Good Friday Ride

I love the Easter break – today is Good Friday, a day at home, no appointments, just taking the day as it comes.  Pauly has work to do on the farm but even he is taking it easy.  The rain bucketed down from early morning but all of a sudden around 11am there was a lull in the rain.  Time to get out my bike!  It’s going to be muddy and wet.

Where am I riding?  I’m riding on the farm today.  Bike riding is something I haven’t done a lot of in my adult years.  Today is wet and being a public holiday there is the potential for a bit more traffic on the roads.  I’m sticking to the farm.  Our farm is in a district called Montana (we pronounce is Mon-tar-na with a long ar sound in the middle, not the American way with a short a in the middle).  Montana is quiet, so off-the-beaten-track that most Tasmanians haven’t heard of it.  Pauly’s farm is called Ruell Downs. Ruell means Ruling Wolf and Downs is a term for a farm. The farm was named a long time ago – way before Paul took it over.  We believe it was called Ruell Downs because it had the now extinct Thylacine (or Tasmanian Tiger as it is known) on the property.

I love the ancientness of this land.  White people may only have been here for a little while (just over 200 years), but the land itself is old and for Paul and I it is a privilege to have a turn at calling it home, working the land while caring for it so that others into the future can also have a turn at calling it home.  We don’t discount the fact that before white people came the Tasmanian Aboriginal people called this place home and in our white history have been so many terrible things happen to them.  I am truly sorry about this and if I could re-write history I would.  In honour to those who have lived here before, Pauly and I do the best job that we can do to respect the land and the native animals that live here happily with us and the cows.

There are plenty of roads to ride around on the farm.  All up I did just under 10kms today.  I’ll do another set of roads another time.  (Sorry about the fuzziness of the photos, not sure what was happening with that).




Autumn leaves are everywhere


There are quite a few cattle grids or cattle stops as Paul calls them…teeth clattering things they are on a bike



20140418_114740The road surfaces are varied over the farm, from quite smooth, fine gravel to rough gravel like this.  And let’s not forget the parts that get nice and slushy and muddy!





20140418_123104There are quite a few bridges to cross.  This creek is called The Main Drain, it comes from an irrigation scheme further up in the mountains.

20140418_122449This was a challenge to ride over!

20140418_121846This big tree is known as the Bee Tree, there have been many hives in it over the years as well as nice warm possum holes.



20140418_121633The mud has a greenish tinge…we won’t say why!


Jack, one of the resident bulls.

20140418_121507Around the tanker loop just for the heck of it, that’s the dairy in the background where the cows are milked.


20140418_120637I had to open a few tapes as I went around – they look like elastic, they stretch like elastic but they carry an electric current so the handle is the only part I touch!

20140418_120613One of the dams on the farm, this one has platypus and birds of different species nesting around it.  There are also lots and lots of frogs which is a true indication of a healthy environment.

20140418_120552Black swans love nesting on the farm.

20140418_120317Two of the many Mountain Duck pairs around.  They make a funny call that sounds like honk zit honk zit.

20140418_123809Back home, just slightly muddy.

One thing having a sore foot has taught me is to be adaptable with exercise.  There is always something to get those exercise endorphins happening that keep a positive attitude and fitness levels high.  I would rather get muddy than ride on a spin bike in the gym.  I guess I’m just an outside kind of person.  The foot is so much better today, fingers crossed that it holds up for the planned run tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone.

Happy running 🙂

23 thoughts on “Good Friday Ride

  1. Oh, I enjoyed that bike ride! Isn’t cycling just wonderful? Great to have another exercise that you can enjoy while your foot heals up. Wishing you well in that run tomorrow! And a very happy Easter, of course!

  2. I am with you on the lets get wet and muddy over spin class any day. You have a lovely farm and I was touched by your words of how you and Pauly are respecting and honoring the Aboriginal people who suffered. Your big hearts shine through the rain today.

  3. You’re so right about other ways to exercise, one thing I’m grateful to my injuries for is that I gave now included 2 other forms of cross training, swimming and cycling. If I get to run again, they will be a great back up and reduce risk of injury, if running and me are not going to make it, them I have something else to fill the gap!
    Good luck for today xx

    • I’ve learnt some valuable lessons through this foot issue about over training and mixing training up a bit. I’ll write about my morning run soon but I have a smile on my face 🙂 I really hope you do get to run again Sam 🙂

    • It does a bit, some farms around here even have hawthorn hedges as tree breaks. It’s a pretty old farm, our house is turn of the century – was fun pulling up some old lino and finding newspapers under the lino from the 1930s. It feels old too. Bit like Paul and I really hehe

  4. I enjoyed the tour of the farm, you are lucky to live there with all that land. Great to go on a bike ride also, nice change from running

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