Running in Port Douglas

PD weather

It’s hot and humid here in comparison with home.  We left the frosts and freezing temperatures of Tasmania and entered the warmth of tropical North Queensland. Running has been a bit tough but we are getting it done.

Pauly excited about running...yes that's an excited look!

Pauly excited about running…yes that’s an excited look!

It would be better if we could get up and run in the early morning. But we’re on holidays. Pauly is a dairy farmer – a sleep-in becomes a necessary part of the holiday routine.


We’ve been running at 5pm along the beach, just enough time to run before the tropical darkness descends. Dusk is over in a blink of an eye here. The beach has lovely flat hard sand and just before dusk is shaded by huge palm trees. For us from Australia’s south, being up north in the tropical wonderfulness of it all is really quite entrancing. It’s another world.


We haven’t seen many other runners up here. A few very ripped looking younger men and a couple of young women. No one remotely pushing 50 or 60. Perhaps they are sensible and run in the mornings.  Our lovely running buddy Louise was here recently and said she saw runners in the mornings – but we can’t quite get the discipline together to heave ourselves out of bed early when we’re on holidays.  We are talking about it though.

You will know Pauly and I if you see us running along the beach just before dusk. We are the older runners, sweaty and red faced. Taking an easy pace and getting the kms done.



Happy running 🙂


a swim in the resort’s salt water pool – it’s heaven after a run in this humidity


Very Australian – prawns on the bbq

Some tropical flowers especially for Red Hen and Shazruns


20140602_164210 20140602_164219

8 thoughts on “Running in Port Douglas

  1. Thanks for the flower pics they are beautiful. Love the beach shots, lucky you to run there and then jump in the pool, continue to enjoy

  2. Yes, thank you from me too! You both will look back on this time with a great deal of pleasure. Beautiful beach, beautiful flowers and beautiful people having a wonderful time. Enjoy yourselves!

  3. I think I see the humidity in the photos! Good for you to get out and do it. The pool seems like a marvelous plan following. Lovely flowers too.

  4. Just beautiful, a very special place. Hats off to you running in the heat and humidity and lie ins are compulsory on holiday!
    It will feel rather cooler when you get home!

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