Winning the prize

Driving from the farm to Launceston and back, we pass by a road-side shrine that is in memory of a much loved family man.  This man was killed in a car accident at that spot.  It was a one-vehicle accident caused by the gentleman having a heart attack.  The flowers are updated periodically over the course of each year.  One time when I was driving by, a small party of people were there at the shrine laying fresh flowers.  On Saturday as we were driving I noticed that yet again there were some fresh flowers on the shrine.

Another Launceston Running Club event

On Saturday Pauly and I ran another Club run with LRC.  This one was the Van Dieman Brewery 9.6k.


What a shame Pauly and I don’t drink beer!

I had this concept that because the really tough LRC runs have a name (like The Gutbuster for example), that ones without a name wouldn’t be as tough.  WRONG! 


It was steep!


What can I say other than my running confidence has improved out of sight this year.  I have shaved time off events in massive proportions.  The Gutbuster (11.6km) has been 9 minutes faster, the Lilydale Lope (16.6km) has been 6 minutes faster and my 10km time has been almost 5 minutes faster.  It is fair to say that the handicap I run off on these Club events doesn’t really represent where I am now. LRC2

I had an amazing run on Saturday.  I zoomed along the flats.  I chipped consistently up those hills and then I literally flew down that great big decline.

With 400m to go I had passed four runners but no one had passed me!  OMG, was I coming first???  I’m a little slow in the brain department when I run.  I can’t do mental maths at all.  I can’t remember everyday details.  So what can I say but I was having a big dose of unsporty-running-brain.  I rounded the corner for the final climb to the finish line and said to a lady cheering on the sidelines, I’m not coming first am I?  Yes!  she said, but two runners are gaining on you.  Those two runners pipped me at the post by 5 seconds and I came in 3rd place.

Me the Unsporty Woman got a place in a handicapped running race!!!???!!!???  Yes I did! 


I’ve asked for my handicap to be reassessed in light of my improved running confidence.  The handicapper said that this was a most unusual request, that usually people suggest that the handicap is too hard.  The handicap is designed so that everyone has a chance to get a place but usually after they have been running with the Club for quite a few runs.  After Saturday I have now done a mere six runs with the Club.  I just don’t feel it would be fair to take away a trophy when so many others turn up week after week, year after year and really earn their winnings.

my finish token!

my finish token!



Pauly did his 50th run with LRC on Saturday

Pauly was awarded the 50 Run Patch on Saturday.
He’s been running with the Club for quite a few years now.
(LRC changed it’s name this year from the Launceston Athletic Club)

Why do I run with LRC?

  • The runs are always amazing – undulating, interesting, well staffed with volunteers, safe and fun
  • The people are lovely and so inclusive!
  • To improve my running in a supported environment
  • Because my Husband suggested that I could sit in the car and wait for him while he ran. I got off my bottom and I became a runner so I could run too.

Celebratory coffee with Pauly and Janette paid for by my winnings (hehe)!

Recently on the LRC facebook page this was posted:

I belong to the best running club in town where it’s not just about running but about supporting each other.
Cheering each other’s successes and serious genuine encouragement when all is not going to plan.

It sums it all up really, this is what LRC is all about.

Driving Home

Driving back home again after a celebratory coffee with Pauly and Janette, yet again we drove passed the shrine.  It truly breaks my heart when I think of the loss of this obviously much loved gentleman.

Who knows when our running days will be over?  Who knows what’s around the corner?  I run to add life to my days is a quote I’ve seen on memes quite a bit lately.  Running is our happy place.  Yet again Pauly and I are facing curveballs on the farm that leave us worried and concerned.  But when we lace up our shoes and run our worries are forgotten.  When we stop and have coffee and breakfast after a Sunday run with Leanne, Leigh, Janette and Bruce like we did today our cares are pushed aside.  When I run with my beautiful running buddy Louise and we talk about life, running and everything it gives us precious time out from the real world.  With running we get a bit of a break that no other pursuit provides.

I’m so proud of my run yesterday.  I’m so grateful that this awesome bunch of runners allow me to run with them.  They are inclusive, friendly, welcoming and supportive to anyone who wants to have a go.

Winning the prize?  We are just so fortunate to belong to parkrun, LRC and The Running Group.  How on earth would we cope without running and the bonus of wonderful friendships that running has given us?  I win a prize each and every time I run!

Happy running 🙂

PS Had a quick chat with our Coach this morning, it looks like a marathon in January involving Chocolate might be on the cards.   Watch out Louise, more long runs coming up! More on that later.  Running always gives us something to look forward to.  I love running!

I love the locations that LRC run.  Running and beer – some might say that is just the right mix of challenge and reward.



12 thoughts on “Winning the prize

  1. You’re having a wonderful running year, Annie. Well deserved too! And this post nails why running is just so wonderful. And also how difficult it is to do mental maths while on the run! Believe me, I’ve tried!

  2. You’re so cute! I love that you find it strange to be getting a place – even when YOU ARE AN AWESOME RUNNER. Maybe even as badasssssss runner! Sneaky pink ninja runner!

    I need to get I Cadbury so I can eat your dust (plus chocolate 🍫🍪🍩🍫🍮)

    • Sneaky pink ninja runner – I like that! Please come to Cadbury!!! It’s such a wonderful event. 11 January 2015. And chocolate is available for all the distances at this event. I’m going to do the VIP registration again which has even more chocolate! As for eating my dust? This is a marathon…the first one…the aim will be at least to crawl over that finish line before the cut off ! hehe

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