my toes sit where they should

My running dreams are still very much intact. They might just take me a little longer to get there…but that’s ok!!! As long as I am moving I don’t mind how slow the pace is. If you happen to be at parkrun on Saturday you won’t miss me – I’ll be the one with the biggest smiliest grin on my face just to be at that start line… I hope the smile is still there at the finish but if it isn’t I’ll be back to see my feet’s new best friend, my lovely Podiatrist. There will be a solution.

far happy always

Running truly is a gift – even for those of us missing a few joints hehe. 

Happy running 🙂

30 thoughts on “Big Toes

  1. That sounds like very positive news, I’m very happy for you 🙂
    Looks like a very odd thing in your shoe!
    Fingers crossed for a good and most importantly, pain free run on Saturday x

  2. Great to find a podiatrist who understands and supports your need to run. Hadn’t heard of those syndromes either, nor the jointless toe/thumb issue either. Best of luck with your decision on Saturday!

    • I was really impressed with her knowledge but also with her really lovely but matter-of-fact ‘bedside manner’, just what I needed 🙂 Glad you have had a positive experience of the podiatrist too 🙂

  3. Though I don’t lack toe joints, I have bad PF and love my podiatrist as you do yours…they keep our dreams alive! Here’s to healthy jointless running in your near future!

  4. Sounds like great news and how nice to have a supportive podiatrist. Enjoy your parkrun no matter what the outcome (wishing for a great outcome for you!)

  5. Oh this is good news. It has given me some hope that I won’t be told to stop running if I go see a podiatrist, will make an appointment soon. Thanks for sharing and good luck with parkrun

      • Away at mo will try and get appointment when I get back. Scared she will say a) stop running or b) let’s have that bunion off!

      • Take care of yourself Shaz, I would be putting it off too. However! better to go and find out the facts and then you will know what’s going on. I really wish I’d gone along sooner, but I thought it was PF and I knew what to do for that. But it wasn’t – I needed to go to the Podiatrist right back in October last year when I started having issues. Be brave and lock that appointment in for when you get back x

  6. It feels like in school – you put tape on your foot, I’ll put tape on my foot AND WE CAN BE TWINS! All the cool kids have taped up foots. I should get me a shoe insert too.

    • Absolutely! I hear that it comes in lots of funky colours too. I saw a lady at the airport last week with tartan tape up her calf muscle, she was limping badly poor thing, but the tape was really cool looking.

      • I know. All the awesome colours make it almost worth being injured. Not to mention the attention! Someone asked me yesterday “so what’s wrong with your foot?” Instead of going into
        “Well it isn’t my foot it’s my hip but in actual fact no one is quite sure” I just had to say “no idea”. I wonder if that is coolly vague or just plain obtuse?

      • hehe Melee 🙂 I really hope you get to the bottom of the issue. I’m glad my tape is all covered up, I don’t have to tell anyone. To say I am sick of wearing runners instead of my yummy funky fun shoes is a total understatement. I’m going to see if I can get some flats that I can fit the running shoes inner sole into – loving my runners but not every day thanks.

      • Oh I wore boots with knee socks yesterday to hide the tape. Knee socks got a whole lot of attention though!

      • Oh dear, we can’t win 🙂 I have a holiday in Queensland coming up soon, not sure how I’m going to go with my running shoes and all my lovely summer gear. Oh well.

  7. Sounds like good progress and good news. A friend of mine developed Morton’s neuroma. She did takes some time off running and know is back running but has to be cautious with distance and frequency.

    • That is extremely encouraging to hear Sue! I’m going to be very sensible about what I do from now on. What sort of distances did you friend to before the MN and what’s she doing now if you don’t mind me asking?

      • She was training with me for the marathon and had to withdraw when we got to training up to 25kms. She is now back training for a half marathon but I will say she took several months off and it has been a gradual process. Overall though she has recovered quite well.

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