Getting to grips with tricep dips

What a week! Thank goodness it’s Thursday.  The last four days have gone by in a somewhat stressful blurr.  Australia’s financial year goes from 01 July to 30 June.  With this has come the usual avalanche of paper work.


A total highlight of the week was our Tuesday Outside Fit class.  45 minutes of raw, gutsy exercise with our PT in the little town of Westbury, 30 minutes from the farm.

This week’s session consisted of a warm up walk.  Yes, a walk!  A few of us looked at each other thinking this can’t be true?

Did you say ‘walk’, Liza?  we asked?  Yes, she said, Walk!  We walked with a great sense of dread and foreboding.  This walk thing wasn’t lulling us into any false sense of security for a lighter session.

Before we knew it we were sprinting up and down the street.  Sprint from power pole to power pole, walk to the next to recover and sprint again.  Over and over and over again.  It was a freezing night but we were all soon throwing off our outer layers and getting down to our tee shirts. Steam was oozing off us!

The lovely Liza, our PT then started to punctuate the runs with exercises.

First came 10 step-up with hops off a knee-high bench – 10 for each leg.  Then back to the repeated sprinting.

Then we repeated the step-ups with hops and added 20 tripcep dips with straight legs. Then back to the sprinting.


Just for fun the next time we got back to our beloved benches it was 10 step-ups with hops, 20 tripcep dips with straight legs.  Oi!  I’m watching you, get your bum down and dip!  Liza would say, to anyone who wasn’t observing good form.  Followed by 30 pushups from the bench.

Sprinting again.  Sweating. Puffing. Aching.  The sprinting was fast becoming the restful period of the session.


Liza got us into pairs.  Fortunately for me I paired up with the lovely Victoria.  She is a sweet girl and while she is super  fit and muscly there isn’t too much of her.  So after the step-ups with hops, tricep dips with straight legs and the 30 pushups we then had to piggy-back our partner and do 40 squats each.

With. Our. Partner. On. Our. Back! 

Yep.  Poor Victoria!!!! She had to squat with me on her back 40 times!  And then it was my turn to piggy-back Victoria, but like this Mummy Polar Bear, I hardly knew she was there because Victoria is so little!

Sprinting again and we go through all our exercises right up to the squats.  The next exercise added to this pyramid was bench hops: we had to hold onto the bench and leap over and back 50 times!

Oh my word sprinting was definitely the rest period.  We repeat all the exercises again and finally we had to hover over the bench with our bottoms just above and lift one foot, then the other with our arms out in front.  Lift, lift, lift, grunt, lift, lift, lift, scrunch up the face, look like we are about to cry but don’t stop lifting those legs!


Liza is the sort of trainer where even if she has her back to us and we decide to have a little sit on that bench, all of a sudden from nowhere comes ANNE-MARIE!  Don’t you sit on that bench!!!  So I don’t.

We were so right to be wary of that walking warm up.  If a PT gets us to warm-up walk again I will be mentally preparing myself to be absolutely put through my paces AND totally love doing it!

When we first started with Liza we asked her to correct our form.  She does!  And we love it!  Perhaps not at the time but we do love it.  Honest we do.  Am I convincing you?


What made this Outside Fit class awesome was the realisation that I was doing straight leg tricep dips, cranking out 20 at a very rapid rate with pretty good form (well Liza didn’t pull me up so I’m thinking it must’ve been ok).  I’m still not quite there with pushups (Anne-Marie! Get that chest down lower!) but even those are getting a little bit more doable (I can’t use the word easy because I don’t think pushups will ever be easy).  A goal of mine for 2014 is to be able to crank out 20 pushups rapidly with good form.  I’m well on the way to achieving this goal.  I really do love going to Liza’s sessions. She is fun, enthusiastic and dedicated.  She does put us through our paces but that’s why we go!  She is totally awesome!  We are so fortunate to have such a great PT so close to the farm.

After the week of stress and farm issues, being able to look back and see an improvement in my strength and fitness has been balm to my worn-our mind.  It honestly is the little things that make me happy.

Getting to grips with tricep dips?  I sure am!

Happy running 🙂

PS tomorrow is 18km day – Louise and I will do our last long run before Run Melbourne.

16 thoughts on “Getting to grips with tricep dips

  1. I’m exhausted reading your post Annie. Sorry to hear about the stress and farm issues. The workout hopefully gave you a mad rush of those feel good endorphins.

      1. Thanks for asking, feet are ok. Manageable. It’s totally pouring with rain this morning, I think we are going to get wet today for our 18km run (and cold) 🙂

      2. I prefer running in the snow than the rain. Hard not to get completely soaked when its pouring. One km at a time. Visualize someone who can’t run and would give anything to do it. That helped me a lot. 🙂

      3. Snow sounds very cold to me! I don’t know how you do it in the winter! That’s awesome advice, I shall dedicate my run to the sheer joy of being able to run and being grateful!

  2. I’m impressed, was feeling sick just reading about it! Especially the push ups, I’m hopeless at them.
    Not long now until Melbourne, had a look at website, I’d like to do that one next year, sounds good. Glad to hear it helped as a stress buster too.
    Running going slowly but ok, still having shin pain but manageable with rest and ice, up to 8 kms on my long runs, goodness knows how I ever managed 22! The new running group I’ve joined is good too although hard as I don’t like running fast (fast for me, slow for most other runners on the track)
    Off to New Zealand for the first time next week, hoping to get a run in between skiing!
    Hope your last long run is a good one 🙂

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 pushups are just the toughest exercise – not sure if I’m going to get up to my 20! Glad to hear the running is going well. I know what you mean about speed, it’s such a relative thing. To be honest I’m getting rather nervous about running with so many people with Run Melbourne but I guess it will be one foot in front of the other like any other race. Have a wonderful time in NZ! Are you going to Queenstown? There is a marathon there in November that goes from Arrowtown to Queenstown – it’s so on my running wish list, I hope the skiing is wonderful and don’t forget to have a ride on the luge! xxx

      1. Yes, we are going to Queenstown, can’t wait. The luge looks fun, son is keen on bungy jumps, ledge swings and all things terrifying, I’ll just be brave by watching him! The marathon there looks fun, have already spotted that one, as well as another I like the look of in Marlborough through vineyards 🙂 I spend far too much looking at runs all over the world, wonderful that you can combine a holiday with a run, definitely something to save up for!
        Hope the rain stops for you x

      2. I hope you have a wonderful time, Sam! It would be awesome to travel and do a destination run, definitely something to think about and plan for! I hope your son has a lovely time doing all that swinging and bouncing…he’s a braver person than I am 🙂 Safe Travels, Sam x

  3. I’m glad to see that even with the downs of life you still put a smile on my face every time you write a blog thank you for being awesome. I’ve been in a world of my own the last week or two kids broke up for summer holidays and I’ve been neglecting my own blog . Its really inspiring to read your blog and relate.

    1. You say the most encouraging things, thank you so much! Kids on holidays means lots of work so I can understand why you haven’t had time for blogs 🙂 I hope the sun is out for you today.

  4. WAY TO GO!! I’m tired just reading all of this! I love Tricep dips, though I’ve never done them straight legged! May have to add them to my routine! As for push-ups, don’t even get me started, I’m just awful at push-ups.

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