The Very Hungry Runner



Once upon a time there was a very hungry runner. 

She was so hungry that EVERYTHING, even brussel sprouts and tripe, started to sound quite delicious. 

After her 18km run today with her friend Louise, despite having an excellent breakfast of coffee, powerade and a large bowl of porridge with honey and banana AND yummy whole milk straight from the farm vat, she was STARVING!

What did this hungry runner consume after the run?

  • One bottle of powerade
  • One banana
  • One litre of water
  • One bowl of homemade sweet potato and pumpkin soup
  • Two toasted English muffins with butter and a third with butter and Vegemite (yum)
  • Two slices of silverside
  • One cup of coffee
  • One apple
  • One bottle of ginger beer
  • Another banana
  • Two handfuls of cashews

Finally she thought she might be just a little bit content but on further inspection of the fridge she found some yummy chicken leftovers from last night’s dinner so she ate those too!

The end 🙂



Oh dear, yes, I’ve been a bit hungry today after the run.  I thought of Shazruns and her recent reference to the classic children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

I know how that furry little creature feels!

I did burn 1004 calories in that run though!

And I’m very pleased to say that despite it being a wet wintry day Louise and I only copped a few showers and just at the very end of our run.  We were both a bit tired and achy but the company and chat was wonderful; we just whittled away at that run and then it was done!  I took Sue’s advice and thought about a friend who is currently off running due to an injury.  I celebrated every little running step while wishing her a speedy recovery.  It wasn’t 2:00:00  half marathon race pace but not far off it AND we put in quite a few hills.  Run Melbourne here we come!!! But first I think I need a little nap.

Happy running 🙂

PS I would have eaten any number of desserts, chocolate, cake, biscuits… but since Pauly and I have gone all Paleo the wickedest thing in our pantry and fridge is ginger beer – so I had some!  The muffins are supposed to be for the visiting offspring but they were just not safe, I had to eat them!


24 thoughts on “The Very Hungry Runner

  1. Love it and love that book. I am off for a 15 mile run thus morning and fear for the contents of the fridge on my return so no exactly what you mean!

  2. Great job Annie! Glad the rain wasn’t too bad and that the positive outlook helped. Doing longer runs I use gels every 45 minutes to keep the hunger down and the energy up. I still want to eat everything in the house following.

  3. I love the meme at the end- it’s so true. I run 50% for food… Since starting to run I’m always, always, always hungry! Have to keep me well fed or I get hangry (hungry+angry) guess there are better food options that I could make other than cookies!

  4. I’m renown for having “hollow” days after long runs! (Or, like today, fast races)! I’m not hungry right away….but after a few moments when my body realizes that the run is no longer happening, hunger hits with a vengeance and no matter how much water I drink and what I eat after a race, I pretty much spend the day feeling so darn hungry!

      1. Also, I can’t take credit for the term, I got it out of “The Hunger Games”… when I read it, I thought, “yeah…that’s exactly how it is.”

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