Running is a gift

Here we are in Western Australia in the beautiful city of Perth. We are visiting Brown-eyed daughter #1 and the gorgeous H. They have lived here for just over a year, their careers bringing them to a new state that’s 5000kms and two flights away from us in Tasmania.

WA weather is vastly different to Tasmania. While in dear old Tassie we are entering the third month of autumn, getting in the fire wood and rugging up in our winter coats and boots, here in WA the daytime temperatures are still around the mid 20ºC. These people don’t know what cold is! It makes for a lovely change for us, though.

warming up
Pauly warming up

Saturday morning we visited Claisebrook Cove parkrun. With just over 200 runners it’s a bit larger than what we are used to in Launceston. What a lovely course! It starts in a park that winds around the Swan River, goes out and back before continuing on through a restaurant precinct with water-front dining and then finishing in another grassy treed area. It’s pretty, flat and fast.

starting off
the start


starting to run
starting to run

I learnt a long time ago not to judge runners by their looks. I sized up the pack and decided to put myself right at the very back of the 200+ runners.  They all had a serious sort of aura about them and seemed like they would be fast!  Since my foot issues running has become even more special to me.  Each run has become a treasured gift – just being able to run makes me feel like the biggest winner ever.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken running for granted but that little worry with the foot has really cemented my respect and joy of running.

Off we started. Gosh it was congested. I glanced down at my watch during the first km and I had times when I was barely running 7:00 minute per km pace but I just couldn’t get around. And it didn’t worry me! I was running for the fun and participation! My foot was feeling good. The sun was lovely, the river views beautiful. I was running in my happy place just enjoying the trip.

paul running
Pauly had a flight with an irrigation pipe earlier in the week and is sporting four stitches in his upper lip – ouch!


paul running2
Pauly had a great run – 23:32


By the 2km mark the pack had thinned and I was able to start zooming past some runners. I continued to pass runners all the way to the end. My average pace was 5:11 minutes per km AND my last km was 4:56 minutes! That is very speedy for this Unpsorty Woman. My time was 26:19 by my watch and 26:25 officially. I’m pretty pleased with that considering my slower start.

annie running3
a little wave for the camera


annie running

Could having an extra rest day per week be helping my pace? The funny thing is that I have a heavy head cold at the moment and was feeling quite stuffed-up and still managed one of my faster 5kms.


But what was really good was just the run itself. I came in in 100th position. No one passed me that entire parkrun and that has NEVER happened before! I passed people and managed to keep the pace up even without one of my lovely running buddies pacing me. I was second woman in my age group.  While I miss-judged where to start the runners were very serious in their running – there was lots of encouragement along the way and lots of cheers as each one crossed the finish line.  The gift of running was being celebrated regardless of the pace – doing the run and getting to the finish line was what mattered – celebrating the gift of running as a community of parkrunners.

annie and paul

After the run we had a date to go wedding dress shopping with Brown-eyed daughter #1. It was a special day.

Champagne and chocolates at the Wedding Boutique
Champagne and chocolates at the Wedding Boutique

Claisebrook Cove parkrun was my 42nd parkrun and the third parkrun that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit as a parkrun tourist. Eight more parkruns to get to my 50th AND only seven months until I turn 50! Feeling grateful that I can run no matter what the pace – running is a gift.

Happy running 🙂

PS most photos above are from the Claisebrook Cove parkrun facebook page.

Here are a few shots of what we got up to today – wineries and yummy food places are everywhere!  It was lovely to have a day out with three of my favourite people.

Chocolate sampling (Louise, this is your sort of heaven!)
Chocolate sampling (Louise, this is your sort of heaven!)
coffee tasting
coffee tasting


shame I was the only one who liked mussels
shame I was the only one who liked mussels
wine and music in the vineyard
wine and music in the vineyard

24 thoughts on “Running is a gift

  1. Annie I really think the blog is going to have to have a name change with speeds like that. You are amazing. So glad you had a lovely day with your daughter too. Hope Pauly heals up quickly. Yikes!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time in sunny Perth, can you bring some sunshine back with you to Tas!
    Can’t wait for Parkrun to start in Hobart, lots of probs with it so far. Enjoyed your post about the night running, sounds very peaceful, nowhere very safe round here to try it but love the idea.
    Going cautiously well with return to running, only running twice a week and now up to 8 min run and 2 min walk sets, managed nearly 7 km the other day (need those walk breaks though!) so hopeful for the City 2 Casino.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip x

    1. Hello Sam 🙂 Wow good to hear the running is coming along, that’s wonderful. I so admire your patience with all of this. We are coming down for City to Casino to do the 11km, I really hope we can spot each other. I’ll try and bring some of the sunshine home although today it’s raining a bit – we are about to drop my daughter off at work and head for a long slow run through Kings Park, but it’s not cold.

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