parkrun 41 – a foot test

Nine more parkruns to my 50th run.

Today was special. It was the day to test out my foot to see if it is responding to the rest and treatment.

Anxious.  Nervous.  Lacking in confidence.  Gosh it was like being a beginner runner all over again.  But, as always my lovely running buddy Janette was there.  She insisted on running with me.  I was so grateful!

We started right at the back.

Off we went.  No pain, no stiffness.  Average pace 5:46 minutes per km.  I was a bit tired, huffing and puffing more than usual for a 5km run.  This was part anxiety and part a little loss of fitness.  Janette smiled and chatted all the way around.  She encouraged this person and that, she said hello to one runner here and another runner there.  She chatted about the weekend…it was so good.  I concentrated on what she was saying and huffed and puffed the occasional response.  I hung onto her confidence and her sunny running attitude with all my might.

Pauly was volunteering at the finish line today.  I asked him to take a photo of me finishing IF I was smiling at the end.

* ~ I was smiling ~ *

...almost at the finish...
…almost at the finish…Janette and I

I was smiling because my foot was ok 🙂

parkrun41-1The run went so much better than I hoped for.  There was a tiny stinging feeling at the top of foot and my heel was a little achy but no pain.  This afternoon the heel is aching a bit more but apart from the run I’ve mown all the lawns and helped to do some shed cleaning… so all up the most amazing happy outcome.

Running is a gift.  To run far, happy and always is my goal.  Thanks left foot, thanks for holding up, thanks for teaching me that running is a gift to treasure and respect.  Yay, I ran today!  And thanks to all my blogging friends for sending me positive energy today and especially thanks Janette for helping me through.  Far, happy, always – running with a good friend…a magic, encouraging, hopeful day.

Happy running 🙂

14 thoughts on “parkrun 41 – a foot test

      1. The run went really well! Just finished in the bright sun. So funny to think of us heading into opposite seasons. Hope your foot is still feeling good. Is it all right if I call you Annie? Unsporty Woman Can Run is a lovely but long handle. 🙂

      2. That’s good to hear, nothing beats a good encouraging run 🙂 It is a bit funny the way the seasons swing around, we have snow clouds hugging the mountains now. Please call me Annie 🙂

  1. Very happy to read this, all your extra work is obviously helping. Had to smile at your huffing and puffing, I’ve had over 3 months of no running and despite swimming, pool running, cycling and the gym, my short run:walk sessions leave me gasping (and I’m only running for 30-60seconds!)
    Make sure you get plenty of rest and cross training in between your runs x

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 It was almost like being back at square one with the fitness. It makes me realise how fragile it is and how it needs to be valued and nurtured. Hope your running sessions are going well. I’m holding out some hope for City to Casino now 🙂 I’ll be sure to do the cross training – not planning another run until Wednesday…going to be very sensible 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment and all the encouragement x

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