Running in the rain tropical style


Watching the Cairns Ironman was fun and inspiring. We saw the Ironman participants twice in Port Douglas. They did their nearly 4km swim, then jumped on their bikes for the cycle leg. And what a leg. 180kms. There were two laps from Cairns up to Port Douglas and back again. The little town of Port Douglas was geared up to cheer and support these amazing athletes. We saw them a quarter of the way through their ride and then again at the three-quarter mark.

The elites coming through

The elites coming through


The volunteers were so good – they cheered the riders on and
gave these cute Crocodile Clackers out to people on the street. 
The whole town was cheering these awesome Ironmen on.


There was a big screen set up at the turn around point in the main street.
There was a cool dude commentating on the cyclists, telling us their age groups
and other interesting facts. 

There was a man from Japan aged 81! 
This shot is of some Ironman 70.3 finishers back in Cairns.

Watching from the pub with champers and eating Baramundi - SWEET!

Watching from the pub with champers and eating Barramundi – SWEET!

After a lovely morning cheering on the Ironman we headed back to the resort. From our balcony we watched the back-of-packers coming through until mid-afternoon. I applaud these people. So many were ordinary people like Pauly and I; there they were doing something remarkable. They got out of their comfort zone and trained and trained and trained and there they were doing an Ironman.


And let’s not forget that after their bike ride there was the matter of running a marathon before reaching the finish line.


It had been raining all day and was slightly cooler, about 20ºC. This was a great opportunity for a longer run. Off we went along the beach – palm trees, coconuts washed up along the tide line, waves, cool rain. The Beach is called Four Mile Beach, so we had to go up and back just a bit to get 12kms done.

Bliss. Total bliss. Being fit enough to run 12kms just like that.

How I love being fit. This is the year of the Happy Half Marathon for me. I am amazed that I can lace up my shoes and crank out these sort of distances without too much trouble.

I might not be an Ironman and certainly not fast. BUT from where I started to this point in my running journey, I’m absolutely fabulous!!!

Like the Ironman people it’s all about training and being consistent. Chipping away at goals, being sensible with how much I do, slowing building up.

This Unsporty Woman is so proud of herself!

If I can you can too! YES!!! YOU CAN!!!


Happy running 🙂


20 thoughts on “Running in the rain tropical style

  1. Oh this is such good advice Annie. I think for so many of us who are not the fastest, not the youngest, not the strongest…be proud of getting out there and doing it! Love your positive motivation that you spread around like sunshine.

  2. Funny, I was thinking about where I am with fitness on my run yesterday. It is just a great feeling to be able to run, well, father than I ever expected I could do at any point in my life. I’d pass on the Ironman, mind you, but enjoy the spectacle very much indeed.

  3. Great post! Especially love the quote at the end! Something I need to remind myself of when I feel like I’m not getting to where I want to be fast enough!

  4. Such a nice post, thank you for the uplift. I’m proud of you too! That is an awesome thing, being able to run 12 kms, just like that 🙂 That is so cool getting to see an Ironman. I love the quote at the end too- I do tend to focus on the goal too much and not the process

    • Awww Thanks Cynthia, that means a lot! We can all lose focus on how far we’ve come. It’s good to look back and realise that no matter where we might be we are getting there and our goals are getting closer to being done than they were yesterday 🙂

  5. Wise words spoken from a true runner:) It’d be brilliant if more people could understand especially the non active folk or folk that don’t run . This is what running is about thank you once again for being awesome .

    • Aww thank you 🙂 that really makes my day! I totally agree with you. Until we run in the shoes we have no idea about what running is all about. It’s so much more than moving forward in running steps – we runners get each other.

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