A run in Kings Park, Perth WA

What could be nicer than a run on Monday morning? Monday morning at a time when I’m usually opening up my work emails for the new week, checking my diary, prioritising things that need to be done, people who need to be assisted, meetings that need to be attended… what would be nicer than sliding all that to the side and going for a run instead?

Not too much actually!

We were enjoying a few days visiting Brown-eyed daughter #1 and the gorgeous H. They have been in WA for a little over a year now and it was the first time we had been able to visit.

Monday was overcast, slightly humid and a blissful 17ºC when Pauly and I started our run. 12kms was the decided distance. After dropping Brown-eyed daughter #1 off at work we continued on to Kings Park. Imagine a beautiful enormous undulating park with views of the city, the Swan River and bushland. It’s an oasis in the middle of Perth, Western Australia. It has so many roads to choose and even more bush paths winding their way through different areas of the park. It has the Botanic Gardens next door so finding a run of 12kms wasn’t difficult. We had a look at map my run the night before to get our bearings.

kings park

Gosh it was lovely.

This run was a true chill out. We didn’t worry about pace at all. We chatted together. We enjoyed being away from all the have-tos, all the to-do lists, all the grind of daily working life – that was all swept away while we ran.

More than ever I am grateful for a body that can run. My little bit of foot trouble has certainly awakened me to what is truly important with running and that for me is just being able to do it! Running truly does give precious time out for the body and the mind to chill.  My foot issues are still with me but are proving to be extremely manageable.

Back at home, we are now looking forward to some runs over the next three weekends:

  • Sunday is Mother’s Day here in Australia and I am joining my Mum in the Mother’s Day Classic in Ulverstone – this is the inaugural event and will be a 4.3km run and walk – loving the extra .3 on the end!
  • Next Sunday Pauly and I will be running in Hobart’s 11km City to Casino. Last year Pauly pulled a hamstring and wasn’t able to finish so we are hoping for a better race for him. I managed it in 1:01:00.
  • The Saturday after that is the Launceston Running Club’s Lilydale Lope, Pauly wasn’t able to do this handicapped race last year due to his hamstring. We are both looking forward to this one very much. This is 16kms of hills.

A gentle, relaxing run on Monday was just what we needed but now it’s time to start getting into our training plan and focussing on being ready for Run Melbourne half-marathon in less than three months. With lots of different runs coming up over the next few weeks we will be getting lots of practice for lining up at the end of July to run those 21.1kms. More than ever it’s not about the speed for me, it’s about the endurance and the distance and just being able to run. I feel so grateful to be able to run!  Running is a precious gift that makes life even more wonderful.  We don’t know what’s around the corner, let’s make each day and each run count and be happy 🙂 love running

Happy running 🙂

18 thoughts on “A run in Kings Park, Perth WA

    • Thanks for the beautiful comment 🙂 all the best with the crossfit. I’m running tomorrow in the Mother’s Day Classic and along with dedicating the run to my Nanny and Mum I will think of my brave crossfit warrior keeping on going despite battling MS x

  1. I so enjoyed reading about your run in Perth (and ‘Tassie’). We have had two memorable trips to Tasmania and also Perth. In fact my current bookmark was purchased in Kings Park. Keep up the good work. ShazMUM

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