Running by the stars

duskIt was right on dusk as I started my Wednesday night run.  Out on the farm at night it’s dark.  Very dark.  No street lights anywhere.  The only lights are from the farm houses sparsely dotted around the valley and from the occasional vehicle on the country roads.

Orion with his 'iron pot' sword and belt was very clear

Orion with his ‘iron pot’ sword and belt was very clear

It hadn’t been a good day.  Work rubbish and farm stresses all added up to the need for a run in a major way.  10kms out to Cheshunt Road and back was just what I needed.

Off I went.  It had rained non-stop the day before so the gravel roads were damp with lots of puddles and quite a few mud patches.  I ran in the cool night air with the darkness closing in around me.   Being under the mountains every so often I ran through a very cold patch of air – it felt amazing, cool and revitalising.  The glowing eyes of the cows as my head torch flashed onto them looked eerie and just a bit spooky.

The Southern Cross

The Southern Cross

With each running step I felt like the issues were slowly ebbing away.  The issues were being put into perspective by the vastness of the night sky.  As each star grew in brightness the problems of the day took on a new perspective.  The stars grew brighter, the issues diminished little bit by little bit until I felt they were almost gone.  With each passing km my happy self took over from the harassed version of me.  Head torch on, travelling by my own speed in the night air was like balm to my troubled thoughts.  It cleared my head and cleaned out my worries.

Gazing up at the sky the stars are so clear and bright.  The Milky Way looks like I could reach right up and scoop up a big bit of it – like I could jump up and dive into all it’s starry brilliance.

Night time running?    Love it!

Happy after the run warming up

Happy after the run, warming up in front of the fire

Happy running 🙂

PS as I type this Pauly and I are at the Melbourne airport in Victoria.  We are off for a few days in Western Australia to visit brown-eyed daughter #1 and the gorgeous H.  We will be doing a bit of running AND I’m going wedding dress shop with my beautiful Anna!!! So excited!

PPS foot is good – my feet issues are never going away but the Podiatrist is happy with the management and the discomfort is not too bad – happy!!!

nothing like a good glass of red after a run

nothing like a good glass of red after a run

14 thoughts on “Running by the stars

  1. Have a wonderful trip Annie. My daughter recently got engaged too! isn’t it exciting? Have fun wedding dress shopping.
    I am a terrible night runner i must admit. I seem to get motion sickness from the bobbing of the head lamp. So glad it eased your stresses. Farming is not easy.

  2. On Monday this week I had a similar sounding day to yours and could not wait to get out the door and RUN. Have a great time in Melbourne and a lovely time shopping for the wedding dress, excited for you.

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