Curve balls, squats, mud and cider

It’s been a week of curve balls at work. Since I am the Unsporty Woman curve balls are difficult for me. I’m not that coordinated, I have trouble catching and kicking and well it’s just been an all round blah sort of week. But I survived.

On the other hand, it’s been a wonderful week of running and fitness.

Monday night we went into Launceston and ran with The Running Group – it was an interesting run of 5 x 800m with full recovery in between. We had to try and run each rep at a consistent pace.  I’m not known for my consistent pace but I did try. Honest Coach I did! Then it was off to the pub with a number of lovely runners for the all important Parmi and Pint.

An example of a parmi
An example of a parmi

Then came Tuesday night’s Outside Fit. Imagine a football oval at night. It’s lit up because the local footy team is training. They’re running around the inside of the oval, kicking the odd football and doing all sorts of exercises.

On the outside road that runs around the oval our awesome new PT is drilling a dozen victims (there’s Pauly and I). Oh my goodness! There we are squat jumping – ladies with a 5kg disk and men with a 10kg disc held in close to our chests. Not just a couple of squat jumps, no. Not just several reps, no. We squat jump around the entire perimeter of that oval. Burning, dying, fatigued quads. Glutes that want to stop and wither. Faces scrunched up in pain. Oh my goodness. AGONY!!!! Then we place the disk on our chests and do pull ups from the rail that runs around the oval. Again and again and again. Up down up down up down. Burn, burn burn. I wanted to cry. Then too many squat-presses to count. Quite a bit of running including some team suicide runs and finally, finally (sigh) the end and stretches.

Gosh it was a good session – LOVED it!

It might look like laps of an oval, but it was pure torture!
It might look like laps of an oval, but it was pure torture!

Wednesday night I headed to aqua fit – another awesome workout with our new PT. Yes, it is possible to sweat in the pool! Water running is so good, such a great workout. We ran backwards and forwards, tuck jumps and frog jumps in between. More and more and more reps. We also had to pull ourselves out of the pool and hold our body weight on the side – such a great upper body workout.

Then came tonight.

The girls as I was heading up our driveway
The girls as I was heading up our driveway
The storm clouds hid the mountains tonight
The storm clouds hid the mountains tonight

With our second attempt at the Lilydale Lope on Saturday, a hilly 16.6km handicapped race with the Launceston Running Club I thought I should at least run 12km tonight. The only trouble is that after that workout on Tuesday I have a new appreciation of DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) except I have a new thing – it’s IOMS (yep….IMMEDIATE Onset of Muscle Soreness).

I am so stiff and sore. But I did those 12kms, I got them done – quite slowly though. I started off in the light and it was dark by the time I got home oh and did I mention it had been raining most of the day? It was so muddy and sloshy in places I had to walk in case I slipped over.

Just for Shazruns  who has cow-encounters from time to time…I had to wait for the neighbour’s cows to cross one of the many lane ways (we’re talking just on 1000 girls slowly moo-ving along). Then when I was just a little over 1km from home, I was in my happy running zone, there was a light rain happening, I was just pounding along getting those running steps done when all of a sudden I heard a very loud noise. That’s VERY LOUD! I screamed!

I had quite forgotten that our cows were in the top road paddock. The noise? A very loud cow FART! The joys of country running in the dark (if you’ve never heard a cow fart believe me that they bring new meaning to the term loud and proud 🙂  )


Those work curve balls really hit me for six this week. Didn’t enjoy it at all. But with so many awesome fabulous fitness things to keep me focused, well, I survived. Can’t wait for the Lilydale Lope – I’ll be the one running like Tin Man, I hope these stiff old legs of mine loosen up before Saturday!

Why I have a pair of 'going out' running shoes
Why I have a pair of ‘going out’ running shoes

Happy running 🙂

PS an awesome muddy, wet run then a yummy Tasmanian Cider and the work-week is well and truly put behind me – I love running!


22 thoughts on “Curve balls, squats, mud and cider

  1. I am not surprised you have muscle soreness after all that, you rock!
    Had another cow encounter yesterday, this time I was in my own as they headed towards me and I could not find the stile to get out of their field, fortunately non of them farted if they had I would have probably died of fear on the spot.

    1. Big giggles. I’m glad they didn’t fart too. Next time they are approaching flap your arms like a bit wide eagle and say MOVE UP with authority (you might have to say it quite a few times). They will leave you alone – promise! That works for our cows anyway.

  2. Annie no surprise that you are sore! Quite the training regime you have going on. Hope the curve balls lessen and good luck on the weekend. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 honestly sometimes I think our PT has secretly taken out life insurance policies on us! She is really good – we definitely get good value for money with these sessions. Not sure how I’ll go this weekend but it’s all about finishing and I am sure I can do that. Thanks again.

      1. I am sure you can Annie. Lots of stretching, rolling and rest between now and then. Hopefully your PT doesn’t suggest you move a field of hay bales today 🙂

  3. What a fantastic fitness week! That’s crazy great working out. I love the variety too. Too funny about the cow fart in the dark. I’m still giggling. Thanks for the pic of the parmi. Hope next week at work is better

  4. OMG what a week of workouts, good on you. I’m still cracking up about the cow LOL. Have fun Saturday. 😃😃

  5. Thanks once again for an awesome blog at least I know that I.m gonna a light hearted laugh and chuckle. Its nice to know that there are people like you that are down to earth and not full of themselves,then again most runners I know are pretty much like yo:):) keep on blogging and I’ll keep on reading lol.

    1. Gosh, thanks so much for the lovely comment – I’m glad you had a laugh from it. Life is too short not to find the funny side. I totally agree – runners are the nicest most down to earth bunch of people around. I have been blown away by how inclusive the running community is. Everyone should try running – there would be way less issues in the world hehe 🙂

    1. This one is! I didn’t mention the tread water parts where we had to have both feet pointing down and just use small arm movements to stay afloat. And last week we had floating dumbells to drag through the water…oh my goodness, fantastic workout! 🙂 is a good addition to running training.

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