Being grateful

Detaching from reality entering into an Oriental world. The calmness and serenity not only wash over me but completely consumes and takes over. Still. Quiet. Nothing else exists except for the soothing touch of firm hands.


The massage I had today was at a Japanese Spa here in Cairns, North Queensland Australia. It was called a Relieving Massage. The oils used were light and soothing. I felt like I’d been transported away to a Japanese-style tropical island complete with Japanese themed music and refreshing green tea before and after the massage.

Massage number two was amazing. Massage number one was too. But the difference with massage number two was that there were no knotty shoulders. There wasn’t an ouchy neck. There were no parts of me that was tight and stressed.

I’m relaxed.

That’s what a holiday in the tropics does.

It completely relaxes, soothes and revives a world-weary body and soul.

Tropical North Queensland? If you ever get the opportunity to come and experience this magic please do.

We only have one life. I feel so lucky to have married a man who values holidays and time out. After years of being trapped in a relationship where spending just a little money on myself was taboo… Then a single Mum for nine years doing it tough…. Now married to a hard working dairy farmer who loves life, works hard and does the right thing by his family both his own children and grandchildren, and his step-children… I am one lucky Unsporty Woman! We work hard all year and for the last two weeks we’ve got to have just a little bit of time out for ourselves.  This has been such a wonderful holiday!

We have of course done a little running over the last few days.


Running along the Cairns Esplanade at twilight, not looking at my watch but just deciding to keep up with my Husband? 7kms in 41:02 with the pace gradually getting faster. Km 6 at 5:30 minutes/km and Km 7 5:24.


Keeping up with Pauly isn’t an easy thing but I managed it this time. He went out at my pace and at the turn around point gradually picked up the pace, glancing over his shoulder to see if I was keeping up and because I was he gradually got a little faster. There were people everywhere taking advantage of the warm dusk air. We wove in and out of walkers and even overtook some runners. I determinedly kept up with Pauly. It was a really good run.


The holiday is almost over. Saturday will see us fly home to Tasmania and Sunday we are joining our running buddies to run the Launceston 10. You will not miss me in this race. I’ll be the one shivering adjusting back to winter temperatures but with the tropical suntan and a contented smile. Smiling that I can run and smiling with happy memories of a beautiful holiday.

Happy running 🙂

PS Launceston 10 is known as Australia’s Premier 10km road race and the fastest!  I may have a suntan but please don’t mistake me for one of the four awesome runners from Kenya who are coming to this event!  No chance really I’ll be at my happy back-of-pack place and they will be done and dusted before I get to the turn around point.

12 thoughts on “Being grateful

  1. So happy to hear about your lovely holiday and tropical runs, don’t know how you manage it! Good luck for the Launceston Ten, you really will feel the cold after FNQ but running soon gets you warm 🙂

  2. So happy for you Annie. It sounds like you and Pauly have such a wonderful relationship. You have obviously come through some very tough times and deserve every happiness.

  3. Sounds wonderful! I’m a single mom now, going on 9 years myself… so you’re saying there’s hope for love? Gosh, I wanna believe I can find what you just described. Happy for you! Also, I’d take Australia both cold and tropical! Dream destination for me. =)

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