It’s all about Chocolate

Well not really, but thinking about the chocolate takes away the scary part of the fact that Pauly, Louise and I have finally decided on which marathon to attempt first.

I’ve thought about many many marathons over the last year.  Two marathons in New Zealand, Aoraki Mt Cook and Queenstown were definite contenders for marathon number one.  The Great Ocean Road Marathon in Victoria Australia was firmly on the list of choices too.  These three marathons are still on the list, but not for number one.  All of them have stunning scenery and have a certain allure about them that makes my running feet get fidgety with anticipation.

I really wanted to do a marathon that was a loop, an out-and-back or a point-to-point course.  Definitely not laps!  No way, not laps, they would do this Unsporty Woman’s head in!110971578288387248_ga3PQ90b_f

Guess which one has been chosen?  I’ll tell you in a minute…

Developing foot issues has been extremely sobering. I don’t talk about them much on the blog but they are still there.

The stress of looking down the barrel at niggles that could’ve stopped me running has come into play in the selection of the first marathon.  What if we pay all that money to get to a mainland or international marathon and well, a niggle prevents us from getting to the start line?  Tasmania is the island state of Australia and we just don’t have many marathons to choose from.  Most people I know have selected a mainland marathon as their first.

The marathon we have chosen is all about Chocolate and running local.  And it’s all about my beautiful friend Louise.  Louise is a wise woman.  She thinks things through logically, weighs up the pros and cons and then kindly gives her suggestions.  When it comes to running she shares my passion for wanting to conquer the marathon distance.  Whereas I can wax lyrical about the romance of running, and how beautiful such and such an event might be… she gets excited about these events but is always very realistic and sensible.


We will be at the start line of the Cadbury Marathon on Sunday 11 January 2015.


Why have we chosen this one?

  • It’s in our home state, beautiful Tasmania Australia – we won’t have to travel that far, it’s just a drive down the highway instead of a plane journey.
  • As Louise said today, we did the Cadbury Half Marathon this year so we know the course and we know that it is a well organised event and lots of fun.
  • It has a great medal!
  • It comes with goodie bags FULL of chocolate!
  • We loved having VIP registration this year – lots of port-a-loos, massages, breakfast and coffee afterwards and more chocolate than you could poke a stick at!
Post-race photo with Freddo the Cadbury Chocolate Frog
Post-race photo with Freddo the Cadbury Chocolate Frog – Cadbury Half Marathon 2014

How do I feel about the laps?  A bit nervous!  It’s two laps of the same course, but scenic and flat (mostly).

Last year I asked our wonderful Coach what he thought about us running Cadbury Marathon for this January gone.  I distinctly remember him shaking his head and saying it was too soon after Point to Pinnacle – not enough recovery time for where we were with our running.  Last Sunday when I asked him what he thought about this event for 2015 he said that it would be very doable for us considering all the running we’ve been doing lately.  He did caution us to be prepared to cut back to the half marathon distance if we don’t pull up well after the Point to Pinnacle.


Point to Pinnacle will always be my Holy Grail of running events.  The event that I thought I could NEVER do in a million years.  Pauly and I were so prepared for this last year.  Even though it was running 21.4km all uphill with a 1250m rise in altitude, we made it!  The magic of that event, I will never forget.  And we got to run this event last year with runners from The Running Group who through the training runs became firm and treasured friends.  It is going to be our privilege to run with Louise on her first Point to Pinnacle in only five months’ time.  An opportunity to relive the magic, AWESOME!  And I think there are a few Tasmanian runners who follow the blog who also will be running – you are all in for the most amazing experience!  Get your hillitude on!


Yes, we did it, there we are at the top after running up that mountain.
Happy happy happy memories!
 ~ truly anything is possible now ~

But back to chocolate.  To think the Unsporty Woman is going to be at the start line of a marathon!  A marathon…you know, that really really really long one!  42.2kms.  And not on my own, Pauly will be there and Louise.  Together we will set off to conquer the marathon distance and to know the joy and election of giving it our best shot to become marathoners!

Happy running 🙂

PS now to get a plan and some long runs sorted…can’t wait!  If anyone wants to join Huey, Dewey and Louie in this marathon attempt, the more the merrier I say!  Just think of the chocolate!



16 thoughts on “It’s all about Chocolate

  1. #1. Congratulations for deciding and committing to run your first marathon.
    #2. I want to see a bunch a pictures.
    #3. You always make me jealous of the beautiful views where you live, it’s a great choice for your first Mary to be on a home course.

    1. Thanks Paul, I appreciate the encouragement especially as you are an awesomely experienced marathoner. Lots of photos? hehe I’m the queen of getting as many race photos as possible! Good to hear that you think a home marathon is a good choice for number one…it’s been a big decision but now we are committed we’ll give it our best shot. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Bravo to you Annie. I know you can do it! Frankly if I can do it anyone can. 🙂 My biggest tip for marathon training is to listen to your body, especially when the distances start to get really long. Recovery and rest is as vital as the running. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 I appreciate your faith in me and your encouragement very much. I’ll sure take on your tip, just back from a 14km run and I’m thinking oh my goodness…can I really run 42.2? I’m so pooped! Thanks again.

      1. You are most welcome! Here’s a tip someone gave me. When running never allow yourself to think of the entire distance. It messes with your mind. Just a km at a time. As you work up that long run once a week it just comes ever so gradually.

        I will be cheering like a mad woman for you!!

  3. You know the saying: if your goals dont scare the crap out of you, they’re not big enough.

    Best wishes on your training and conquering of this new distance!

  4. Congratulations on committing to a marathon! What an exciting goal. And why not for chocolate, sounds like a great choice. With your upcoming races you ought to be in great shape! Happy training. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Cynthia 🙂 It truly is all about the chocolate…. the final part of the marathon is up a little hill and finishes at the Cadbury Chocolate factory. The smell of chocolate will keep us going.

  5. Oh gosh, If I lived in Australia I would totally be there with you!! How long have you been debating running a marathon? And what FINALLY convinced you? I have done two halves but don’t know if I could ever do a full

    Congrats on choosing and committing!

    1. Hello, thanks for your encouragement. I’ve been running for four years. Did my first half marathon just a year ago, have done four in total now. Basically it was choosing something local to minimise the pressure of travel and the expense should something go wrong at the last minute. Also this one is very well organised and was lots of fun when we did the half in January this year. I don’t know if I can do it, but I sure am going to try! 🙂

  6. Hooray for your marathon aspirations! When you first said laps I imagined like running around in a circle many many times, but just doing the course twice doesn’t sound bad at all. I hope you get your little foot issue worked out so you can thoroughly enjoy the ride! Best wishes to you!

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