City to Casino

Remember to thank your body for allowing your soul this experience

I read this in a comment from one blogger to another. It has really got me thinking and being even more grateful for this gift called running – for the wonderful experience of being at the start line of a running race.  This comment was made by becelisa on Road to 100‘s blog – both awesome blogs.

This weekend Australian Rules Football lost a living legend – over 80 years old, extremely fit, still swimming, running and being involved in the game. With a muscular, athletic body that men more than half his age would be envious of, it took cancer to bring him down. From reports in the media it brought him down quite suddenly. There were many interviews of his colleagues and friends past and present asking what this man was like.

A former player who was under him as a coach made a profound comment that has stuck with me. He said that under this Coach when his team got to the game it was the easy part. It was the training and the coaching and the rigorous regime of physical and mental strengthening that this Coach put them through that was the tough part. The game itself as a result was nothing compared to the training. The Coach ensured that his team were as well prepared as they possibly could be for the big event. As they kicked off to play, the dress rehearsals had already won the match for them – they would do their very best on the day.

I have heard it said many times that a race is won in the weeks and months of training leading up to the event. Winning for me is running all the way and finishing. It’s enjoying the event and doing my best on the day. This was certainly the case on Sunday when I lined up with Pauly, a small band from The Running Group and about 1000 other runners for the City to Casino 11km hilly fun run.  This event started in 1973 with 199 participants, yesterday there were just on 4000 across the three different distances.


Two medals – Pauly zoomed in with a time of 53:44. After his DNF last year thanks to a pulled hamstring halfway, we were both really pleased with his run.

Despite the foot issues I’ve recently experienced I was as prepared as I could be. I don’t always have fantastic training runs but I do them. I don’t always enjoy crossfit but I do it. Then when I get to the start line I’m ready to reap the reward of being prepared.



And I did reap it yesterday. No PB but a really good run. I enjoyed every single running step of it. I felt like I was…

 …gliding up those hills…
…zooming around those bends…
…rocketing along those straights…

Of course I wasn’t. I was delightfully average with pace. Plodding along and getting through those 11kms in 1:02:02 (last year was 1:01:30). But for me this run was all about doing it. Being there at the start line of another fun run, feeling so grateful to my body that I can run. Grateful to my determination and dedication to training. The Unsporty Woman can run a hilly 11km course – Unsporty Women can run! If I can become a runner anyone can! 

Thank you body for allowing my soul this experience, it was great, can’t wait to do it again!

Happy running 🙂

A real highlight of this event was meeting a blog reader, the very lovely Sam. Sam has encouraged me through her comments on the blog so often. She has experienced injury but maintains her sunny, positive disposition. It was such a pleasure to meet her!!!!


22 thoughts on “City to Casino

  1. It was lovely to meet you too! After following your running story and missing you at a few other events I was eagerly scanning the crowds and thanks to knowing what you looked like, we got to meet up. Hopefully we will see each other again at other runs soon.
    Great run, you should be happy with your time and well done to Paul for his great result too. Was very happy with my first fun run since Christmas, 7kms 37:35 mins and son did better than he’d thought too xx

    • Thanks so much for looking out for me! I hope we can meet up and say hello again too. Sounds like you had a wonderful run, it must be so good to be back into it – that’s a fantastic time coming back after so many months off. Good to hear your son did well too. Meeting you really made the day extra special. Thanks again xxx

      • One day we mighty even be running together in the same run, although it will be a while before I can catch you! Was very happy to be running again, it actually felt harder than last year but was pleased with time. Doing another run this weekend, Kingston Fun Run 5km, so looking forward to that.
        Good luck with all your marathon training xx

  2. I like that statement also! There have been several times where I needed to run and was able to because I am a runner. Sounds strange, but it is when I “have to run” somewhere that I appreciate that my body “does run for fun”. Anyway, congrats to the two of you on the race and thanks for the interesting post!

  3. That is a wonderful quote Annie. I will keep that one with me. You have been very helpful in getting me through the post marathon ‘blahs’. I appreciate your infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude.

  4. As I am only really able to do one run per year, I was thinking of you all participating this day… it is so true, that the race is a ‘result’ of the weeks and months leading up to the day…. {oh, and getting to the start line helps too}
    Great to see two fab pieces of bling hanging there….really spiffy 😉

  5. Love the quote, yes it is so true. Glad you had a great run considering your recent foot issues. Even greater hubby got to finish this year. I can imagine you zooming around those bends gliding up those hills and rocketing down the straights 🙂 Well done 🙂

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