Rainy running

Friday was a planned run with Louise at 8am – 14kms to run towards our Run Melbourne training.

The only negative about this was the wild weather – winter has come with a mighty roar here in Northern Tasmania.  It’s freezing!  The first big dump of snow happened earlier in the week.  Snow usually only falls on the peaks, but here in the Meander Valley we are just under The Great Western Tiers.  The wind rips and rumbles over the Tiers and icily down into the valley.

Taken from our farm driveway on Thursday
The Great Western Tiers – taken from our farm driveway on Thursday

Friday was wet – wet with storms and wind.  And oh so freezing!  Our 14kms however was great!  Why was that?  I think it’s because when all the elements say Stay inside, don’t go out, it’s too cold to run, it’s too wet to run.  And then we go out and run anyway, it makes us feel MIGHTY!  Tough and invincible!  We got some interesting looks as we ran along.  You know those ones?  The smiling, shaking of the head kind of look that says You Are MAD! Crazy, raving bonkers to be out in this weather!

rainy, foggy running
rainy, foggy running

Louise and I nodded to each other… we agreed that running in these conditions is really setting us up well for Run Melbourne.  It could be like this on the day, Louise would say.  Oh yes, it could be, and we will be ready, I would reply back.

Just a little damp!
Just a little damp!
A selfie at the end.  14kms done!
A selfie at the end. 14kms done!


The power of positive-running-thinking always wins over nasty weather (at least that’s what we will keep believing).

Look what was in the mail when I arrived home!  So exciting!
Look what was in the mail when I arrived home! So exciting!

More soggy running! 

Pauly did the Launceston Running Club Westbury 12kms without me today.  Unfortunately I couldn’t run.  I had taxi driving duties to take Blondie daughter #1 to the airport for her return flight to the mainland (she came home from uni for son #1’s school production which was just awesome!).  Getting her to airport clashed with the time of the run.  Driving in this weather was just nasty!

It was 8ºC and pelting down.  But guess what?  Pauly came in 4th place!  Go Pauly!  I arrived at the run after my taxi driving duties were done just in time for the presentations – I am so proud of my Pauly but indeed of everyone who ran the race today.  It truly shows how dedicated this wonderful bunch of runners are (and perhaps that they are a little crazy too?  No…it shows how much they all love running!).

Farm cats, Mintie and Poppy.  Cats know what to do in weather like this.
Farm cats, Mintie and Poppy. Cats know what to do in weather like this.

The tide has come in on the farm.  All the water you see in the photos below isn’t normally there; the low-lying paddocks usually flood in the winter, so it’s nothing out of the normal with these sort of weather conditions.  As I type the rain is still pelting down.  Pauly and I have a rare night in with no where to go and just the two of us.  It’s a good night to be home.

Happy running 🙂



15 thoughts on “Rainy running

  1. I’m definitely a cold weather runner – nice cool drizzle is perfect, although not so keen on the wind, unless it’s helping me along from behind. 😉

  2. You’re so positive about the weather. I love that because it shows me that it really is about attitude and I use the weather as an excuse when I don’t need to! I really do have a bad attitude toward the weather. It’s been a bad winter and now a bad start to summer here and I’m complaining about it all the time 😦 Your kitties by the fire are so cute!

    1. It does help having a date with a running buddy. It’s all about attitude for sure. I do let the heat help me decide when to run but as for rain. ..just think of the hot shower and scrammbled eggs afterwards (and the feeling of being awesome hehe)

  3. I think braving the elements is one of the coolest things about being a runner. It makes you feel so alive to just get out there even if everyone else thinks you’re crazy 🙂
    Enjoy your relaxing rest of the weekend!

  4. I love running in the rain but here in South East Qld the temps don’t drop too low, when it gets down to 18c we think its cold.

  5. Do I ever miss the cold weather. I am a winter type of person rather then a HOT summer person. I might not like running in the rain and cold wind, but I still miss it a little. 🙂

    1. I’ll think of you on Friday Tom, Louise and I have our last long run before the half and it’s forecast to be freezing, wet and cold 🙂 But give me this over the heat any day, totally agree with you 🙂

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