My Superman

Five years ago tomorrow Pauly and I married. It’s our 5th Wedding Anniversary.


Let me tell you about my Pauly, my Superman.

He wears running shoes. He is the person who introduced me to something that has become my biggest passion and love apart from he himself and my three children. He was the one who encouraged and believed in me that I could indeed become a runner. When no one else knew that I was having a go, he did and he never doubted. He was there every running step along the way. He is the one who celebrated my first whole 1km from our house to our letter box. He was there all throughout training for the Point to Pinnacle last year.  He ran those 21.4kms with 1250m in altitude all the way to the top of that mountain and then waited for me to cross the finish line.  He watched me achieve my Holy Running Grail and cheered me over the line. He never doubted I could do it, he even had a bangle engraved with Point to Pinnacle 2013 ready to give me at the end. Such was his belief in me.


He is a pretty good runner. On Saturday he did the Launceston Running Club’s 10km Blackstone Heights handicapped race and came in 3rd place. It was pouring with rain and everyone looked like poor bedraggled drowned rats! It was a soggy, hilly experience.

wet and stormy
wet and stormy

He was there on Sunday when I ran the Mother’s Day Classic. 4.3kms in 22.58 – he was really happy for me. I was aiming to run this event in 23:00 or less…just made it! He celebrates every success no matter how small.

pink2 pink1

All dressed in pink with my Mum

My Superman also wears gumboots. He’s a hardworking Dairy Farmer. With his weather-beaten face, often with a few days of whisker-growth on his chin, his clear blue-eyes sparkle from beneath his beanie. He makes gumboots look hot! Over the last five years there have been many dark days courtesy of the Global Financial Crisis. It is a testament to his strength of character, farming knowledge and ability and dogged determination that we are still privileged to call this farm home.


We are fortunate to find solace in running. We are fortunate to have this as an out. We are fortunate that when we need to have a rest from the stress of farming we can get out and run together. Running has been a necessary ingredient over the last few years to keep us sane. We can run together and forget about everything else and just delight in the moment, the challenge and the wonderful friends we have made through running.


He is my true love. My best friend. My forever man.  My Superman.

Thank you Pauly for introducing me to running. You are my superman and I am your Lois Lane. We zoom through life doing our own version of saving the world here on the farm. Just as well for you Pauly, that like Lois I can hold on for dear life! Life is an adventure not a worry so I am told, and with you my love the adventures never seem to stop.

From my running, farming Superman and I…

Happy running 🙂

29 thoughts on “My Superman

  1. What a match made in heaven. God has a special place in his heart for farmers and their wives. I grew up on a farm, my grandpa was a farmer. I am to this day the only one in the car who never notices that the chicken poo has been dusted on the pasture. Meh… what smell? Congrats on your wedding! A lovely couple.

  2. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you two are made for each other, how blessed you are to have found each other. And I love your reference to superman, so sweet. I give, what’s a “parmi”??

      1. That’s interesting. Here in the US you would never find that in a pub. It’s mostly burgers or maybe spicy fried chicken wings. Or anything you can get frozen and throw in a deep fryer. In my area specifically, most pubs offer a fish fry on Fridays. Deep fried battered cod and french fries.

      2. Interesting 🙂 pub food here can be quite varied but roast of the day, fish n chips and a parmi are pretty standard. The Deloraine Hotel does wood fired pizza too – yum!

  3. I’m a bit behind in my reading. Congrats on the anniversary and the great all around life. Not many people are so positive, even 5 years out. Again, congratulations!!!

    1. Thanks Tom 🙂 we have been fortunate to find each other, that’s for sure. I’m behind with my reading too by a few days and last night had a big catch up. WordPress reader was being a bit strange though. It was only showing blogs of 5 to 6 days ago as the latest ones…I had to go into some blogs and find the new posts. I hate missing out on the news!

      1. Ha. Me too. I have such issues with the WordPress app. Now I just try to keep a list of posts I want to read. Sometimes I still get behind!!! 🙂

  4. I’m just catching up on all my favs and honestly, I can tell you, even in the best of times, the WP reader lets me down with a bang. So now I just head off to the “Blogs I Follow-Edit” section and start reading from the list there.

    But hey, whatever about that, I just had to drop by and say “Happy Anniversary!”

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